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NYC Minister: I’m Willing to Be Arrested If ICE Comes for Immigrant Mother in Sanctuary in My Church


– A few weeks ago, the Fourth Universalist Society of New York City opened its doors to Guatemalan mother Aura Hernández, who took sanctuary to avoid her deportation to Guatemala. Last year, the congregation voted to become a sanctuary church; shortly thereafter, the church was vandalized with swastikas carved into the church’s front doors. On Tuesday night, Democracy Now! sat down with the senior minister of the Unitarian church, Rev. Schuyler Vogel.

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  1. professor moriarty says

    Ban infant circumsision you savages

  2. Nobby clark says

    Piece of criminal filth.

  3. tony fat says

    California is letting illegal immigrants votes by the hundreds of thousands… this is how they rob Bernie Sanders and this is how they got the popular vote by illegal immigrants

  4. Accord DeParis says

    When they start arresting priests we are barely a hair away from Americans randomly shooting ICE agents on sight. This is the America Trump supporters wanted and the civil war we all wanted to avoid. Rather ironic church going Trump supporters created this nightmare by electing a self-admitted child molester who brags about barging into little girls' dressing rooms, sexually assaulting women, wants to sex his own daughter, bangs porn stars and tells them they remind him of his daughter and killed an 8 year old American girl his first week in office. This is supposed to be a "family value" party or is that just their b.s. excuse so they can randomly shoot anyone anytime without due process? Republicans have become an enemy of America, the Constitution and as Chomsky believes, the entire world.

  5. Twisted Titan says

    I love how minister's break the immagration law

    But then in the next breath demand that the welfare law be followed to the letter

  6. Kevin Hoey says

    Conservatives are fucking scum

  7. mikebtko says

    After 'Hurricane Maria', rich, NorthEast/New England people rode through our pueblos in Puerto Rico. One guy was passing out 'old money', old dirty Int'l Jewry Banking paper💰'$20 bills. He even gave me a ride to the Puntas, for a Red Cross Meal-Drop. But he got sidetracked, with plans for 'partytime' later on. And he left me halfway to the food 'drop-off site', on the side of the road. He's even got a gym/martial arts studio, here.

    He drove a brand new, huge SUV. They really are like the new 'Chariots' and 'WWI & WWII-Boot Stomps' in their times. It's like riding through a former dying Roman Empire Territory. It was disheartening. He was laughing at our little Puerto Rican folks. For being ravaged from years of living in just a soley party town. With no real new innovation, and businesses, utilizing its natural wealth of solar energy, and tons of its other renewable, local energy resources. Just 'Vice, and Foodies'. This New Yorker was touting '911 Propaganda Bullsh*t', as for the reason why him and his men were so suited for helping our 'citizenry' out with some of these 'quick-$20 bills'..

    There's a little native Puerto Rican boy named Joel in our town, he's a 11 years old. About 5 months ago, he asked me if I was here to help him. I knew what he really meant. Because he always comments on my bikes when I see him. I said, "Yes, I promise to try…" So I try. They really don't want toys, video games, candy, space bullsh*tters, liars, etc. Or even a daily celebratory drinking, and huge platter of food, like every night is party night. They want to learn something real, and authentic in their homeland now. We are all needing authenticity in our lives. We are tired of being lied to! Many children have some of the healthiest Pineal Glands developed, only to be discarded…

    And our children should learn renewable technology from childhood and shouldn't have to learn valuable technologies as young-adult 'Debt Slaves'. Like the real Nikola Tesla envisioned. Because by then, there will be even more advancement in technology to learn. And by then, there will be further 'Debt Slavement' to incur. Because the 'usury issue' still has went unresolved and not confronted with honestly. We need to lift the veils on 'Usury' for good, no more childish 'peek-a-boo' with this insanity…in all our "Mammon Societies'. The sh*t is tired! An honest discussion, and a continued dialogue, about this insidious practice, starting in their youth. If we don't, we'll always have an unnecessary, diseased, poisonous, self-destructing society. Just trying to shekel each other to an early death…

    "Show Business/Media, is part of the jewish religion." – John Lennon. He got sick of it and spoke it.  Soon, the Chabad Mob had him killed for not wanting to participate in the Masonic deceit of Int'l Jewry Banking.  I haven't been to a movie or owned a tv in over 13 years it's an unnecessary alternative to real life that I find detrimental. We're more authentic without it.

