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Multiple tornadoes and giant hail probable on May 1, 2 & 3 2018 – Have a tornado plan


April 28, 2018: May 1, 2 and 3, 2018 weather for most of the midwest US could see record storms.

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  1. MrMBB333 says

    Multiple tornadoes and giant hail probable on May 1, 2 & 3 2018 – Have a tornado plan
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  2. Charmed Jthree says

    PSA… For those that have not had much experience with tornadic activity here are some tips.. The sirens are not meant to be heard indoors.. so please have your weather radio, local news station up and at the ready..If and when you do hear the siren..that is NOT the time to go drive or run for cover..that time done came and went….When you hear means hit the deck..not get up and lock-down the house to run..that is how dumb-asses get killed.

  3. sweetwildflower says

    Thank you 🌩

  4. Frank Harriger says

    Ok, to be honest, I never believed in these weather modules, as they are all owned by the owners of haarp. But, i never overlook what someone researches and studies. Which is why I sub'd your channel. Thanks for the heads up, even though I live in Pa. Keep up the good work and the only thing I want to add is, have a camera on you at all times. Reason being, it can deflect the white sky easier than your eyes and show you what the sky truly looks like.Know GOD ~ No Fear

  5. Texas Legacy says

    Thank you for the heads up. We live between Austin and Houston, the weather channel says cloudy skies, no rain for 1-3 of May. Likely they will only upgrade threats less than 24 hours before it hits. I have family in Junction Texas right in the heart and path of your threat. Weather channel says 40-50 percent chance of precipitation only. Telling my family to keep a close watch on the weather! Keep safe everyone!

  6. Shannon Akins says

    Hi all. While it's rather late in the season for our harsh weather to start…I'm in NE Ks….it's really super early for this strength of storms up in MN and NoDak. Heads up, Northerners. In Kansas, we're born with our heads covered, watching our backs…lol.
    Thanks MrMMB. We're paying close attention here….

  7. Wonder Woman says

    Wet Surface Air Cooling is creating these storms. NEXRAD is pushing them wherever the 'powers-that-be' wants them to go. I hope this crime against humanity will be on trial in the not-so-distant future. See: Weatherwar101

  8. Blue diamond says

    Pretty crazy, I watch ventusky and on may 1 had a glitch in application it was saying winds at 223mph and temp @-198

  9. Jimmy Potts says


  10. Graf LOLtube says

    Where did you get all these program/programms for that thunderstorm stuff ?

  11. Pam James says

    Thanks Mr.MB! Praying for everyone in path of storms

  12. dorothy turner says

    Ft HoodTx area

  13. Jo Anna Williams says

    Live Storms Media
    is broadcasting video clips right now of hail storms in Texas pretty bad looking ones good looking out.

  14. Christine Daley says

    Your voice is so calming and friendly , I’d listen to you during the worst of storms.

  15. Fin1960 Gin says

    Southeast Kansas here. Thanks for the heads up.

  16. Mia Christian says


  17. william dohn says

    OK I am going to step out on the loose end of loony here but think about this.

    MANY are saying we humans are in a war with Aliens and have been for a while. I have heard other bits and this kinda dawned on me.

    The pilots spraying our skies are trying to protect us by cutting back the light (This has been hypothesized by others). The light (sun simulator) which is killing us is ALIEN tech and how they hope to do it. This is one part of the war only.

    OK lets hear it.

  18. W H 33 says

    MRMBB YOUR ALL RIGHT, JUST THE FACTS. NEVER SELLING ANYTHING. This comment works for War or Storms. I have worked 3 storms, Sandy 2012, Irene 2011, Mid Atlantic Derecho 2012. 1 thing in common you can't stop it. Just have to pick up and move forward. Never stop pushing forward whatever it is. No fear only perseverance. Did not work it but was in Joplin MO 2hrs after EF5. You can have a ton of preps whipped out, winds, floods, fires etc. Or if not a 24ft truck to move it if you have to evacuate. My point is have a little but have a bigger plan to move on without it too. God Speed all. Fyi, Never panic and get all facts before reacting. You look at Florida Irma the people panicked in areas with no food, gas, etc but just 20 miles north there was plenty. MSM did not tell them that, social media did. Stay cool even headed. EDIT – keep in mind all stores, especially major chains have to stop sales and throw away all refrigerated & frozen foods after 3 hrs of no power, legal issues of course. Plus they don't know how to keep track or figure out tax with paper & pencil. A shit ton of generators have been installed at almost every home depot, lowes around the country. Wal mart has been do pre set up for generators and have 1st reserves with rental companies. The country is preparing but can only do so much and be in only so many places at once. Most you tube and web sites promote doom and gloom. Here is a classic, pharmaceutical companies are out to kill us, ask yourself who forces you to take the pills? Sounds like you would be killing yourself, Not them. Classic example of fake news and doom and gloom sales.

  19. Servant OTMHG says

    Severe Storms possible May 1st, 2nd & 3rd ?? Yes, and has been on the first week of May for my 57 yrs in Oklahoma.

  20. tradin tdon says

    The Air Force holds patents for hail suppression, do you suppose they could ever use their tech to help prevent catastrophes? No because disaster capitalists can make money rebuilding homes. I told my brother to buy some Home Depot stock before the last round of hurricanes and he did well.

  21. Kyle Thomas says

    Has to do with the grand solar minimum

  22. Bob Riemersma says

    I wonder how much energy is supposed to remain in these storms as they track northeastward through the Great Lakes, Ohio Valley, and onward toward the East Coast?  So far this year a lot have remained strong or strengthened, though as Summer approaches patterns may change.  And that's also getting a little ways out to forecast accurately.

  23. luvapet21694 says

    My weather forcast shows no bad weather for the whole week. I live in Central South Texas. I've noticed they have been way off on their predictions. Thanks for the heads up!

  24. Steven Tuck says

    I live in South Central Kansas. I am tired of this!!! Give me New England super storms or California earthquakes over the fear of having to duck and cover.

  25. Madison Peters says


  26. Elaine e says

    Oooh…looks like a tornado might hit Ottawa..maybe the Parliament building. Could Canada be so lucky?

  27. Judy .S says

    Holy moly! We live in Missouri. Prayers and be safe all!

  28. Joshua Henwood says

    We must turn to Jesus in ever

  29. Joshua Henwood says

    Everything love the lord Jesus with all your heart mind and soul and likened to it love your neighbor as yourself

  30. Priscilla Ross-Fox says

    Better chance today and tomorrow according to my storm chasing guys some who have taken classes or are now meteorologists.

  31. Revelation1:15 says

    Yep you are right it is May first the News is reporting Tornado Watch in those areas right now.

  32. EggsBenAddict EBA says

    How. How did you know.

  33. Liz Feeley says

    Live in Joplin, MO…thanks for the warning!

  34. Lisle Michelle says

    It's lovely cool and cloudy here in AZ! Too cool for this time of year….we have already had several 100 degree days so this break is wunder-barr!! Really enjoying it..stay safe everyone where weather is going to be severe

  35. hi hi says

    Barely gonna miss us. The purple… please don’t move one bit.. I’m fine with the red.

  36. Roblox Gamer says

    Well shit.

  37. Amy Carter says

    Yesterday, May 2.
    Haysville, KS Weather Log:
    About an hour's worth of rain, some thunder and lightning, plenty of wind, nothing more.
    To the west, plenty of other areas got it much worse.

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