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NY Subway Bomber Fails – Only Hurts Self


Breaking: NY Subway Bomber Fails – Only Hurts Self

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  1. RuleofFive says

    Port Authority is between 40th and 42nd street.  I go through there daily…….that tunnel is usually packed with people.  Its good he had no idea what he was doing……

  2. Chanel Mone says

    Lol, yup there was a bombing that delayed all trains so much so that what's normally a 15 minute train ride once on the train took over an hour ; Boss : but do your best to come in

  3. somedayalwaysnever says

    Kirsten hillabrand's immediate tweet " we must remain vigilant and give law enforcement the federal resources to keep us safe" translation: we need more money and justification to monitor,chip,track,and record all Americans and the military industrial complex can invest in HILLABRAND

  4. Abigail Brickler says

    I hope he blew his fucking balls off. Fucking asshole.

  5. Abigail Brickler says

    Good thing our foreign policy isn’t jingoistic! #sarcasm

  6. Melvin Paulino says

    stop blaming America for the doctrine of Islam. You know, the movement that throws gay people off rooftops.

  7. mistaseeforce says

    Yo this shyt low key funny!! DUMBAZZ 😂😂😂

  8. Dabket3araB says

    Wealthiest country in the world and it amazes me the shitty quality of the public surveillance cameras.

  9. OICU812 says

    They tried to pin this on a Muslim immigrant from Iran..?! Go figure…Did he have an ISIS note in his pocket, too..?

  10. sailormanariel says

    Nothing to do with the bombing, but I used to take the subway in Boston. It was always breaking down and once I gave up and decided to walk no matter how long it took. It took slightly longer than when it was actually running on time. Thereafter, if the subway broke down I just walked. Curious. It seemed like we were going mile after mile underground. We weren't.

  11. Junkman2000 says

    If New York didn't have to settle so many police brutality lawsuits, they might be able to afford some fucking decent cameras.

  12. Nathaniel Torres says

    Terrorists cannot allow themselves to look like idiots, they will try again.

  13. Nathaniel Torres says

    The suspect only gets 36 virgins, half of what he would have gotten had he killed a lot of people. And one of the 36 will be a dwarf so its really 35 and a half.

  14. UniversalPotentate says

    CIA false flag crisis actor. Wait for the new laws & regulations stripping more freedoms for corporate profits at tax payer expense.

  15. evil Duck says

    Can he get a refund from terrorist school.?

  16. L Collins says

    How much did President Toxic
    🍊🤡💩 paid him. His family?
    I trust none of these attacks anymore.

  17. TheZodiacz says

    Why is the CCTV footage so terrible every time a possible false flag happens? Almost like it's on purpose.

  18. ReeseMac says

    He may have been walking through the pedestrian tunnel that connects the 8th avenue subway lines to the 7th avenue subway line.

  19. Andreas Fris says

    Regardless how many he hurt, New Yorkers HAVE TO BE AFRAID, according to Rachel Madcow. Fear is not optional.

  20. Kenny Coulter says

    do I sound crazy?
    why aren't there clearer videos?
    can you be sure that HE wasn't a fall guy?
    Could it be that he was shot or someone attached something to him?
    Was there a confession directly from him that made the claims, or was another "note" "found"  "close to the scene"  for no apparent reason, other than to build a case?

  21. A 1 and a 2 says

    42nd and 8th ave. The PA takes up an entire huge city clock

  22. A 1 and a 2 says

    That guy was not part of a terrorist org. here's how I know. I grew up in the countryside and had several teenage schoolfriends who were a bit more of troublemakers than me who's parents had gun powder, well these 13yo kids learned to make pipe bombs with it. If my idiot 13yo schoolmates could make pipe bombs successfully back in 1983 then this guy was no terrorist. just a copy cat or lone actor, to have botched it this badly.

  23. andrew bergstrom says

    I would have kicked that scumbag in the head as he lied there.

  24. Kate A says

    This incident didn’t scare anyone in NYC. Few hours later after that happened I was on that subway station heading back home from school. People have things to do, places to be, people to see…

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