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NY Asian Film Festival 2007 festival trailer


Asian Films are Go!
The 2007 New York Asian Film Festival, produced by Subway Cinema, starts on June 22nd and runs through July 8th. Venues this year are IFC Center and Japan Society. Here is our new festival trailer, featuring clips from many of the films we’re screening. More information and the full schedule is available online at Tickets are on sale now!

  1. rjbrown57 says

    dang right!

  2. xiaoka says

    you had me at 'Penis Gun'

  3. Zeushero says

    o man Penis gun!

  4. jonnymo says

    new yorkers are so friggin lucky, what about the rest of america:( namely people from columbus OH. already seen Aachi & Ssipak but the rest look nuts too

  5. Alejando ffd says

    YEAH I feel sooooo bad great films like these don't come to miami or any other place in America

  6. JapanLover4eva says

    Im gonna see Hula Girls

  7. John Schoneboom says

    awesome trailer! don't know where to begin!

  8. yohei72 says

    Actually, Dragon Dynasty doesn't make films – they're a U.S. video distributor for movies made by Asian artists and studios. And they're just one of the sponsors for the festival, which is mainly run by five regular, unpaid fans. Check out SubwayCinema dot com. Yes, they're friends of mine, and yes, I will be at the festival almost every day for the next two weeks! Hahahahaha!

  9. Mr. Gaddess says

    Whats the names of both songs?

  10. Mr. Gaddess says

    that really doesn't answer my question.

  11. Griffin Laking says

    I need to go to this one year, so many of those movies are fantastic. I'm a Cyborg But That's OK, Big Bang Love, Hair Extensions, Zebraman. Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Markus Heinonen says


  13. dvessel says

    Absolutely brilliant trailer.

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