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  1. Cartridge says

    Meg Oliver is so hot. She's the main reason I watch Up to the Minute. She is even hotter without her glasses.

  2. Mark Desmarais says

    yep-she's HOT alright-a real cutie!
    thks for posting!

  3. Michael Wynn says

    I'm right with ya'll, my brothers. Meg Oliver is one of the sexiest women on TV. those eyes kill me

  4. Mark Desmarais says

    She's TOTALLY hot!!
    Only reason why I watch up to the minute-tape it everynite!

  5. cnknguyen says

    wow, she looks really good. 😀

  6. Michael Wynn says

    Meg Oliver used to get me high in the morning. Michelle Gielan is gorgeous in her own right. but, no disrespect to her husband – Meg just puts a spell on you!! it ain't fair

  7. Michael Wynn says

    I wish they were still both on. I would wake up early as all hell just to see Meg, with a lil Michelle sprinkled in for taste.

  8. Jeff Jacomowitz says

    She is so gorgeous!! Love to see some cleavage, Meg!! That reporter who begins the video is very nice looking too!

  9. Pierre Lemieux says

    Never mind Meg Oliver.. just give me Gina Bullard to look at on TV. She makes my day everyday she is reporting.

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