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New York City Plans to Build $1 Billion Barrier Wall Around Manhattan


Today, more than five years after Hurricane Sandy hit New York City, the five boroughs are still recovering from the storm.
Sandy did $19 billion in damage to NYC, and the rate of development along the city’s coastlines has only increased. New York now has more residents living in high-risk flood zones than any other city in the nation.

Local city-planning experts have worried how NYC will cope when the next superstorm inevitably hits the city.

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  1. William Grayson says

    Good lock NY in to keep them from the rest of the world California too put Coumo right in the middle that no good mook

  2. Nunya Bidness says

    just Manhattan? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘Œ

  3. straightt12312 says

    Yup. FEMA ships also in practice for docking. Guard towers and so on. From that movie. New York was the prison island. Arenโ€™t we overcrowded in jails? Great idea to dump people on a island and forget about it

  4. Dan Scarfo says

    Remember the story about the new $100 bill???? ๐ŸŒŠ๐ŸŒŠ๐ŸŒŠ

  5. The One and Only says

    The only thing you can build in Manhattan for $1 Billion is a Good Skyscraper, building an entire wall is going to take a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot More than $1 Billion. Trust me, I live here.


    Never been to NY and hopefully never will. lol

  7. Aquarium Vision says

    Haha.. So the Jewish elite are safe when rebellion starts:)

  8. White Wolf says

    It's about time. Will the Wally ST criminals PROMISE to stay on their side of the wall? They can have Manhattan. It's not even worth the beads and trinkets they traded the Indians for it.

  9. P G says

    When Canary Island Volcano is nuked? Wouldnโ€™t take much supposedly

  10. Andy Flores says

    This will soon be all of America and the worst part of it all is that most Americans will approve of it and support it until it's too late to move out of America. This will be the new Berlin Wall…

  11. Carmen Duncan says

    how DUMB….!!!!

  12. Paul The Voice says

    Things that make you say Hhmmmmmm!

  13. Polaris88Reid says

    Lol itโ€™s going to be a big fish bowl !!!!! It can hold water fish and humans . Just great thinking

  14. 777gailzy says


  15. Natasha *youtube STOP censorship* says

    I live in Manhattan and they have been talking about making a park with wide biketrails and recreation areas there for years. We actually need that for bike commuters as well as more areas for people to be away from all the skyscrapers for outdoor fun. They are saying the wall will only be 3 to 8 feet tall which won't be keeping anybody locked in. Most can easily climb over that if needed. It's by a big body of water. We don't swim in that dirty water and we aren't aloud boats to cross. That area of the city is lying low so flooding can occur. It's to keep water out from flooding. The wall won't be around Manhattan. Just in that area. We have many other roads and bridges to get across to other parts of N.Y. since we are islands it will help us. We rely on subways here and flooding deteriorates our subway system. โ™ก

  16. Susan Vaughn says

    And it willet covered in graffiti

  17. TheDaedalx says

    stop immigration from New Jersey

  18. Randy Bostic says

    A massive Manhattan wall (build that Wall!) To protect against hurricanes or storms implies the sea level is rising. Is this an acknowledgement methane levels are rising too?

  19. PeterFied FM says

    But they cant find the money to build the same wall on the mexico border. LOL idiots But i think NYC should be walled off from everyone else we need to contain it from spreading their tax slavery and human slavery.

  20. Kaioken X20 says

    Kurt Russell needs to start protesting! LoL

  21. JA Purnell says

    its keep people things out not keep them in why you think they built the trade tower as a super bunker ?

  22. heat cliff says

    Rofl…NYC…manhatt(african)land is Babylon. Fall Babylon fall in hell
    Destroy god kingdom.

  23. Carpathian says

    wall in all the Jews? good idea!

  24. Michael Bryant says

    That still wonโ€™t keep the beaners out.

  25. Rhonda clark says

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    Perhaps to introduce to New Yorkers the possibility of massive floods. A little fear introduced.

  27. kharn the betrayer O says

    But a wall is racist towards the water someone please check a sjw saying this please I must cringe.

  28. Romantotale Rant77 says

    A definite prison.

  29. David Lee says

    First thing i thought of too bro. Escape from n.y. with russel

  30. Piano Lady says

    A barrier wall won't stop tsunami waves … futile waste of money.

  31. ice9 says

    People listen, if a wall is going up around Manhattan, it's because the Chinese own most of the island & they want it built.

  32. 3' HOTS & A COT says

    I mean if it's really to keep out titlewave I mean maybe it's a good idea

  33. ben dover says

    Nice we can put all the libtards in there and keep em in there

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