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Mayor de Blasio Presides Over Bill Signing Ceremony


Mayor de Blasio today signed into law six pieces of legislation – Intro. 736-A, in relation to creating an Office of Civil Justice; Intro. 511-A, in relation to requiring the Department of Education to report annually on student demographics; Intro. 440-A, in relation to health services in city correctional facilities; Intro. 198-A, in relation to side guards; Intro 315-A, in relation to a truck route compliance study; and Intro. 641-A, in relation to a comprehensive study regarding pedestrian and bicyclist safety on truck routes.

The first bill, Intro. 736-A, requires the creation of an Office of Civil Justice, to be headed by a Civil Justice Coordinator and operated by the Human Resources Administration. The CJC will report to the Mayor and the Council on an annual basis on the civil legal service needs of low-income city residents – including but not limited to matters concerning housing, health insurance, medical expenses and debts, personal finances, employment, immigration, public benefits, and domestic and family matters – and on the availability of free and low-cost civil legal services to meet such needs. The CJC will also be required to make recommendations on the expansion of free and low-cost civil legal services programs, mediation programs, and other mechanisms that can assist low-income city residents with their civil legal service needs. The bill also requires the CJC to prepare a plan for providing these free or low-cost civil legal services to low-income New Yorkers who need such services. The plan is due within one year of the first civil legal services need report and will be updated every five years thereafter. This bill was passed during the Stated Meeting on May 27

The second bill, Intro. 511-A, requires the Department of Education to report annually on student demographics and DOE’s efforts to encourage diversity in city schools. DOE will report on the demographics of students in grades K-12, and on the number of students who receive special education services, are English language learners, receive free or reduced lunch, reside in temporary housing, and, for students in K-8, attend school out of their community school district. These numbers will be disaggregated by grade level, race or ethnicity, gender, and ELL status, and the report will also include demographic information for students enrolled in the pre-K program. DOE will additionally be required to report on steps taken during the preceding school year to encourage diversity in its schools and special programs. This bill was passed during the Stated Meeting on May 27. In his remarks, the Mayor thanked the bill’s sponsor, Council Member Lander.

The third bill, Intro 440-A, requires the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene to submit a report every three months to the Mayor and Council Speaker detailing the health of inmates in city correctional facilities during the previous quarter. DOHMH is required to issue the first report no later than July 15, 2015, and every three months thereafter. The report will be required to include, but would not be limited to, the following available information: performance indicators reported to DOHMH by the entity providing services, methodology used to measure performance indicators, which metrics were used to determine whether performance indicators meet targets, the results of such determinations, and any actions that DOHMH has taken or plans to take in response to the data reported. If performance indicators relating to intake, follow-up care, patient safety, preventable hospitalizations, or preventable errors in medical care are reported to DOHMH, the department will be required include such data in the report. This bill was passed during the Stated Meeting on May 27. In his remarks, the Mayor thanked the bill’s sponsor, Council Member Johnson.

The last two bills, Intro. 641-A and Intro. 315-A, require the Department of Transportation to complete a study regarding pedestrian and cyclist safety on truck routes and a study on truck route compliance. Intro. 641-A requires DOT to investigate the number of crashes involving pedestrians and cyclists in the last five years, and review and make recommendations on the strategies and policies used to ensure safety on truck routes. Intro. 315-A requires DOT to conduct a study of compliance of truck routes, and use the results of the study to take measures to increase compliance, including converting two-way streets to one-way streets, and increasing signage, education, and outreach to the trucking community. These bills were passed during the Stated Meeting on May 27. In his remarks, the Mayor thanked the bills’ sponsors, Council Members Chin and Vallone.

Blue Room
City Hall
New York, NY 10007

June 16, 2015

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