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New York attack: Suspect ‘inspired by Islamic State’ – BBC News


The man accused of killing eight people in New York by driving a truck down a cycle lane was inspired by the Islamic State (IS) group, police say.
New York Police’s Deputy Commissioner John Miller said that notes in Arabic claiming the attack on behalf of IS were recovered from the scene of the attack in Lower Manhattan.
The suspect, Sayfullo Saipov, a 29-year-old Uzbek immigrant, was shot and injured by police.
He is in hospital and under arrest.

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  1. Ismael Chawa says

    The Qu'ran shares many similarities with a blade. It's a tool, and those who yield it choose how it is used. You can use a knife to chop up your vegetables or senselessly stab someone. You may also use a holy text to spread peace or incite hatred. Make of that what you will…

  2. Netrical 041 says

    When Kebab removes you

  3. Love is blind says

    Why you all blame us for your own failure

  4. David G says

    Looking into the terrorists eyes, he clearly has no soul!!! PURE EVIL!!!

  5. Des Des says

    Note written in Arabic ?
    That is not the language in Uzbekistan, very convenient he left a note for the Feds .
    Every time there is something like this " found" ?
    ISIS has not claimed they are responsible as yet ?
    Strange eh ?

  6. jay kolas says

    He is not radicalize by isis he is radicalize by pedophile terrorist murderer rapist evil muhammad the same all isis al qaeda buko haram hamas hezbola and all islamic terrorist because islam is a terrorist religion and that is fact 1000000{e82c004c77b781166d3222daff6267efbd140a9086da24a1865bd3c57bbaceeb}

  7. さら さら says

    Approval rating of the Republican Party will increase…

  8. Sampat Kalyan says

    Christianity == Islam. both are same there is nothing different between them. both kill people for their religion.

  9. Michael Mariner says

    BBC ALWAYS forgets to mention 'British taxes Propped up and supported ISIS' So crying like a bunch of Snowflakes only demonstrates and Confirms the ridicule of those pointing fingers and crying at Muslim's,Remember ALL of Britain's illegal invasions and intervention..And the Millions of innocent children and people who died for lies..Wave your flags hypocrites!

  10. dachicagoan says

    I'm surprised the FBI didn't know everything about this actor, I mean terrorist sooner

  11. Out Of Chronos says

    New York Attack inspired by Islamic State meanwhile American and British fund Islamic State in Syria to topple Bashir Al Assad. Western Deception

  12. MR X says

    I am left but you must be a bit of a dumb ass of someone With such an beard asks you for the biggest vehicle available.
    Your own fault.

  13. Kevin Shag says

    Beef islam
    pork is people

  14. Valhalla says

    What else would you expect from people who follows a war mongering pedophile.

  15. Valhalla says

    lol mosques are the number 1 place muslims become radicalized.

  16. Rap Pisso says
  17. Gabe Keller says

    INFOWARS is much better than this government owned FAKE NEWS. Check it out on the web sometime.

  18. Datsik Approves says

    Looks like an islamic terrorist but he actually identifies as a white supremecist so let's go for that angle.

  19. Gabe Keller says

    On the same day in the New York Times major ad threatening violence on November 4th.

  20. Nakoruru The Extra Terrestrial says

    *See below for copious Islamophobia…

    Let's ignore the hundred or so people that died the same day because of guns.

  21. Faihan Haque says

    False flag

  22. averagecoasterenthusiast says

    "No motorized vehicles"

  23. Grande N says Best sellingBook

  24. DeltaHorse22 says

    Golly Gee, what a dissapointment. And here I hoped for a caucasian terrorist to keep it up with the islamic terrorists. #ItsOkayToBeWhite

  25. Ross Gower says

    Beard Broadcasting Network

  26. Rob Toast says

    The religion of Islam needs to be erased off the face of the earth.

  27. Grande N says

    Ex muslim say about islam

  28. tomlinid says

    The religion of peace strikes again it's about time the politicians realized a sizable proportion of these immigrants are not integrating and are willing to do things like this. We need to be very careful who we let into Western countries.

  29. lestranje says

    Youtube is the mastermind n trigger of this act. Shut down the Youtube. period.(2:45)(4:58)

  30. SkuStyle says

    Staged event, fake news.

  31. behrouz ch says

    isis and alqaeda are created by israel and u.s , im a muslim and i say killing people is against islam , in middle east these terrorists are killing thousands of Muslims everyday , for hundreds of years muslim and non muslim were living peacfully in the region , all these terros started from the day israel created and from the day westerners discovered oil in middle east .

  32. stacy skywatch says

    more fake fabracter satanic freemasonic terror to frithen the brainwashed mainstream zombies into their own enslavement,, fuck off satanic freemasonic peadophilie controlled british brainwashing corparation,, bunch of filthy lowlife scum all of you working for this disgusting fake news outlet,, your days are very numbered now bbc and we will make sure you get hung when the majoraity of the people wake up and they will very soon,,

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