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MY APARTMENT TOUR | Los Angeles, California | Alex Costa


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Topic of discussion: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

You guys have been asking so here is my 1 bedroom loft in Los Angeles, California. I have just moved in about 6 months ago, so I’m still working on it, but it will look better with time. Let me know what you guys think and don’t forget to donate! Every bit helps! THANK YOU!

What I’m wearing:

T-Shirt: Puma (Urban Outfitters)
Jeans: Frame Skinny
Slides: Gucci

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Apartment Tour | House Tour | Los Angeles Apartment
Los Angeles Loft Rent

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  1. Alex Costa says

    Hope you enjoy the apartment tour! Please don't forget to check out the link in the description and donate!
    Have a great day,

  2. Justinelance Bruan says

    How tall are you?

  3. Virat The Hitman says

    Great buddy . . . . I m from india really like ur videos ur personality ur way of talking . . . . Actually everything about u😉😉

  4. Last King says

    Alex you forgot to show your balcony

  5. JuniorGotTheJuice says

    You remind me of robert downey jr

  6. Mo .haytham says

    Amazing apartment tour ..waiting for the Audi's 😉

  7. Harsh Life says

    Bro congratulations on your 1 million subscribers and I am pretty sure that it will reach 10 million subscribers
    Hope I can visit you one day……;)

  8. Tanyunlong says

    love loft

  9. Cristina Brasovanu says

    It's just me or he kinda look like a young George Michael with this hair look?…only missing the earing

  10. Eric Becerra says

    best video ever, Alex

  11. Constantijn Asamoah says

    So dope!

  12. John Wen says

    Great content! love it

    Pls show us ur closet , watch and accessory , healthy supplement , fragrance , terrace and front door view!

    Tks Alex

  13. Abdul Matheen says

    Very beautiful apartment Alex! And very good maintenance too. It looks like a brand new one. It is suitable for fellas staying by themselves.

  14. Trae Burns says

    Awesome loft! Love that coffee table! Have a link by chance? 👍🏼

  15. Jinx Playz says

    Your shoe boxes triggers my OCD like so bad

  16. Awesome 5 says


  17. Ako Diwbend says

    that ocean sound was like sound of trucks driving by

  18. Hamid Lomani says


  19. Sosa Hendrix says

    Where’d you get the candles? I’ve been looking all over for good smelling candles.


    Wearing the Gucci’s!!

  21. Irfan Bhuiyan says

    Getting rid of your shoes? If they’re good quality, maybe in good condition , maybe do a giveaway

  22. Daimen Tokiwa says

    How much is rent? Did i miss it?

  23. udaya shankar says

    You must be civil engineer right 🙄

  24. Leila Ghauri says

    Cool tour!
    I moved out too!
    I posted an empty apartment tour video 🙂
    Check it out and let me know what you think?

    Spoiler alert: My place is not as awesome as yours 😛

  25. Alex Jackson says


  26. Shri Niwas Yadav says

    Alex sir I want your wardrobe tour and your all clothes and shoes tour also plzzzzz

  27. Felipe Menezes says

    Me lembro quando você começou a fazer vídeos em inglês e tinha parado de crescer o canal
    Agora já está com um 1 milhão!
    Parabéns Made! de Seu fã Felipe

  28. Anthony Kearns says

    "My apartment"…. Dude I can fit 3 of my house in just your living room alone..

  29. BRRR says

    its a great apartment , not big and not small just right for a single person working on their dreams, so sick and simple not extra clutter just straight to business im sure youre paying near 5k all its missing is a city view lol

  30. Mr Barbarossa says

    man you are legend?

  31. Lable Dope says

    Your apartment is tight!

  32. kntwing says

    nice place…I want to live it a studio?

  33. Dark Knight says

    I'm thinking of building a apartment like this when I grow up

  34. Vipul Arora says

    Your apartment is awesome.😊

  35. TAHA Khawaja says

    Nuce apartment

  36. Cycle says

    you got this sick ass pad and everything so boujee and then you just have fuckin Titos chillin on the counter

  37. Abhishek Varshney says

    I really was hoping for you to open that balcony outside to actually have a glance at the beautiful view from from your apartment. Cover that in some future video 😊

  38. Waleed Brown says

    I just have to say, wow. You are amazing man. I haven’t seen many of your videos only subscribed recently after your previous one and it intrigued me. Having an apartment loft like that is something someone like me can only dream about at this age. I am 23yrs old, hairdresser from New Zealand. My career and adult life is only starting now and I look forward to living in a similar apartment of my own one day and a simplistic but adventurous life. You are an inspiration. I look forward to seeing more of you and learning from u bro 🙂 big thumbs up from me.. 🙂

  39. هاشم طارق says

    looks amazing Alxe 🖤

  40. Joshua Martinez says

    Alex where did you get TV setup furniture ?

  41. HB K says

    Hahaha gift me some of sneakers 😚😁

  42. Saloni Tiwari says

    Ahhhaa u look so smart….😍love frm india..😘


    Tome like !!

  44. adolf heimler says

    How can he afford thatbeautiful house

  45. MericQ7 says

    Can i know what the apartment is called ? Or where it is located, i really love the interieur design of it.

  46. AfternoonBaboon says

    So much…personality

  47. King Creator says


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