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New Public Housing Requirement Is Insane


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  1. Redacted Tonight says

    YouTübe is funded by Gōōgle, whose origin lies in whole or in part in CIA and NSA (US government) research grants for mass surveillance.

  2. Diana SUNSHINE Wulf says

    RT is funded in whole or in part by the Russian government? ITS NEWS

  3. ArkTiger4c says

    This isnt just happening to America its happening to all western countries …Housing people for those who cant get full time jobs or a job is a serious problem that our governments dont take seriously… iv seen refugees get treated better than the citizens of their own country when it comes to social security benefits theres something rotten in Denmark here !!!!

  4. John Gault says

    Being born in America doesn't mean you're a contribution to the world. Actually SHOULD want to to contribitute to society. Since they're working, the rules aren't actually punishment.

    And stupid beliefs, make life hard. Think better or suffer.

  5. Robert Greenhouse says

    well done!

  6. ...and you will know us by the Trail of Dead says

    As someone who relies on section 8 for the roof over my head, because I am permanently disabled, I am perfectly OK with HUD's new requirement if this proposal is legit (the article, on which you are reporting your info from, specifically says that it is a draft that was not publicly released and it was "a document obtained by CityLab" and "HUD would not confirm or deny the draft amendment").

    I know full well that there are way too many people that abuse public housing assistance, and thus make it harder for those of use that TRULY need it – I see examples of this when I go into re-certify my paperwork for food stamps, and I hear about such abuse cases from my HUD caseworker.

    If Redacted Tonight really believes the statistics that they quoted from the biased think tank, "Center on Budget and Policy Priorities," which reports that most able-bodied people that live in public housing do in fact work, then what's the problem?? What's the fussing and big to-do over an official policy stance being made, if by and large able-bodied people in the program work???

    On a side note, I laughed out loud when reading the financial donor list for that think tank. Walmart is one of their biggest financial donors, and everybody knows Walmart is one of the most well-known businesses that relies on corporate welfare! LOL!

    It's obvious Redacted Tonight DOESN'T in fact believe the statistics, because this presenter goes from stating her think tank statistics to then non-sensically arguing against it completely. LMFAO! Where is your evidence that family caretakers of the disabled are going to be required to work 32 hours a week on top of 24/7 care for their needy child?

    Oh right you have none. You guys are so clueless in fact, and biased in your research, that you don't realize the government recognizes care for the disabled as work, and WILL EVEN PAY relatives to care for you if you are either disabled or an elderly individual who can't take care of yourself (and/or can't find an available unit at an assisted living for elderly complex). For example, this is in my state of California:

    I learned about this because I AM disabled, of course. HUD will make an exception for me to have a non-husband/child roommate (as that is the ONLY type of roomate one is allowed in the program) if the roomie is a live-in caretaker, and will generously allow me to get an apartment with an extra bedroom without me or the roomate being held responsible for the extra rent that goes with it (the government will cover the extra expense and even states that it is illegal for the roommate [relative in this case] to pay a penny of rent)!

    Ex-offenders (those with felonies on their record), if they are serious about working and not living a life of crime, have PLENTY of programs to assist them in working again. IF someone wants to apply themselves, there's always opportunities. For example:

    As far as the public transportation excuse, my 41 year old long term significant other didn't have a car for a number of years and for some of that, he was unemployed. We live in a suburb. Did he let that stop him from getting a job? No. He found a job in our suburb that he could ride his bike to. The endless excuses here to not work if one is able-bodied is a fucking joke and a half!

    This article you quote from ( ) that is the one that asserts the cost of rent will go up for everyone who uses housing assistance if this proposal goes through, is biased as hell. They conveniently don't let us readers read the document for ourselves – they just expect us to take their word for it! CITY LAB purposefully only quotes from multiple biased think tanks (this is clearly where you got the cited statistics I mentioned earlier [from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities think tank], as CBPP is quoted and interviewed by CITY LAB).

    With all the bullshit that was said in that article, excuse me if I don't believe such an absurd assertions that HUD will no longer allow medical deductions in their calculations for how much my responsibility is to pay towards my rent UNTIL I READ IT IN BLACK AND WHITE FOR MYSELF. Is it any wonder as to why they hid the document from public readers, IF it actually exists???

    This black presenter mockingly says that "being black is just a state of mind" (after Dr. Carson's quote was obviously taken out of context and hyper edited to cut off what he followed that statement up with). "People of color" can't have it both ways. They overwhelmingly spread the myth that race is nothing more than a social construct, writing off all the proven differences between races, like average IQ differences for example, but when such a social construct concept doesn't support the argument they want to put forth, they quickly abandon it.

