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New York Food Tour – NoLIta & Little Italy’s Secrets


Our second full day in New York City and we head downtown to NoLIta, ‘North of Little Italy’ for a food tour with Foods of NY.

A good food tour is a great way to get know a place and try visit some hidden restaurants and shops you may probably walk pass when on your own.

We had perfect weather for the walk and thanks to our great guide, Jordan.

These are the highlights of the food tour, there was plenty of food from fresh cakes and chocolate, Pizza, French, South American and Mexican.

Originally the Little Italy area of New York was quite rough but like most cities, gentrification has occurred and now it is full of boutiques and trendy restaurants and bars.
Watch out for the hipsters.

New York’s Little Italy is the area where Martin Scorsese grew up and got inspiration for many of his films. We actually pass his childhood home on 239 Elizabeth Street during the tour.

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‘New York Food Tour’ – Filmed November 2017


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  1. Sally Akins says

    That food all looked so good, and the tour guide seemed really great too. Definitely worth booking, I reckon!

  2. Travel Pockets says

    Love food tours!! Great start with cupcakes and ending the day with more chocolates 🙂 Love that the tour guide is a hugger. So sweet!

  3. panoproject says

    Those candies! And I love the ending 😀

  4. travel quartz says

    Loved the cupcakes looks delish. The lady could not stop clicking them too lol. Glad it ends with a hug too !

  5. Dishy Dan The Travelling Man says

    They have to be some of the best cupcakes that I have seen! And the pizza looked so gooooooodddddddddd!!! Thanks for sharing this, I will be doing this tour for sure! 😀

  6. Peace The Gypsy says

    All of that food sounds amazing. I've been to NYC but I was a child so I missed out. Maybe one day when I return home to the States. Nice video!

  7. Travel in Twos says

    I got food poisoning the day before going to New York so I completely missed out on all of the amazing food 🙁 Your tour guide was great 😀 Thanks for linking them in the description, if ever I go back I know who to book

  8. Mochileros says

    1:37 thos pizzas looks really amazing
    I enjoyed the food tour vey much, thanks for sharing! 🙂

  9. Visit Ecuador and South America says

    That is a fun Food tour, love that it includes little italy´s secrets, I love some good italian food.

  10. The Bucket List Project says

    AHH. you are killing me with the Black Out Chocolate Cupcake!! That looks amazing!

  11. goeastyounggal says

    Your guide is awesome, love his vibe. All of the food looks so delicious too.

  12. joelontheroad's World Heritage Journey says

    I'll have one of each thanks! Never seen a food truck inside a store before, what a cool idea!

  13. Global Munchkins says

    A food tour is one of our favorite ways to get to acquainted with a new city. New York would be such an excellent one to check out. The kids loved our last trip there.

  14. Christopher Rudder says

    He seem like a fun host. Love the picture of Jimi Hendricks on the wall. That is one small van in that restaurant but some fantastic food. New York has such amazing food I don't even know where I would start if I were to do a food tour…

  15. Todd Hata says

    What a cool food tour, I haven’t had any of those places, but they all look so good. I usually just hit my favorite spots in NYC, guess maybe I’ll have to try that next time.

  16. Elaine Masters says

    I love food tours and especially in New York. Love the mix of history and deliciousness! Cupcakes, pizza, crime history, architecture… so much fun! Thanks for the virtual tour. I'm starving now!

  17. Wanderers Hub says

    Ah, I am so hungry right now. At 4:00 I love the lit up restaurant – so pretty!

  18. Whisper Wanderlust says

    NYC is my favorite city and I had no idea you can take a food tour. That is really great and I will definitely do that in my next visit 🙂

  19. TheTravelBugBite says

    Awww this looks delicious! I only visited Little Italy briefly but I didn't get a chance to sample all the food. Thanks for sharing 🙂 you got some great shots of the food making process. Pizzaaaaa!

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