    Diane Feinstein, the Chabad Mob jewess wife was the final straw for me back in the 1970's. Her rise to prominence after Dan White's Twinkie defense & 'supposed suicide'. It has all been deceit even before, but after that, I could spot their deceit coming from then on. It's all a Construct…Actornaut Mark Kelly's 'dual citizen' wife Gabby Giffords and her rapid recovery from 🔫 headshot wound.'Dual Citizen' Seth Rich draped in American Flag🇺🇸 early on in  ruse. Chabad Mob Constructs, like the Intentionally obxious Linda Sarsour, being followed around by their 82-86% owned media like she's sh*ttin' gold. Our lives can't go on much longer like this, I just can't see our next generation getting through this…
    Elections aren't real, Int'l Jewry Masonic Banking created Trump along with all the supposed Left Wing Presidential players. The false left right paradigm is played out! 

    There's so much more in life going on, I want to face it, not escape it…

    The Pineal Gland is a real force of nature That's why they heavily promote drinking, drugs and calcification of this gland. And also soundwave and synthetic colors, colors are vibrational.

    Heisenberg Effect: The film 🎥 camera is the Heisenberg Effect-Observation that the very act of becoming a player changes the game being played. It is reflected in interviewing process where the interviewees tend to give answers they think interviewer wants to hear. Named after German Noble-laureate physicist Werner Karl Heisenberg (1901-76) whose uncertainty principle states that (in particle physics experiments) the very act of observing alters the position of the particle being observed, and makes it impossible (even in theory) to accurately predict its behavior.

  8. mikebtko says

    1 of 5 Recently Suspended From Facebook: Now where was I before 'Faceberg' suspended me, some of this is might be redundant, but I had to write it in pieces, but that's okay. I try..

    These people running our cities don't create planned intelligent communities for all their residence. They create concrete 'feed lot – people farms'. Hierarchical Societies that trample its inhabitants, beat them down with commercialism. It's a formula. They create parking lot' metal farms everywhere, that all eventually look the same. With their mind numbing noise of cars and SUV's whizzing by.  And they live in their luxurious McMansions, with all their adult toys, tucked away on a hilltop, off the strip of mainstreet, and counting the cash rolling in. While the debauchery intensifies in the concrete 'feed lot – people farm' feeding frenzy down below. Until it starts to spill over into their luxurious estate areas, then onto the next ill-fated 'feed lot – people farm'.. God help us all!

    Yes, these people, who think they own us, are creating 'feed lot – people farms' everywhere.  Soley merchant shops of people needing to 'feed off' each other. The fatter the steers, the more successful the 'feed lot – people farms' are for the 'McMansion Dwelling Overlords'. Just look around you!

    Think Bigger Gringos & Brothas'/Sistas' than "AWall"!!! Ask if Latin Americans can help you build a Silk Road, like China thru Africa is doing, only North America thru South America. High Speed Rails, Maglev, light-weight transport, free of maritime law & 'In-House' Lockdown of warehoused' Chinese workers for 13-16 hrs. daily. I don't care what you might think, but that's a 'Universal Hurt', and certainly produces a chain reaction. Mexicans are industrious like the Germans were. They can help us build something to alleviate a lot of this Asian slave labor. We build it from North thru South America… "Don't cry cuz you've got no vision left!"

    These Presidents are selected by Masonic Orders, they are mentally deranged, from centuries of incestuous eugenics. They're not our daddies. That 'old money', those Northeast/New England vultures want your natural resources, they're collectivists, also mind, body, and soul. The higher ups know, it's Saturn worship, and it's planetary belt. From the ring on a finger to the nike logos. It's freakin' everywhere. It's about containment, not "vision", that's why they get kicked out of so many countries.That's all they care about, enslavement 'shekeling us'.  You don't know how many of their minions, traitors of their 'owned people', approach me with, "these people are hopeless, and why they deserve 'a takeover' of somebody elses 'feed lot – people farm'. People like, swindling former usury banking mortgage brokers, former 'old money' Texas oil & gas farts, etc., accompanying that New York/New Englander 'old money' are here because they felt like a stranger in their former 'feed-lot people farm'. This 'old money' is only about controlling your 'feed-lot people farms' now.

