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  1. Eric Muyser says

    Work longer on Friday/Saturday and take Monday/Wednesday off.

  2. Jazzy J says

    Wow, that's an amazing salary for a week.

  3. Joseph Preston says

    No education – fifty grand – doing ok.

  4. rgeiv says

    Hey Boris, your weekly trips, are those within city limits? what was the farthest distance you've driven? thanks man! good information

  5. Brendan Eagan says

    missing column how many hrs worked to achieve said 350

  6. Desiray Smith says

    All these negative comments are dumb! I drive for uber and I do it to bring in additional income, and some do it because it’s their only means at this time! Don’t knock peoples hustle!

  7. brosephashe says

    You should be payed to teach Excel.

  8. frank frank says

    No tips?

  9. spacegirl881 says

    Wow I just have to say you are very smart and wise. A hardworking man. God bless and hope he gives you more my friend. This information really helped out. 😊

  10. Erin Dollar says

    How many hours a night do you work?

  11. John Britt says

    Thank you for your presentation, I will try to share it for my local area. Thank you.

  12. markaz08 says

    brilliant video, opened my eyes..

  13. Bravo4699 says

    your way too smart to work for uber

  14. Tomas Av. says


  15. roleat says

    that is a great income isnt it?

  16. roleat says

    k i watched the entire vid, not the best earnings for hours

  17. NooBs View says

    You only make 2 dollars American and hour

  18. J. Marie says

    Great video.. But ur paying wayyy to much to rent ur car😥

  19. Jorge c says

    You pay $70 of insurance every day??? Don't f Kittying me

  20. Jorge c says

    Car and insurance is killing you my case is way different sorry you can not find Tha way like most of us but one thing I see is that you need your own car and new insurance I pay120 for insurance a month new car and Uber coverage.

  21. Adrian Knaud says

    Great presentation. Very well done. Thank you.

  22. Martin Heath says

    25{e82c004c77b781166d3222daff6267efbd140a9086da24a1865bd3c57bbaceeb} commission is way too much. Globalist bank backed parasitic entrepreneurs taking a slice before taxes and paying zero taxes thanks to their politician friends in high places and "legal" offshore status. Corrupt and exploitative. Just say no.

  23. Monster Vodka says

    Well, there is your problem. You shouldn't be renting a car to drive for Uber.

  24. AmpEdition says

    Gotta think about how long this guy is out there also!! It’s basically 2 shifts working a minimum wage job, if your using your car you are trashing it for 10-15$ an hour and missing out on family time!

  25. TRE Miller says

    Thank you mann

  26. Adam Skočdopole says

    20 freaking thousand dollars for renting a car per year? Why do you think you loose so much money?

  27. maxmustafaful says

    It's hard to make money now

  28. Paul Rackley says

    you sound fed up uber have got you by the go/nads brother. iv been in this position change your job . i took a drop in wage and in hours but im a 10000. times happier. we are only on this earth once so enjoy. good luck.P

  29. Mr. 2cents. says

    Looking at it that way, it's hardly worth it.

  30. mintsiez says

    There is no way its safe to be on the road that many hrs a day

  31. مصباح في ‏الظلام يمني وافتخر says

    Great video thank you so much brother👍🏼

  32. Jim Rr says

    Why I quit being a taxi driver and became a plumber

  33. Darksun30 says

    Thanks for the break down. It lets people know what they are in for.

  34. RC Hobbyist Extreme says

    I knew they were crooks right from the get go. Our community wont allow Uber at all. They are not allowed to work in our town . Righly so too. Crooks!

  35. #1Lazer says

    Wow, thanks for the insight. I think I'll stick to making the same money in forty hours, in a semi low skilled trade. Thanks for giving drunk people rides though, and glad they have you.

  36. Nas Hariche says

    $50 gas everyday ??? Umm

  37. Anastasia Ukrainets says

    That sucks man. Better quit
    I am quitting next month, can’t wait.
    I’ve been doing uber for a year in Bay Area, I live in Sacramento sleep in my car… and I’m having nothing but negative stuff….

  38. Pyro Minic says

    I hope he monetized this video from the beginning. $1000 bucks

  39. BigBossIvan says

    Thank you for this. Very helpful insight when looking at what we can do to make some extra cash during these hard times.

  40. Mark Russell says

    That isn't bad money. It's more than I made as a teacher with an advanced degree in mathematics.

  41. Kevin Coronado says

    Yeah this guy is def not doing things right. He needs to drop that rental car and buy his own new car from a dealer and pay 400 dollars a month on a 2 or 3 year loan. Even with maintenance and with insurance and gas cost he will still be making more than 11/hr . he could be making like 15 an hour if he didn't rent that rental car.

  42. Jacob Rivera says

    what area are you diving in?

  43. Jason L Bourne says

    I did not scroll through all the comments but I'm curious about how you calculated tips.

  44. DarkScorpionOmega says

    What city are you in

  45. redcinos says

    Thank you for your presentation

  46. evander jose sutama says


  47. OneDay AtTime says

    Today I deliver for ubereats and I dove 3 miles to pick up location 10 min than I waited 9 min for the food to be ready and due to football game just finished I got stuck in traffic for 59 min and for total of 1 hour and 18 minutes I made less than $7 dollars Seattle minimum wage is 15 dollars not to mention gas, tax and wearing my car! Not worth it unless you are unemployed even in that case you better off going to day labor jobs!

  48. AL B says

    thanks for a very helpful video

  49. Boogie Boogs says

    Great video!
    Thank you.

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