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Note declaring allegiance to ISIS found after New York City attack


This segment of WION brings to you distressing news from United States of America, a pick up truck driver killed 8 people and injured more than a dozen others when he drove down a New York City path on Tuesday. Watch this clip to know more.

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  1. Abhinav Kumar says

    What is brave act of terror if this act is cowardly? I think none. What is this phraseology?

  2. Arpan Ghosh says

    religion of peace :/ smh

  3. Grandma Adelaide says

    Here we go the found passport in the rubble

  4. Graham Hobbs says

    Those people at the Pentagon are sure prolific with their 'notes' – ie; they left one at the Twin Towers (But everything else – apart from the gold bullion) was vaporised… they left one (through their 'local operations cell' at the Christmas market in Berlin,,, to them, both vans and the general public are cheap control xx

  5. Seth Morris says

    ban all Mooslims now!!!

  6. melodies ritmo says

    Islam sucks.

  7. lundilar says

    It's more than likely that at least one of the dead or injured was a Muslim. Furthermore, the aim of these Muslim idiots is to die a martyr,  and go collect their 17 virgins in heaven. So this guy failed. May he suffer endlessly, while sucking syphilitic dicks in prison.

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