    We have to be our own daddies! Their sh*t's no good! These people would ride us like farm animals, if they could get away with it. Then have another tribe slaughter us. All the while, screaming "Nazi, Nazi, Nazi!" The sh*t is tired!

    A real economy is not just merchants/shopping/watering holes (And the 'bone chilling' truth about how this real dirty money is being made abroad), securing a new homeland in a place our peoples will be sacrificed for. All these brand new💰60,000 SUV's being driven in, and around, in the U.S,. (Not everybody, but so much of this is not from 'healthy wealth'). And all these other 'big ticket' items. When most of us are just scraping by in a dead economy? How do you think people can afford them? Most of us have caught on.

    Yes, things like sending 'Kill Teams' over to slaughter babies & mothers for Greater Israel Project and their expansionist agenda. It chills us to the bone just thinking about it… It makes us sad. It disturbs so many of us, it can't continue. Greater Israel Expansion Project has the largest covert military operations in the world… God help us all!…

    2 of 5
    Someone asked me a few days ago "Why I'm so concerned?", and so vigilant about warning my fellow Puerto Ricans to keep a watchful eye? Because we are already at war. 'Domestic and Abroad'. My family and friends have visited the island 3 times. They said Rincón is so beautiful, but the first thing they commented on, was how much they loved and enjoyed the Puerto Ricans…

    When I was young, in Los Angeles CA, we had Mariachi Music, "Tierra", El Chicano", "Malo", "Soul Train"🚂📺, prolific 'West Coast' Singer-Songwriters, Japanese Deer Park, San Diego/Coronado Beach, to the south of us & Palm Springs Desert, Big Bear Skiing nearby, etc., just gorgeous diverse music & culture, but they "Divided & Conquered" us. No, it wasn't always great back then either, but something incredibly disturbing has changed. Most notably, after 911, it went into 'overdrive'. Now it has become crystal clear, their 'control grid' is solely in the business of 'early death', 'feed lot-people farms' to depopulate earth. Not sure what kind of 'compost' we'll make, but they have definitely stepped up efforts to herd us out of here, in their 'feed lot – people farms'…

    People are fleeing (Like a Bat Out Of Hell!"), most of my family & friends background consisted of Irish/Cherokee/Mexican (really, all I knew and hung out with were Mexican Americans) they're dead, or most have fled to Mexico to raise their families. Even my mom had moved to Mexico, for awhile, before she died. So many people know that "We're living Under Occupation". Nobody wants this amount of lying being fed to them.

    So many professors, business professionals, etc., fired for confessing Communist China was promised the West. "To be anti Communist is to be Anti-Jew!" – Jewish Village Voice. They even boast about it. Fired from their positions in Academia, Businesses, etc., because they love their fellow man and they are speaking out against their planned demise for us. We'll call it 'Chabad Mob Int'l Banking' that are taking up residence in, and moving operations to M.E & Africa, for control of the ultimate trade route, and minus the bottle-sucking West, that they themselves created, by design; only to now, collapse it.

    They're going to eventually bring in new slaves, with 'reduced numbers required', to lie to. Telling them "These other slaves were no good." Tell this new tribe of slaves, "We know you'll do better." And promise them if they work hard they'll get to have a prosperous home, family, opportunity, etc. It seems to many of us they've been cycling tribes out of their 'feed-lot people farms' now, in less than 2 decades, certainly morally, physically and spiritually giving them 'the beatdown'.

    But this time they want to dump Latin Americans, including here in Puerto Rico,  to utilize their wealth of Natural Resources and implement the solar/battery technology, that Puerto Ricans should utilize for themselves immediately, on a grand scale.  Look what this 'Chabad Mob' and their usury banking cabal practice is doing in Honduras and Venezuela to Latins there. Like I've said before, ask youselves how savvy are the other tribes at differentiating between Asians, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, etc., because they're not. Same goes for Latins..

