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Magic Kingdom Live Stream Take #2- 4-14-18 – 1080p – HQ Audio – Walt Disney World


Support the stream: Join us as we live stream at one of the four Walt Disney World Theme Parks. We’ll go to the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, or Animal Kingdom. Be sure to leave a comment and chat with us along the way! Enjoy!

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  1. scott69y says

    Smooth as silk!!

  2. Angela W says

    Im so sad I missed this! No notification😞

  3. ResortTV1 says

    Sorry if you didn’t get notified. Please follow us on Twitter, even if you don’t have a Twitter Account. Twitter sends out notifications every time. Also, follow us on Facebook to get Notifications as well! 😀

  4. Elaine Kantner says

    Sorry I didn't get notified.

  5. Ashley Dellanno-keleher says

    Omgoshhhhhhh i never got notified so sadddd 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  6. Karen McLeod says

    Didn't get a notification & ive been watching carefully all day! 😳 😭

  7. AW&GW Productions says


  8. Paul 71 says

    We are always on the lookout for you anyhow and hopefully were coming over in November so we'll be on the lookout for you to say hello.

  9. Kay Atwood says

    Sorry I didn't get a notification on either steam.

  10. Adrian Agbulos says

    Resort thanks for the second Live Stream But next Time on Full Live Stream ok.

  11. Lauri Carlson says

    Good afternoon to you guys in Florida we are having pixar fest at Disneyland resort in Anaheim California right now until September 3rd have a great weekend

  12. Nancia Breske says

    Finally got a notification lol

  13. CJEE says

    How come I can't see the comments on my tablet,but I can on my home computer? Thnx always letting me relive the magic from my trip last month.Coming next year.

  14. Nancy Nolan says

    Pooh! I missed this! I never got an initial notification. I just reclicked that bell yesterday too. I got 2 from Our Themed Life and then I got yours after. So excited to hear about DSNY next Sunday. I'll set my google calendar to remind me since YT is letting me down.

  15. dre huston says

    Josh, we can't thank you enough for all you've gone through to bring this video to us. You're the kindest person we know! You need to take tomorrow off and RELAX with your family!! God bless 🙂

  16. Kim T says

    I will put that on my calendar; Sunday 6 p.m. with DSNY Newscast…sounds like fun.

  17. Missy H says

    Looks beautiful

  18. SerranoPE says

    Hello Mr. Nelson! I didn't get notified…but I'll watch it now. YouTube very inconsistent with notifications….not your doing. Thanks for the stream though!

  19. Dan Wynne says

    Josh when were you here? I was at Epcot then hit the Magic Kingdom for the Festival of Fantasy parade.I stayed till 4:30 the went back to Epcot

  20. Dan Wynne says

    Jack from DSNY is awesome .I'm looking forward to the sunday livestream

  21. Mary T says

    It took me a minute to realize that this was not a re-posting of the Fri show that started at the middle. I was out and got the notification e-mail at 6:37pm but I think you were there before that?

  22. Rey Skymunker says

    Hey Josh! This live stream was fantastic.👌Both the video and audio were so clear and smooth, It really felt like I was right there strolling along and chatting with you. Lots of fun, sorry I missed it live. I’m really excited for next week, DSNY News is a fave YT channel of mine along with RTV1 of course😉 See you and Jenna next week! Buh Bye! lol 🙂

  23. David Stevens Stevens says

    Thank you for the video. I missed yesterday's live stream but able to watch this.
    Thank you again.

  24. roland2k1 says

    Thanks guys 👍 Martin from Surrey U.K

  25. roland2k1 says

    Thanks guys 👍 Martin from Surrey U.K

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