Find local, breaking news for the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island and Manhattan; plus, a New York events calendar and vintage NYC photos
  1. Philth- E says

    You stopping through Pittsburgh any time soon? It all looks too familiar, besides the detroit shit. Its wild out there!

  2. danny wilkins says

    Charlie have you ever done vids of the Bronx?

  3. Razster says

    California stops are the best stops.

  4. Canadian Prepper says

    Charlie, invest in a good camera and stabilizer and you will make a lot selling your footage to stock media sites.

  5. havocmaster69 says

    Looks like a scene straight out of "THE FIRST 48"

  6. Blocklegendzzz • says

    You should do New Orleans hoods

  7. Pat sheeba says

    gotta go check out chester, pa. worse than philly

  8. Chester Copperpot says

    I would not walk around there. Good vid Charlie.

  9. David B says

    Functional and civilized compared to Detroit!

  10. osu612 says

    What were those rails on the road?

  11. styleking80 says

    How would you compare Philly to Detroit?

  12. Lamin Kamara says

    do da ATL

  13. NOOTIII says

    Hit up North Camden next trip! It will be an experience of enlightenment. Make sure you do day and night! 😛

  14. Beau McNaboe says

    Man, you love that 50 Cent and UGK joint, too. Lol.

  15. Cody says

    check out lower lights over in Columbus Ohio.

  16. Sand Man says

    he didn't even drive through the worst of Philly.

  17. Christian Mendoza says

    trash everywhere in philly

  18. CharlieBo313 says

    To see other videos like this in many other cities I would appreciate a donation to my Go Fund Me account I setup at the request of many of my subscribers. I considered cancelling it, but was advised to keep it active. I appreciate all of you watching and subscribing.

  19. Dorian Graye says

    Is that school where Rocky's kid got beat up and had his jacket taken?? The building on the right in the first 12 seconds!

  20. shanetheclassic says

    Should of made a right onto Cambria and went down into the lettered streets. Then we would of seen the biggest open air drug market in america!

  21. robemarcelo says

    What a dump but we spends trillions on wars

  22. The Sauce says

    Matt Ox's hood 😩

  23. pheltonturner2 says Camden NJ The hood!!!!!!

  24. TheCarSection TheCarSection says

    Another winter day my city is not as bad as these think when they're driving around in North Philly they never show the spring or summer

  25. Wess Reiley says

    Used to visit 5th an Lehigh all the time. Back in the old days when I was not in my right state of mind. Whitehouse

  26. MysticalWes says


  27. Nanis Version 2.0 says

    Why does this place seem so familliar

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