    Yes, Latin Americans are their major target now, the world is going 'the way' the real Nikola Tesla envisioned a 100+ years ago, and the slave owners don't like Latin American numbers because they've got 'the sweet spot' for this technology!  They play Gods. Like they're running an exclusive dance club. Oh sure, they feign sincerity for Latins. How else would you groom your next land grab victims, goons, and your next war fodder. You stroke them with phony compassion and a 'sh*t-eatin' grin'. "Democracy Now!", their Amy Goodman, is one of the most masterful persons I've ever saw at feigning sincerity, and gatekeeping. Gatekeeping has become the most insidious practice of all forms of deceit.  Her grandfather is a Masonic Rabbi. How come these dual citizens still own their media, even in Latin America, with Saban Capital, etc.! Yet, they want a homeland thousands of miles away???

    They should relinquish power, not consolidate it, with "yes men and women" who gladly assist them with their war propaganda and 'feigning sincerity', raking in ungodly amounts of money. Feeding off the 'feed-lot – people farms'. Instead of betterment/intelligent growth of societies, for all! Because they want most of us dead, or enslaved!

  9. mikebtko says

    3 of 5
    All my life, I grew up with, and lived with Mexican Americans, they had the sharpest senses of humor. My dad had it too, that's why he worked so well with them at his job. Yes, he had that sense of humor, I have it too, but I haven't quite developed it as well in Spanish yet. That's why I take both classes and 'streets' Spanish. (Conozco mucho español pero necesito ser un experto, para desarrollar plenamente mi español sentido del humor.😛)  Puerto Ricans have it too, so hopefully I'll get there in Spanish, as well as in my English language version, living here in Puerto Rico. Most Latins share a sense of humor that is unmatched. It's like most of them know you can't be paid for being funny, because that's just 'not that funny'..  But the dual citizens-owned Latin American television, they portray them much differently, and when the tv📺 was on in one of our friends' parents house, they would ask me, "You don't think we're really like that do you???" And if you do become the stereotypes they create, it's time to throw out their sh*tbox 📺!

    Yes, the plan was Latin Americans 'up next'. They're the largest numbers 'fit', as a group of men. Certainly the most organized right now. If they can't trick Latin men into becoming war fodder for Greater Israel Expansion Project, they'll beat them down physically, spiritually and mentally, on one of their 'damned control grid', their 'feed-lot people farms'! We should want Latin Americans to help us build something significant and important for our survival, maybe we'll call them our High Speed Rails, our "Love Trains" and "Amor Trenes" 🚂 and along with Light-weight Electric/Solar conversion transport. North America thru South America, our own Silk Road. It's not ridiculous, it's being done across the Atlantic, China thru Africa.

    That's how these people operate, they rape and pillage one side of the earth. Then they switch land masses, separated by ocean and maritime-law…

    If these people can give jewry's freemason' Jerry Seinfeld 4 million for 20 minutes per episode of sit-com television, then we should get all the currency/resources, we need to build our own silk road/highspeed rail system.  Give a tribe control of your finance, they can pay themselves whatever it takes to rule over the other tribes. It has got to stop. It's our turn. Jerry Seinfeld made 4 million💰for 20 minutes per episode of Seinfeld at height of show. Nobody's that funny. Get a real comic alone and he'll let you know comedy loses its 2 main ingredients when paid for it, 'Spontaneity & Truth', it becomes preachy and agenda-driven. Now Jerry Seinfeld goes to Israel's IDF FANTASY CAMP and pretends to 🔫 shoot Syrian children in the face for Rothschild Greater Israel Expansion land grab.  You can fact check this, please do. The Rabbis tell them they must "harden their hearts." It is quoted over and over again. You can fact check this, please do. Media is the 4th Branch of this Chabad mob, unelected, criminal government.

