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‘Nice family’ rips off $21K of Airbnb host’s possessions


A Toronto photographer says his Airbnb guests seemed like a ‘nice family,’ until he realized valuables gone, including SIN card
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  1. Zephyrr Sky says

    What do they expect? seriously you think you can trust people?

  2. Barry Bamb says

    It's your own fault the times got stolen. As for the damage, I feel for him.

  3. Steven Christmas says

    Why open your home to strangers, especially strangers you've never met

  4. That Gurl is poison! says

    NEVER will I rent out to Strangers. I don't even trust my own Family. Many Canadians rent out their U.S. properties. Don't do it, unless you prescreen the potential Renters like the CIA or FBI does.😢

  5. Jamie Gagnon says

    That police advice really makes little sense. You are going to be renting to people who are traveling to your city/town. There is probably going to be no opportunity to meet them face to face since you are also presumably leaving town. I think the criminal opportunities that Airbnb offers are going to lead to a lot of similar and even worse occurrences.

  6. mmpri says

    it is not this man's fault !! poor guy 🙁 horrible situation

  7. AnnaGD says

    i hope airbnb becomes illegal.

  8. Michael Pesavento says

    Hi, I feel so bad for the guy, all the hassle he'll have to go through to get reimbursement for his losses. Side note, He is Pretty Cute!;) Thanks.

  9. Dankshank8 says

    my boy stayed there hahahgs

  10. deltaecho1 says

    This is what happens to Liberals, anti-Trump, pro Trudeau supporters. They all get ripped off.

  11. IBTV - Internet Broke the Television says

    So what lesson have we learned from this, kids.

  12. Jeffrey Hennig says

    your own stupidity.

  13. Luca Toni says

    Don't rent out to Americans.

  14. HIDDENRAINN says

    Must have been a sexy party

  15. BeeFriendlyApiary says

    Risks VS reward…if you think renting is safe you probably voted for Trump…

  16. zeezo69x says

    House sharing through the net, enjoy your tenets that have rights that you know nothing about.

  17. AwwTiz says

    Airbnd is PERFECT for cucks.

  18. My Puritanical Opinion says

    If you don't know the person and like that person a lot, do not rent anything unless you are there. How is that so difficult?

  19. My Puritanical Opinion says

    By the way, the CBC would only give a negative story on b and b because they are against the free market.

  20. Marti Waterman says

    It's all one big crap shoot! That "nice family" could have really been a nice family or you get what happened to this trusting Canadian man. Know matter how vigilant you are or how much due diligence, you still never know. That's the scary part.

  21. San Francisco says

    I bet your rental agreement doesn't allow subletting.

  22. Steven Dragoo says

    AirBnB needs to have a facial verification policy like Upwork does. You send in your legal document then they set up a blind verification call on Skype…

  23. Soliden1000 says

    Renting your house out is bad business. Many landlords have tons of horror stories here on youtube.

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