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New York -10 Things You Need To Know – Hostelworld Video


“Find out how to get around, save money and see all the best attractions. Book a Hostel in New York today:

Visiting the city of New York? Find out where to get a traditional pastrami among other tasty food, the best places to visit and the hot spots for the most spectacular views of Manhattan.

It’s easy to see why New York is the most famous city in the world the moment you arrive. It’s almost exactly the same way it is depicted in movies and doesn’t fail to deliver incredible attractions and things to do. Made up of five boroughs – Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, The Bronx and Manhattan – there’s something for everyone.

Visit the Chrysler building and Rockafeller Center. Take a stroll through Central Park and check out the scene at Times Square. Pay homage to the World Trade Center and while you are there, take a glance into the financial world of Wall Street. Hop on a boat over to Liberty Island to see the Statue of Liberty. Witness a breathtaking view of the city from ontop the Empire State Building and a great deal more.

Shopping, indulging in history, exploring, eating, partaking in social events, there’s something for everyone.

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  1. Gideon Dorff says

    I like the music so much!!..can someone help me who the one is who made it???

  2. Chris Cartwright says

    The red apartment building that you mentioned Friends at is the building from How I Met Your Mother. The building in Friends is beige, not red.

  3. Vin Aeoua says

    Seems a very much gay destination isn't it?

  4. daintellekt says

    Very informative, thanks. 

  5. Gordy says

    The what museum at 3:53? Meth museum..? I can't figure out his accent. 

  6. Royal Adam says

    Is very nice to go to New York City but it seems that you can easily get lost,spend so much money on transportation & it can be frustrated & especially buses & subways. I'm from LA & it's very easy to navigate in here. It will take me tons of hours to educate myself of the areas of NY. Just saying.  

  7. Declan Kaasler says

    Newsflash: New York is a state, not a city!

  8. Toni Knezevic says

    The best city in the world

  9. Elvis Reinmaa says

    Roman, what is this shiit?!

  10. Jimmy Boots says


  11. Nathan Cohen says

    #hostelworld is a company located in London, which they do not make clearly known or evident on the site. There is NO CONTACT information other than a street address in London, and they charge a 17% NON-REFUNDABLE "deposit", that gets converted to British pounds currency, so if the dollar is weaker in relation to the British Pound, you end up paying more in US dollars when your account – credit card is debited, than it shows as your total on the website when you pay, due to the currency difference. If there is a problem, THEY HAVE NO EMAIL ADRESS AND NO PHONE NUMBER TO CONTACT THEM. When you are booking your room, the advertising says there is "no booking fee" and that you "may cancel at any time up to 2 days prior to arrival, at no charge". These are both lies, since they charge the 17% "deposit" which you find out after paying is non-refundable, so you ARE paying their booking fee, which is 17% and the cost to cancel is forfeiture of the 17% deposit, which contradicts their claim that you can cancel at any time "at no charge". The cost to cancel is 17%.
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    This is a really unethical slimy way to do business. BUYER BEWARE!

  12. Ruple Thaker says

    Very good!

  13. Kenny Thompson says

    Great video! Thank you!

  14. bill gates says

    i was shocked when i found out houston tx has passed new york in bigger buildings metricks

  15. New York Street View says

    Very good video of New York. But 1/2 a day is not nearly enough to explore Central Park.

  16. Redouan Lwardi says

    Its to magic City in the world this the first world in the worlde

  17. bear0134 says

    Great video upload… Thankyou..

  18. Mudassar Siddique says

    Excellent, nice and very informative.
    Good Effort.

  19. Steven Grant says

    Avenues go north to sound, and streets go east to west. Not what he said.

  20. Logic Time says

    You should say New York City insted of New York only.

  21. cinematicseth says

    Well made, I wanna visit this place again!

  22. Michael Stewart says

    my dream is to come here one day 26 now and still to poor don't think my dream will ever come true 🗽🗽

  23. Thomas Dykes says

    Sorry, old son, Avenues are North-South, Streets are East-West.

  24. Alexandra Burch says

    I want to new York city but it cost s a lot of money

  25. Doppelrahmstufe says

    Great work! I created a quite similar video, check it out on my channel!

  26. jaack wayne macy says

    good video accept for the part about where to eat…
    don't waste your precious time in NYC trying to find a popular deli, It's just food, you'll find good food on every block, don't waste your time getting lost just looking for some particular store…

  27. 0 tour says

    beautiful new york

  28. Ahmad Altibi says

    Very helpful. .. thanks

  29. binu varghese says

    I like to see USA but my dream come true or not only Jesus knows.

  30. Fizzy Bumfluff says

    Take a look at fizzy bumfluff …morning new york

  31. Fretz Ann Ternate says

    aww I want to walk here one day! ..I still don't have money tf.

  32. Lauren Buxton says

    What's the song over this video?

  33. orando15 says

    I ♡ New York I was born & raised and Idk is it really that expensive or is it just cuz I live there & it feels awesome when NY is very well known worldwide 🙂

  34. Soukaina El. says

    I wish i could visit NY someday

  35. Katalin Banoczy says

    New York beautiful…

  36. Zainab Misbah says

    It is so crowded in my but you get used to it because I have living here my whole life

  37. markatl84 says

    Good video!

  38. cool lps videos and more says

    OMG. i been in new york and it was soo cool! but we had to do a lot of walking 🙁 but thats what a lot of people do and i did not been in the subways, etc but ive been on the tour boat and we tried to get a taxi cab but you know a lot of things are expensive in new york like a pillow, 20$

  39. Harry Harrison says

    Good video, thanks for posting. It even showed my favourite bar, the Slane!

  40. SuperDuperBoy/SDB says


  41. Jack Cherry says

    I've just uploaded my NYC vlog, would mean the world if you could go watch it and subscribe! 😁

  42. p says

    Pathetic video

  43. Fran4kids-μουσικοκινητική με τη Φραντζέσκα says


  44. First Cynic says

    The Rose Center is about astronomy, not astrology.

  45. RobertGamesHD says

    Big city, much lies..

  46. vineet sharma says


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