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  1. Kathy Bonadonna says

    did you use the online concierge ncl app

  2. D Walker says


  3. Tanner M says

    I thought cruises to nowhere were a thing of the past? Didn’t the government ban them for whatever reason?

  4. Brenda Roden says

    Thanks for the review!!!

  5. Colleen H says

    Jersey Boys is fantastic on Broadway. My Fire Dept company went and everyone loved it. I am super excited to see it on the cruise.

  6. Annie Alaska says

    Sorry – I missed the live chat.

  7. Richard Scott says

    Im so jealous. I was supposed to go on the Bliss 9 days from now but lie interrupted and had to cancel my cruise. I was fortunate to get allmy cash back. Seeing some of these things on the Bliss is so bittersweet for me. {sigh)

  8. Kitty〉^·^〈 says

    Sharps containers can also be used to safely dispose of razor blades for shaving.

  9. Boat Lover says

    I have not been on that ship, but most do have a dance floor in the Manhattan room. I have to get on that ship, love, particularly the newer NCL ships. I do think the buffet and MDR food is really just average but their specialty dining is great. Waterfront is great too. I agree, and do wish they had a covered pool. Your videos continue to the be best.

  10. Boat Lover says

    I hate smoke, I have never been bothered by it on the new NCL ships, particularly in the public spaces. I do like what some lines due like Celebrity, and make it possible to walk around the casino on a deck rather than having to walk through.

  11. Gwen Pryor says

    Was the crowd on the Bliss older or younger?

  12. melissa goldpaugh says

    Hope to cruise this ship in 2020. Escape next year! We did our first cruise on Breakaway this year. You helped so much with planning! Thank you!

  13. BlackBerry 76 says

    Thanks this is very helpful!!

  14. bonnie bergstein says

    Seen Jersey Boys twice here in West Palm Beach!! Great show – not kid friendly!!

  15. Eric Benigno says

    Love your videos!! I believe kids can go in the pool closest to the water slides (aft if you will lol) and the pool closest to the huge tv screen is adults only. That’s how it is on Breakaway and Escape and Gem and so on lol. Going to subscribe today!!

  16. J Dura says

    Hello Sherri – you have made me soooooo excited about cruising. Question – Hubby and I are taking our first cruise on NCL Breakaway in January 2019. We are looking to book a second one in November 2019 around and thinking Royal Caribbean or Celebrity – looking around Thanksgiving and saw great balcony deals. I will be 51 in June and my hubby 62. RC has a cheaper rate. Are we too old for RC? We are fun loving old folk. We party, play carnival mas , love dancing, a few drinks etc. We are doing this as we are trying to do Europe in 2020 and that will be a later cruise…ooops too much information to ask one question

  17. wendy smith says

    what a great review Sheri thankyou for all the hard work you put in to bring us these great vlogs of the bliss, like you i not a fan of mega ships i like to see and feel the ocean as well .

  18. UTHookEmHorns73 says

    We were in a Mini Suite on the inaugural Alaskan cruise on the Bliss. It was AWESOME! Loved it! Observation Lounge is amazing! So many great options! Boardwalk is wonderful. Restaurants were great! Had so much fun on the go-carts! Even though I froze my butt off (Alaskan cruise) going on the each slide once, they were AWESOME! Tube slide is warmed though. Would have done that more, but it was freezing getting to the start of the slide. LOL! Food was amazing at the specialty restaurants. Buffets are good too. Best ship I have cruised on. Though I do agree that the ship should absolutely have a covered pool & water park for Alaska. As I mentioned above, I froze my butt off trying the slides once each.

  19. Pam H says

    Do you know of a Bliss-size Norwegian ship that cruises in the Caribbean?

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