    You know what's amazing? One can't even find the full unedited SeriusXM audio clip on YouTube! All you can find are videos with the hyper edited clip, because god forbid people listen to Dr. Carson's explanation in full context, to allow people to hear that first before they form their own opinion on the matter! In the following MSNBC video link though, there's *a TINY bit more context presented than you all provide in your video:

    There are also these type of videos, for those that like to do their own research instead of leaning on mass media to form opinions for them…

    1. Dr. Carson explaining the statement a bit in Congress, to the typical DNC black politician (the kind that would sit down with the majority of the black caucus who scowled and refused to clap at the great news that President Trump announced during his state of the union address – that the Black unemployment rate has reached a record-setting low point! (Dr. Ben Carson begins talking at 2:20).

    2. A smart black man, who works inside the prison industry, explaining how Dr. Carson's comment is on point:

    In my research, it emerged that Dr. Carson's opinion is that in many cases it is about state of mind, but not in all cases, which is what the intellectually dishonest left is asserting that he said.

    When you bring up the minimum wage issue, and minimum wage not keeping up with the rate of inflation, why is it that you also support amnesty for illegal aliens/DACA participants??? You guys don't want to build the wall, end chain migration, end the visa lottery program, deport illegal aliens, nor create immigration reform that is merit based instead of letting in millions of unskilled/uneducated people from third world countries who are directly responsible for our massive OVERSUPPLY OF LOW SKILLED CHEAP LABOR.

    Learn economics 101 and how it is necessary to reduce our OVERSUPPLY OF MINIMUM WAGE WORKERS, not raise the wage to an absurdly high level when the work does NOT require SKILL.

    Minimum-wage jobs used to only be for our teenagers who were just entering the workforce and learning work ethic – as well as even college students who do it to supplement their college loans or parents financial aid. It was never meant to be a living wage for someone to entirely support themselves and their families on!

    If greedy Walmart wants to pay their workers more, how about they do just that, instead of relying on corporate welfare?? How about they simply PAY THEIR WALMART WORKERS MORE and hire them all at full time status so they give them health insurance, instead of donating large sums to biased think tanks, which push policy makers to put the responsibility on taxpayers to financially aid their workers???!!!

    As far as housing being a "human right," who will pay to house everyone that simply doesn't feel like working but is able-bodied?? Who will pay to house all the people who are simply too lazy to push themselves through higher education, so they can make higher than minimum-wage salaries? That sounds like an extremely communistic idea to me!

    Finally, I'll address your home loan joke, banks, like the bulk of most other businesses in every industry, work off of statistics that in their business models.

    When it has been proven that blacks default on their home loans at higher rates than other races, why is it then a surprise that banks don't give as many home loans to them?

    Of course banks will approve loans for other groups at higher rates, as those groups are more likely to not default. If a black person/couple has an excellent credit history, isn't in over their head compared to their salary, and has a high credit score, then the bank is NOT going to deny them a house loan. Common sense people. Use it!

  7. Cornell :D says

    Ben Coon Carson acts like he's part sloth!! FucKKKing sellout!!! Oreo ass muthafucka!!

  8. Literally Stalin says

    Just got back from Philippines. They don't have white people to blame and they are poor because of corruption, short sighted gains, long term losses, the path of least resistance is the hardest in the long run, and lack of cqring about anything especially having kids with no money and no plans. Sorry, this black blaming white people is bullshit. I'm white, can't get a job, get no respect, can't get welfare (coz I'm white I'm expected to work), can't get a loan but I decided to go self employed and do alright. The people making it hard for me are globalist bankers creating a serf economy. I can tell you first hand. Like most white people, I'm not an elite living in an Ivory tower virtue signalling and cucking about white privilege. Fuck off redacted. I'm unsubscribing. P.S. My slavic grandmother was a slave in a labor camp in WWII. This has really fucking pissed me off. Fuck it. And this is after watching Lee Camp diss the absolute fuck out of the stock market brilliantly stating clearly who is to blame, the 10% who own 84% of the stock market.

  9. Ryan Cook says

    Sloth is unwillingness to do SPIRITUAL work. Not debt slave work.

  10. Richard Owen says

    Yes you need to learn to steal from the American tax payers you worthless lazy fucks. I thought he found a bunch of money went missing from FHA. Must have been his friends because it has been slipped under the rug as usual.

  11. Daniel Edwards says


  12. Tim Caffery says

    The Torah claims poverty is universal, natural and can only be mitigted, never eradicated… allowing Judeo Christian societies to institutionalize it, control it, and proliferate it as such States deem in their national interests… Just look how Israelis treat the last remaining Holocaust survivors…

  13. trevor bell says

    Ben Carson has been very lax in his administration, there has been no example on what he’s done to rehouse those who’s homeless or building any new affordable homes.