    Does any of this really seem normal to us??? Nothing but foodies (things like leukemia-laced milk, etc., psychotropics, flooding us with street drugs every freakin' decade, get the citizenry with fast drugs, then slow them down with opioids, mega-medical & hospitals everywhere, low paying jobs, pensioners, "vice", And their 4th Branch of govt, their media. And 86% 'owned and operated' by dual citizenry media seeking a major heist far away. Most of them with exclusive property thousands of miles away, in places like Tel Aviv and Dubai. And just like the last WW, WWII, all the celebrities had bought places outside of Germany knowing what was coming. Only now it's the Middle East and Africa, Trump owns penthouses in Tel Aviv. Even Madonna owns a place in Tel Aviv. You think she doesn't know that they're milking the West dry before it's planned collapse? She spends her holidays with 'welfare queen' Bibi Netanyahu…. "We'll turn the West into a bottle-sucking welfare state and collapse it! That's what we do to countries we don't like!" –  Benjamin Netanyahu PM Of Israel

    "The media is the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty, and make the guilty innocent. And that's power. Because they control the minds of the masses." – Malcolm X.

    Once again, their media is still operating here, that means biased news, that means 'not real news'. That means still owning 'media & major information transmittal', even after it's been caught lying to our citizenry 100's of times. I worked in their media and witnessed it myself.

    There's money💰obviously being made. Hence, such a vulgar, 'non-encouraged' display of adult toys, etc., Yet ravaged 'pobre' citizenry. It's just not healthy, wealth anymore!

  10. mikebtko says

    4 of 5

    Yes, it's things like 'Kill Teams' sent to their next heist in the M.E & Africa, etc. Bloomberg Corporation, and other cultural and breeding alliance members engaging in incestuous eugenics to maintain caste system supremacy, based on usury not merit, are already entrenched in Africa for major heist. And they make the other tribes kill each other for any resource scraps, they may or may not throw our way. You can't measure 'Choseness' in blood. That's more snake🐍 oil selling. Let there be no manmade titles over other men in Nature.

    You think most of us haven't figured out what's going on, and that the revenue being generated is also our destruction…

    So not only has actor freemason' Robert De Niro and the Masonic ran "Chabad Mob" (we'll call it), taken over the nearby Caribbean's Barbuda Island, and discarded citizenry's pleas, after their Hurricane Irma, he also donates millions💰 to IDF, & its deadly takeover in the M.E & N Africa. He goes to their annual IDF Benefit in Beverly Hills CA. They want that trade route! Sandwiched between Big Oil & African Hi Tech Resources. Bombing the sh*t out of 7 countries! Wiping out babies, a 35% Christian population, Seculars & Muslims. Obama owns a luxurious mansion in 'Chabad Mob bought' Dubai. A place like West should develop for ourselves immediately.  If we want to survive, especially here in Puerto Rico, these are beautiful people. Why do you want to 'burn' them like this…

    Once these people firmly secure the most coveted trade route on earth (obviously), do you think our manufacturing base can just magically appear after 50 years of its off-shoring, to keep this going??? We can expect "No Boats To West! (aka, Trade Embargos"), etc. Why would I ignore this, and not say anything to the people I love and live amongst.  Rincón es mí corazón! We're just letting each other know, even here on the Island, that we see what's going on. "El mundo es diferente!!!…" And we should not rely on this corrupt government to save our peoples…

    And the real hurricane hasn't ended until the manpower is motivated to move forward. Like a parent who can't swim, yet 'fears not' to rescue their drowning child from a river's rushing waters. The Industrial Revolution took everyone's assistance. And they benefited from it. Yes, we must now move forward with our own sustainability and intelligent growth, like the real Nikola Tesla envisioned a 100+years ago. Before 'usury banking cabal' 'sacked' him!

    They've taken away our power from us. We're still on their relic monetary usury debt slavery, their relic electric grid (that 'Smith Whatever Construction' Company, in Rincón, installing electric control grid. Driving around, lying to folks. Just wicked, telling us, he sees what's being implemented all over the East, China-Africa-Europe in 'rapid time', is still 20 years away for the West. We haven't got that amount of time. We've got no time left to wait. We need to start now! These people are making sure we're all 'good and stuck' to this dying Empire & its electric-gas grid, like a 'soon to be carcass' of 3rd and 4th world.

