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My experience studying abroad in Thailand at Chulalongkorn University


Recap of my semester abroad in Bangkok, Thailand at Chulalongkorn University.

Choosing Thailand and Chula for my semester abroad was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and my experience studying in this beautiful, exotic country could not have been any better. I filmed and vlogged a lot while living in Thailand, but I always wanted to make a short recap showing you the highlights of my stay in Bangkok and give you a little taste of what is it like to be an international student in Thailand.

Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions about living or studying in Thailand! 🙂

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  1. Trip on Tube says

    Today is Thai new year (Songkarn) aka Thai water festival you should attend this festival. Now on Sillom road it has been closed down for playing water. everyone splash water on random people it is so much fun

  2. J P says

    I have watched your vids for nearly a month now and I would really love to study abroad especially in Thailand! If I wanna study in Thailand how can I apply? Our school doesn’t have exchange students program sadly. Can I just send an application? directly to university or should I contact a study abroad program company kinda thing?! Love from South Korea ~~thx

  3. John jones says

    What are you favorite pedestrian streets to hang out? I found most of streets full of motorbikes and noisy, so I chose the Shopping malls to hang out.( may be the sidewalk of siam area is nice too.)

  4. SoulVoice says

    Great Info…Thanks

  5. จอร์จ หวังแลกลาง says


  6. Em says

    I agree I would highly recommend Thailand!! I am actually studying at Chulalongkorn and it's one of my best experience so far. I would just add that if you're not familiar with the asian and thai culture it can be hard sometimes because you don't understand and also depending on what field you are studying you will have more or less contact with the thais students. Also, thais students (people) can be shy and not very talkative when they don't know you, don't be afraid to go and talk to them!
    Thailand all the way tho 😉

  7. Christians Vlog says

    I also spend my exchange semester in Bangkok and it was the best experience I had so far! 🤗

  8. DARK ENERGY says

    A hopeless kind of "Heaven" .

  9. under moon says

    i love Thailand too, especially Chiang Mai

  10. พ่อ ทุกสถาบัน says

    Did you play Songkran?

  11. IAMdio4eveR says

    On my way to Thailand.

  12. Marc Inhester says

    I live in Thailand too. I can't wait to finally go to University as well! Only 1 year left. ( ^ w ^ )/

  13. nicholas.elbert says

    Wow nice job!!

  14. Joseph Buathong says

    I still wait you new vlog นะค่ะ คนสวย

  15. Bugatti Veyronth says

    @byKaja Thank you for sharing beautiful phenomenon of Thailand. I really hope you will come back and stay in Thailand like your home country. Love ya!

  16. Hannah Fournier says

    Super cool to see videos from another foreigner travelling around S.E. Asia!! Super relatable 🙂

  17. MINTSTFX says

    So you are not in thailand now?

  18. Marlys Grimsley says

    gonna checkout more of your videos. and I have saw these!

  19. Mr. Hesky says

    sabai sabai

  20. Joshua safwat-taylor says

    I'm trying to figure out how you financed this

  21. FourtasticTV says

    Great video! Subscribed!

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