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Michael Strahan Calls Out The Roots for Trolling Him with Walk-Out Music


Michael Strahan grooves with Jimmy to some of the yacht rock songs featured in Questlove’s Anthony Bourdain memorial playlist, and he grills The Roots’ drummer about always playing gap-themed music when he’s on the show.

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Michael Strahan Calls Out The Roots for Trolling Him with Walk-Out Music

  1. Alan Garcia says

    First person love you

  2. Khaija Johnson says


  3. Khaija Johnson says

    I love this show

  4. La Citadele says


  5. Ulti Matric says

    I'm forth.

  6. alex kartex says

    love u jimmy😍❤️😍❤️

  7. Connor says

    His gapped tooth is bigger than cyberlife

  8. New Message says

    1st world problems.

  9. G. L. says

    The roots level of troll/petty is amaze …I live for it

  10. Joey Miller says

    1:46 that stare down hahahaha

  11. Wolf Vlogs and games says


  12. team 89er says

    GAP !!!

  13. Drive Fast says

    Anyone remember Yacht Rock on Channel 101. Good times.

  14. HTM says

    For you consideration

    I'm listening to "Dear Anthony: In Defense Of Yacht Rock & Dentist Office Pop" on Pandora.

  15. ahs says

    His teeth gap is bigger than my dream

  16. Big Blue says

    My man💪🏿💙

  17. Fernanda Zamorano says


  18. MojoRisin says

    ?love is a music treasure.

  19. Prettygirlcn5 says

    I support the Roots in this trolling 😁

  20. Rh6tt P says


  21. Shara Leverett says

    I hope he never closes his gap. ❤️

  22. Dustin Gray says

    I really don't think he got the space between joke was on his gap… smh

  23. Danielle Young says

    The Space Between hahahahah

  24. Michelle Johnson says

    love you Michael and sooooo happy for your success after your HOF career. That beinh said, please get back with Miss Nicole Murphy.

  25. Random Videos says

    the space between yo front teeth

  26. The1AndOnlyGoldenboy says

    Strahan legit called it "crap music" and my respect for the man jumps up 222%.

  27. Abdul Khan says

    Fallon trying to copy Graham Norton and Colbert with the drinks 😮

  28. noirprncess says

    Lol at the Gap Band music for Michael Strahan.

  29. selbyfan2305 says

    Following Questlove's playlist. It's legit.

  30. Jomo Mercury says

    What's wrong with the gap band?

  31. dmjdmj says

    22.5 sacks in 2001. That's all anybody needs to know about this man.

  32. Jason Cataldi says

    Yacht Rock Baby!

  33. Happy With Anime says


  34. Peggy Person says

    Dam Michael Strahan looks so dam good he looks really sexy tonight

  35. Angel Sanchez says

    I thought they would play “Fly Eagles, Fly”, I’m glad they didn’t tho.

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