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  1. retro93292 says

    They are crazy lucky

  2. scruffylovesbongs says


  3. The Solitary Outdoorsman says

    Because they noticed them having peoblems?

  4. Elite GamingWolf says

    looks like neko bellic fails flying

  5. Robert1983USA says


    Actually, it was the pilot who caused this accident. He mistook a hydraulic failure for a tailrotor failure and therefor didn't react the way he should have, crashing the helicopter.

  6. julienjjj says

    Tail rotor failure sucks. at least the pilot is good, he windmilled his descent and used the torque only at the last moment to reduce speed

  7. Simon Østrem says

    I feel evil, but the only thing I can think about when I see this is "Niiiko, cusin! Wanna go bowling?"

  8. brydy23 says

    @darealdafinal1 if you were listening it was covering the same story…

  9. Pieter van Zelst says

    "all tree people" there were only 2 inside…
    just saw a documantary about this excident on NGC

  10. Pieter van Zelst says

    @233Runner I saw it

  11. frankjimo says

    @julienjjj You have no idea what you are talking about. It was a hydraulics failure and the pilot completely disregarded the emergency procedures and turned a moderately non-event into a life threatening situation.

  12. Baseshocks says

    @GoFlyDude whats funny is the news reporters for this station dont watch the whole video how can they mix up how many peeps.

  13. Baseshocks says

    @frankjimo the pilot is a Vietnam vet whos trained in crash landings… what are you talking about disregarded the emergency procedures? he saved both their lives…..

  14. MrAlexprm says

    glad that they walked out for themselves

  15. behindthewallsleepin says

    after times like these, buy lottery tickets

  16. snyperdan1 says

    Oh Man, that pilot rocks! He is the reason they are breathing today!

  17. Davis Kaahanui says

    @darealdafinal1 Different news company and pure coincidence

  18. Mista Phelps says

    dont drink and fly.

  19. motokid032 says

    That is exactly how it should be done..Dropped the nose to gain forward airspeed and aerodynamic efficiency of the fuselage and did what he could from there!

  20. twentyonekay says

    There are always different news companies trying to compete with eachother for the best footage and scoop. Since that helicopter came first, it could be lower than the other arriving helicopters since they all cannot be permitted to fly at the same level, so I guess its luck that this news company taped another news companie's chopper going down.

  21. wekiwisdofly85 says

    Pilots a boss

  22. flatulatingmarmoset says

    Wow. I didn't expect them to survive. Lucky.

  23. Richard Martinez says

    That's some gta shit right there

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