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New York to the MALDIVES | Turkish Airlines BUSINESS CLASS + Free Layover Tour


Today we flew from NYC to the Maldives on a Turkish Airlines Business class flight stopping in Istanbul for the day. We went to the arrivals lounge at IST then took TK’s free “Tour Istanbul” around the city for the first time! We spent the evening in the incredible Turkish Airlines Business Lounge Istanbul before boarding our last flight to MAL! πŸ™‚

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Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, we got married June 2013 and quickly caught the travel bug! We started β€œtravel hacking” and taking more trips together and finally decided we wanted to travel for one year. After 2 years of saving $ and travel hacking over 2 million miles and points, we sold our cars and apartment and left home January 10, 2016. We started this YouTube channel to share our experiences with friends and family, then decided we really liked vlogging and traveling. So we extended our 1 year trip to THREE years πŸ™‚ Now we have a goal of traveling to 100 countries before Nate turns 30 (which is March 20, 2019)! We are incredibly thankful to do something we love every day. πŸ™‚

  1. Kang Ph says

    holy crap…i remember i subbed your channel when there is only 19k, and now 226k subscribers..congrats!

  2. aleksiskm says

    So happy to see you guys work with Turkish Airlines. Can't think of anyone more deserving than you two. Loved your videos since the very first year and wow, this year has been incredible but even more for y'all. Can't wait for the next videos!!

  3. sudhir Kumar says

    World best of best couple. …kara and nate only

  4. Bene C says

    Well that was well worth it for you such a wearing trip all round and you deserved it so much have a great and safe time

  5. Lis & Chris says

    Hehe that bit at the end had us both chuckling. So cute to see Nate so dedicated to getting the perfect Instagram pic πŸ˜‰

  6. Ali Firnash says

    Hey Kara and Nate.Welcome to the Maldives. Hope you like the Sunny side of life. Can't wait for your next vlog

  7. Army men StopMotions says

    wow your videos are really delayed

  8. Cheng Victor says

    You guys are amazing!! I look forward to your new videos every day!! Can’t wait to see your Maldives vlogs!! Also want to try Turkish airlines next time in business class.

  9. Abigail Ainouz says

    Istambul is such a beautiful city ! Food, people and sightseeing ! You have to come back and visit Turkey ! Especially Princes islands. Xx

  10. Abigail Ainouz says

    Istambul is such a beautiful city ! Food, people and sightseeing ! You have to come back and visit Turkey ! Especially Princes islands. Xx

  11. Praveen Jolad says

    @kara and nate you guys are transient passengers… how can you guys even enter city without visa ???? any clarification

  12. Michael MacDonell says

    I feel a need to go there. And I'm pleased to see you are okay, Kara. That was an "interesting" tumble you took. Oh, my – your productions get better and better.

  13. Gavin Jackey says

    This Turkish airline review was just as good as the last!!! πŸ™‚

  14. KRM ESN says

    Wow ! Cristiano Ronaldo how are you man ???? ^_^))

  15. Dmitriy says

    Very clever having that airplane announcements in the background πŸ‘
    Makes the video very cool.
    Kara is awesome with new ideas.

  16. Hobo Ken says

    You are gonna love, love, LOVE the Maldives!!!

  17. Ravin new says

    I was so happy when my Airline offered me peanut πŸ₯œ. While waiting on runway for an hour to take off.

  18. Walter Sickinger says

    LUFTHANSA…pronounced exactly the way it's spelled. Can't believe you are not familiar with one of the best airlines in the world.

  19. Pranay Khatri says

    Kara got brutally crushed by Nate at the end 😜

  20. LifeWithJess says

    my dream is to be sponsored by Emirates since my brother is a pilot for them my plane tickets are heaps cheap!

  21. DelishTraveller says

    You guys make great videos

  22. Jim Green says

    Oh, young one, the "thingie you use to put your shoes on" is called a shoe horn. : )))

  23. Jen 4humor34 says

    Love your videos! Are you ever nervous visiting huge cities like Istanbul?

  24. CNVideos says

    So Turkey is now letting Americans flying from the US into the country? Great!!

  25. Serafina S says

    a free quick city tour between long layover is defo a game changer! have fun guys πŸ™‚

  26. tapesrolling says

    It's such a shame you didn't get to go in the Blue Mosque or go on a ferry across the river! Onto the Maldives – which has the most amazing outside of an airport I've ever seen!

  27. Katie Goes says

    Haha Kara's Luthansa sidenote made me chuckle!

  28. Jennifer Cai says

    Hi Kara and Nate! My boyfriend and I also do travel vlogs and were wondering where we can cop some of that merch we see Nate wearing in some videos? Specifically the "I Fly Free" shirt and laptop decal sticker?? I want to purchase them if possible πŸ™‚

  29. TomTravels says

    1:05 You almost got it! Nate, your first attempt was almost perfect. The stress is slightly more on the first syllable tho, not so much on the second. ;P Greetings from Germany and keep up the great work!

  30. Jm Mead says

    I have 4 followers on my Travel Channel and didn't get any free business class tickets on Turkish Airlines ratz

  31. Just Call Me Annie says

    Love the beginning! Kara cracks me up!

  32. Just Call Me Annie says

    That’s an awesome idea re: Turkish Airline’s city tour program!

  33. Berry mc says

    I enjoy your videos so much!! You should do a tour with my other favorites, The Endless Adventure, The Away Way and Kinging It!

  34. wrappedmeupinribbons says

    I love that lounge at JFK! You also get access if you fly JAL business πŸ™‚

  35. Kameron Moss says

    Nate, you must do something with that insanely attractive 7 year old boy voice. My suggestion: keep it and flourish.

  36. Norquay says

    I love you guys. You make my week really happy. The Maldives are also my dream vacation!!! I will find a time to get there and I'm so jealous and yet can't wait for your videos. Have a great time πŸ˜€

  37. powpau says

    Now I just want to ride Turkish Airlines!!

  38. Mao and Then says

    i love Turkish airline! Even the economy class was nice! I remember they gave me so much alcohol hahaha

  39. Bob Nease says

    Gorgeous as usual… and love the Turkish Biz Class limbo at the end!!!

  40. Marieke van Lith says

    Yaaay it finally happened!! After starting to watch your videos in November last year from the beginning I'm finally caught up!! Sometimes I watched 5 in a row, sometimes I only watched one a week. It was just always there. I'm a little sad that I'm going to have to wait at times but I know you're not going anywhere. Thanks for giving me the greatest travel vlog out there!!

  41. Baltali ilah says

    Its interesting that our flight landed to Istanbul around same time. If i knew i would say hey and give them a better tour in the city. I guess Turkish Airlines made a nice PR work and took them for free. Well done TK ! Kara and Nate are cool. Its much better this way instead of spending tons of money for silly ads. In fact TK business class comparing with other major airlines, is a bit weak but economy class is much better against others.
    Its lovely to see Kara and Nate enjoyed their flights.

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