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  1. foleynj86 says

    Mets Celebration? I wanna hear more about that

  2. foleynj86 says

    Even though I was young at the time I remember the Mets clinching it against the Cubs

  3. burbank says

    Do you have the entire broadcast of this? This is really good.

  4. burbank says

    Thanks can u post that? I would like to see even if it is 3 or 4min! Thanks!

  5. Derek Gendvil says

    The graphics was also used at KIRO, but had their own theme in it.

  6. buzman1985 says

    LLY is in Bakersfield, he still does remote broadcasts in different areas thought.

  7. thunderstruck665 says

    Does anybody know if Reg Wells is still alive?

  8. vanillacokehead says

    is it just me – or does Steve Albert in this open look just a tad like Jerry Seinfeld?

  9. Matthew Pilarski says


  10. CBXweb says

    Why was the celebration put on hold?!

  11. San Last says

    Unfortunately, the Mets celebration has been on hold for 23 years now and counting…..

  12. wmbrown6 says

    Speaking of Boston . . . Albert's predecessor as WOR-TV sportscaster, Jimmy Myers, had worked at WBZ-TV before coming to Channel 9. In short, Myers was in competition with the station that ran Telesound's "And You" music in that city.

  13. wmbrown6 says

    Also . . . it sounds like WOR announcer Phil Tonken somewhat disguised his voice on the open.

  14. Tim Mischka says

    He was competing against WCVB. This theme is way cool. When and why did Telesound go out of business?

  15. John Fenner says

    @AsnycnowRadio Wasn't Reg still with UPN 9 until well after Fox bought the station?

  16. Terrell Pender says

    Sara Lee Kessler worked for WWOR-TV from 1976-1994.

  17. Barry I. Grauman says

    Sara Lee is currently a radio reporter for WOR-AM…..which is an improvement, because Channel 9 doesn't HAVE a daily news program these days [thanks to Rupert "Don't You DARE defy ME!" Murdoch].

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