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New York Halloween-goers: ‘We’re not scared’ – BBC News


Eight people were killed and 11 injured after a truck hit people on a cycle path in Lower Manhattan on Tuesday.
But the attack didn’t stop the city from celebrating Halloween.

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  1. TheBfredrik says

    Really enjoied the 00:41

  2. Simon C says

    U always go to your he crowd after attack. Terrorist are taking a break , but the cop stay alert.

  3. 333Love says

    good for them, it kinda doesn't matter since our own govts will mow us down when they feel like it…ps FU BBC/CNN/govt propaganda

  4. alfabravo80 says

    It’s all part of living in a big western metropolis, duh.

  5. First says

    The BBC's obligatory post-jihadist-attack "we're going to continue on as before because Islamic terrorism has successfully been normalised" report


    Ignorance is bliss.


    Islam Is the Religion of Peace!
    Terrorists are Messagers of Allah!

  8. THE TRUTH SEEKER.... says

    So let's all join hands and we'll sing Kumbaya, while snivelling and whimpering as we light our tea candles, and utter the words that Muslim terrorists fear most.."We won't be divided, love conquers all." Before laying more flowers.

  9. breaking news says

    Five friends killed in New York attack{e82c004c77b781166d3222daff6267efbd140a9086da24a1865bd3c57bbaceeb}2Fwatch{e82c004c77b781166d3222daff6267efbd140a9086da24a1865bd3c57bbaceeb}3Fv{e82c004c77b781166d3222daff6267efbd140a9086da24a1865bd3c57bbaceeb}3DVPR9pm_mas4{e82c004c77b781166d3222daff6267efbd140a9086da24a1865bd3c57bbaceeb}26feature{e82c004c77b781166d3222daff6267efbd140a9086da24a1865bd3c57bbaceeb}3Dshare

  10. jengal1007 says

    You fucked up.

  11. dAn says

    Wring his neck

    Public hanging from a tree. Live broadcasting from NYC. Remember the hateful eight?

  12. leapsplashafrog says

    We just love the winter solstice / All Souls’ Day

  13. Nick says

    BBC, CNN are news that I trust. Always gives their viewers the truth.

  14. dumpdigger dave says

    Load of Christian sickos celebrating the devil…America is a fucked up shithole

  15. LokiV says

    The attack was everything to do with Islam the religion of murder

  16. Brandon Nagley says

    You don't fear god that's your problem.. giving into Satans schemes

  17. Des Des says

    BBC posting their normal post attack bollocks.
    We are united and will carry on as usual ?Yea right, the NYPD spoke the same shit as Khan does here,praise emergency services, thoughts go out to all etc etc.
    Fuck off, you can't fool people anymore. Admit its a huge problem for once maybe?

  18. Grey Chip says

    I hope they hold hands an light a candle or 2, that's weally weally going to show these muslim killers.

  19. blackfyre storm says

    One crucial thing you should understand about New Yorkers compared with MURKA (the South and Midwest). We're not pussies. We dealt with 9/11. We had a bunch of terrorist attacks since then. Do you see us shitting ourselves and trying to stop Muslim immigration to the US or to our city? Fuck no. That's because we're not cowards like the people in red states who don't have to deal with terrorist attacks. We just go right the fuck about our business like nothing even happened.

  20. Hijack in the Box says

    Who Cares About Any Radical Islamic Extremist Attacks!!! We Our Left Wing Progressives And Always Put A Happy Face On Anything But Unless It Is PresidentTrump! SAD

  21. Daniel Bostock says

    You should be scared, they want you dead. Do something about it instead of pretending is ain't happening

  22. Konscious Beats says

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  23. Alias Fakename says

    omae wa mou shindeiru

  24. Simone Eli says

    Hey shit birds we don't do shit after mass shootings we don't do shit after terrorist attacks

  25. TheCausation says

    You should be.

  26. bl4ckant32 says

    What pedo scrubs and ugly skinny old girls

  27. J.J. Swann says

    I'd be more scared of that clown than a guy with a pellet and paint gun.

  28. Kev trichs says

    Thoughts and prayers x10. For the next 10 muslim terrorist attacks, in advance. All better?

  29. Sally Siegel says

    What they really mean is it wasn't me or anybody I know so I don't care. Proof of exactly how terrorism works.

  30. leonardo avelar says

    Fuck the USA! Long live China!

  31. K Ben says

    When an attack happens rarely do we see an act of bravery (like the French guy who tried to stop the truck). All they do is scream and run. The next day, the lefties come up with a new hastag and do a "I am not afraid march" and give stupid interviews to BBC.

  32. Phil Dobson says

    They have got a point, Muslims make a big noise about how "they" [USA] worship Satanic Halloween Idolatry yet don't believe in Arab god Allah!

  33. Artur McCloud says

    wow, people are so brave when they are not at the scene

  34. Billy Shears says

    Osama won.

  35. Five Ad says

    A few years back, a DRUNK DRIVER did the very same thing and killed a young guy. What's puzzling is cement blocks were never installed at all entrances along the bike path so vehicles could NOT enter. WTF is wrong here? More lives taken. I love dressing up every Halloween, but I didn't partake this year.

  36. Holy Quran says

    Truck of peace

  37. เพื่อนร่วมชั้น พ.อ. ประหยัด says


  38. Peregrin Took says

    Oh you aren't scared? I'm sure the terrorists are rethinking their potential actions now. These idiots won't even acknowledge danger.

  39. Raw Octopus says

    Were not scared were scary

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