    Being homeless has a “state of mind” is absolutely ridiculous.

  14. Mara A says

    What is this? No info just retoric

  15. Daniel Edwards says


  16. Daniel Edwards says


  17. Derek Richards says

    Any church in America that's willing to sign off and get their tax exempt are not allowed to talk about government conspiracies holocaust hoax 911 false flags anything that would make the government look badd you're not allowed to say that in church So the church has sold their soul for a buck so they can make more money so ask yourself is that church fully true is there any prophet of God that's gonna stand up to the truth in saying 911 was a false flag and the holocaust was a hoax or the moon landing was fake no probably not because they've already signed their gag order so they can get tax free money from the public so fucki your churches

  18. Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes says

    You wanted Trump you got it. So did Russia. And Wikileaks -And they won.

  19. Young Professional says

    housing is a human right. The price gouging is inhumane at this point.

  20. White Out says

    I tnink there needs to be mandatory drug tests before anything. And not for anything but i know alot of ppl that recieve government housing assistance and section 8 low income etc etc and yes they dont make enough money on paper but their bf or babys father lives there but arent listed on the lease and well just say he brings in cash N a decent amount of it so on paper they arent making it but in reality they are. These people are ruining it for everyone who actually needs Help

  21. carole mcphee says

    can we make work requirements for the ultra rich for tax cuts, and corporate bail outs!! and not a cushy job your daddy got you, more like a shitty job at wendy's where you have to question the safety of the food and yourself!!

  22. Cara Crabtree says

    I work full-time and can't afford the lowest rents ($1400/mo for 2 br) I got lucky to rent an attic for me and my son's. I've been working for over 30years. I only make a few more dollars than min wage, I don't expect extras, but I do expect to afford the basics. If you work full-time you should be able to afford basic living essentials, but that's not the case. They want everyone dependant on the Government, it's control. Housing food and clothes should be affordable. Treasury said you'd have to make $20/hr (depending where you live) to just get by. But you raise the min wage, the prices just go up. I don't want to need help. And u never know when your situation is going to change, shit happens. Waiting list for affordable housing is 8-10yrs. Some area out in CA people making $120K/yr qualify for housing, that's ridiculous living shouldn't be so expensive.

  23. Cara Crabtree says

    The real lazy people are the ones who sit back and believe what there told by owned tv stations and and owned politicians, who's jobs are to keep us separated and not united. And not putting effort to do there research and find out really where the money really goes and comes from. (Public Record). It's all there if you look for it. At least subsidised housing goes to the owners which returns to the economy and not to a few who put in off shore accounts.

  24. Justin Williamson says

    Why don't we start making life easier for the poor

  25. Rashid Gadson says

    Natily Nigil arms lookin nice

  26. Cheryl Brandon says

    What a horrible society/Heartless/beastly/uncaring/amoral unethical;See book ;Spirit Lvel;Why Equality is better for everyone by Richard Wilkinson/ Kate Pickett 2010

  27. John Hudson says

    I checked to see if Voice of America had a “is funded in whole or in part by the US State Dept.” warning. It did not……

  28. Not Karl says

    Nobody denies home loans based on race.
    If you have shit credit and terrible debt to income ratio you get denied.

    Guess what, even white people get denied because of bad credit and d to i ratio.

    Maybe educate blacks and latinos in finance instead of perpetuating the idea that race is a factor in loans.

  29. Dankady Bong says

    sloth'n proud. work is shit. smoke weed erryday! especially now that the industrial jobs are gone and idiotic service non jobs with imaginary pay are the only jobs. houses cost 6 times more in payment years than before industries going to china. still own an apartment and car. car paid, still owe $18k on apt.

  30. Dankady Bong says

    blacks have an amazing ability to blame their retardedness on others. its a gift.

  31. Andre Williams says

    Ben Carson is the guy who believed that the Ancient Egyptians built the pyramids to store grain for bread.He's the token to the scripted reality show we have occupying the White House now.

  32. sonicmax says

    mis educated men rationalizing a wicked system while sitting in wealth and prosperity not gotten by the lord passing the buck to you and your mind supported by preachers that will do the same supported by the righteousness of the word of God. what useless men

  33. Light of Day says

    Seriously, did Carson give himself a lobotomy?

  34. Killjoy Prepper says

    What ? …No. Maybe probably ya .

  35. MeltedPearls says

    Also noteworthy: Current food stamp applications count only GROSS income – money we rarely have access to ourselves! #UnitedStatesOfPain

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