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NYC Firefighter Dies on Set of Edward Norton-Directed Film ‘Motherless Brooklyn’ | THR News


A New York City firefighter died after he became separated from his unit as they battled a fierce, smoky blaze that broke out in the basement of a former Harlem jazz club being used as a film set.

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  1. iDalisMediaTV says

    Ed Norton’s Karma

  2. Povlennebo says

    Your caption suggests he died because he was involved in shooting a scene of Edward's movie, in fact he was putting out a fire on that location, which has nothing to do with who is making a movie. You cast blame by that caption. Shame on you.

  3. Scott Slotterbeck says

    Sad. RIP brave man.

  4. Alexander Troelstrup says

    Cue trump blaming Baldwin

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