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  1. Tonya Scott says

    It's sad a lot of college people are struggling just due to their college debt
    That's amazing you have no loans from school god is truly good !
    Thank you for the guidance and tips even though I am not in school I am good and grown and have my own business but I am still receiving all of this advise from you 😘best of wishes to you and I really enjoy your videos

  2. october twentyseventh says

    I remember your line sister from previous videos does she still have the YouTube channel

  3. inx. shania says

    Heyyyy Jayla Baela Did you get a good scholarship from umes

  4. seelix says

    Financing furniture?? Financing your car, yes. Student loans, yes. Paying interest on a mortgage and financing your house, yes. But financing your sofa? Dude, seriously? If you can't pay it out right than you probably can't afford it. But to each it's own…I guess

  5. Tajaliyah says

    My major is exercise science and I want to be a physical therapist but at the same time I feel like I have a passion for law (I love court shows on relationships and family) but working in a hospital is also something I see myself succeeding in. I just know that when I graduate it's gonna be super difficult for me to find a job in my field especially with a bachelors in exercise science. I was thinking on getting my masters which I most likely will but no immediately after I graduate in 2 years. It's so hard😢 any advice or is anyone in anything similar?

  6. dynasty florentino says

    New Yorkers wya ?🤙❤️

  7. SeasonsChange says

    Very nice apartment for NYC standards. When I moved to NY at 20 I could only rent a room in apts with strangers, that could barely fit a bed and should've been called a closet, worth the price of a nyc 2 bedroom apt. Then had to change apts every 3-6 months due to frequent rent increases. Lived in every borough in all sorts of housing. We were starving models shacking up and grinding lol. Definitely not this cushy comfy rich shit you see here lol. The younger generation is definitely more fortunate and blessed than we were. Which is a good thing bc it means society did something right.

  8. Blessed Deshawna says

    The hairstyle looks nice!

  9. Anj , Again? says

    Love you, Kayla!

  10. Genesis Ariel says

    where is the desk from

  11. T Monét says

    While watching this… I realized you resemble Julissa Bermudez … a lot !

  12. galemoy says

    I dont want to be rude, but I think a lot of people here might need a wake-up call. New York is not one of those places that you can just save up a couple grand and move to. NOT to live the kind of Life Jayla is living. Everything there is HELLA expensive, and ESPECIALLY if you dont already have a career there, its super hard. Your money will die down QUICKLY.

    Reach for the stars, and follow your dreams, just be a little smarter. If you want to be in manhattan, GET YOURSELF there smartly 🙂

  13. Marian Ali says


  14. Noreen Muwanga says

    I really like the content u put out, but the way ur too extra is annoying but I guess it's American thing. I will struggle try the accent and extraness for the content.

  15. Kreeoshia Burks-Moore says

    I cannot wait for Rochelle to come visit you, and you moved closer to her, yassss😍

  16. ThatGirlIs SoFly says

    Your parents, Especially your Mon are AWESOME! I know you will do great things in your personal life and professional life. Keep that Hustle and being Humble. We need to hook up when I'm in NYC.

  17. Liz m says

    I'm so freaking proud of you!!! Keep working hard. People see the glory but don't understand it takes hard work!! #blackgirlmagic

  18. AmasBeautyChannel says


  19. Jasmine Taylor says

    I feel so dumb lmao. I found you through THIS channel and thought you only made vlogs and I still been watching them like crazy lmao you're just interesting! I'm going to subscribe to your main channel next 🤗💓

  20. AlishaB says

    The short haircut looks amazing on you Jayla. And it's so motivating to see you following your dreams and actually accomplishing them. You definitely inspire me to work hard, and stay consistent in whatever I decided to do.

  21. Malise says

    I have been subscribed for a while. You have grown so much and I have been watching you a lot more. I can relate more and you have started motivating and inspiring me to think more about after college (which is coming soon). Keep it up, you are going places 🙂

  22. rhondahud88 says

    this video is so inspirational girl! big ups to you and your mom!

  23. Naijah Edwards says

    So so so proud of you Jayla I swear you're such an inspiration!!!! I love you girl ❤️

  24. Goodness Nwankpa says

    Your videos are always so inspiring.

  25. Y. Yonnie says

    Love you Jayla ❤️

  26. Bre Lewis says

    Been on binge catching up, and I cannot stop 😭😩. Just love your vlogs.

  27. Someone you'll never know. says


  28. Shania says

    I love watching your videos for daily inspiration. As a recent graduate of college and a MPA student and aspiring attorney the struggle is definitely real. Things are starting to come together though, I have landed a job in my career field and will be doing the Miss New York pageant in January. 2017 has been great to me.

  29. Browngirl says

    I'm so glad I subscribed to your channel. I wish you the best and keep the vlogs coming.😊NYC all day.🙌🏽

  30. to0PRETTY says

    Jayla I graduated college where I went out of state. Now I'm back home and like all my childhood friends have moved to other cities or have families. Can you give advice for young adults to meet people? Not for people who are instafamous. I wanna find some girlfriends that can motivate , go out to parties , etc just interested in what I like too. Like good places to meet people , using social media to meet new friends being careful obvi

  31. to0PRETTY says

    Can we do consultations with u for marketing ourself as our own brand?

  32. Jada Adams says

    Damn sis NO DEBT??! YouTube might be the move 😭

  33. mark jones says

    There is a serious shortage of black Women like her. She's feminine,Soft and lady like.Beautiful skin and teeth. She also has no kids and she's fit. Very very rare.

  34. Kameasha Butts says


  35. AimKeriaWay says

    I always have to get a snack or something when I watch jayla vlogs because she always eating Lol and I start to get hungry. BTW I love you and your vlogs my favorite Youtuber to watch. Keep pushing to follow your dreams so proud of you. I definitely look up to you and I'm older then you. So inspiring to me! Young Boss on the rise.

  36. Johnny Walker says

    how much do that weave cost

  37. JordanS.D says

    I love these vlogs! I want to go to college in New York and as small city boy I love seeing what life would be like in New York 🙂

  38. Frances JeanLouis says

    I've been watching this young ladies' vlog for some time now and wondered, why the hell haven't I subscribed yet???

  39. Frances JeanLouis says

    Let me stress to all the young folks, I love Jayla's vlog, but please finish school!

  40. Nancy Peters says

    👌👏👏👏 good job because when I was wife and mother that didn't put money in pockets now mother of five even more broke so keep doing what you do and by the way I am Brooklyn night

  41. T Jack says

    In regards to you accomplishing some of your goals, now may be the time to start investing in someone else to help them accomplish theirs.

  42. Nikeya Washington says

    Can you do a video about how you achieved all of this ? 💗 I'm starting college in New York next fall and by the time I graduate I want to be where you are .

  43. Brittany Titley says

    I love how determined you are to fix that vanity set 😂

  44. Casey Brown says

    You are very inspiring man ❤️ God bless you

  45. Lowkey Jane says

    That internship was definitely using you. Very inspirational video!!!

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