    At the mercy of ships/maritime law & their relic infrastructure! No light-weight battery transportation, highspeed rails, all our needed transportation upgrades available to us & for our needed cargo to take care of our peoples!

    But we got plenty of sports utility vehicles and other adult toys, 'only soon', just to be 'parked'. Yes it's all being done by design. They already told us their plan.

    I haven't been to a 🎥 or owned a 📺 in over 13 yrs. But I do remember Robert De Niro's mob movies🎥. He used to tell the mob family and wives not to flaunt their criminal, murderous, wealth and furs in front of the citizenry, because "they'll catch on". And their rivals will catch on. But the mob flaunted their heists anyways. And the citizens and the rivals have all caught on. And we all know how Robert De Niro mob movies end, they end in a blood bath. God help us all!…


    5 of 5
    One other thing I want to address before Faceberg suspends me again, as it always does, circumcision in the age of enlightenment. It's a regressive enslavement practice, as is usury, and it must be discontinued!

    Circumcision kills over 50% of nerve endings in penis. Foreskin provides natural stimulation for lubrication in females. It removes 90+% of all erogenous nerves, depending on the ridged band frenular delta and frenulum are removed. Most circumcised men have numb penises and don't even realize its because they never had foreskin. The glands are non-erogenous. These people want an ethnically pure homeland thousands of miles away, but demand to promote this practice in all their usury ran societies. You can fact check, please do. Countries try to ban it, and they go berzerk. 90+% of all baby boys born in hospitals are now being circumcised. Hollywood actresses are paid 💰millions to crinkle their noses at our Creator's original work. These people are re-engineering mankind. It's a Masonic blood ritual, performed on babies. These people know exactly what they're doing. Historically, it was once practiced on all boys as a form of enslavement. It's a 'Universal Hurt" a disconnect, not just for the person being desensitized, but it creates a chain-reaction with every passing generation. We can't afford anymore generations of this desensitizing 'mutilation madness'…

  11. Dgamer156's animation says

    Give a like to pray my family📿 im in youtube😃

  12. Hans Blitz says

    Anchor babies.

  13. maddgun says

    Throw them out

  14. Red One says


  15. Dgamer156's animation says

    Thank you all for supporting my mother😃👍

  16. Red One says

    this fake preacher fake Church harboring illegals committing crimes you guys are in hell you guys brought hell here

  17. Red One says

    how many kids he rape a day?

  18. James Chammess says

    Prepare for war with russia. |||%

  19. Kirk Hahn Jr. says

    There are immigration laws for a reason! Democrats want illegal immigrants here because they will vote in Democrats for their socialist/communist programs. That's why they want to give illegals the right to vote. There should be no sanctuary cities, and there should be no illegal immigrants voting. The Democrats are Communists who want to destroy Western culture. They also want to repeal the 2nd amendment so American Patriots can't fight back. My family came here legally, I have friends who came legally, you should too! Build the wall! Vote Republican! Join the NRA!

  20. Nazz Boner says

    She’s not a immigrant, she’s an illegal.

  21. Hans Blitz says

    Rape is a social construct.

  22. The Instigator says

    You follow the LAW welcome , you don't , good luck , you'r gonna need it !

  23. Rose Collum says

    I stand with asylum seekers. I'm a 70 year old woman whose forebears were immigrants to this country from Ireland, at the beginning of the century. They were spat on, reviled, and forbidden jobs just because they were poor and "different." This automatic hatred of others has got to stop. If you can't see this type of unthinking hatred as wrong, then you need more help than any one of us can give you.

    Oh, and by the way, my family and I have been hard workers and tax payers since the very beginning. And if you think I'm different from people of other skin colors, I'm not. Most immigrants are just like me, and not criminals. We are just happy to have a place to live that is relatively safe and secure, not like what we came from.

  24. J.D. Saldivar says

    As an American born citizen of the USA. As a former field worker in California. Neighbors (good fukkin neighbors) all around me are both illegal and those who got their paper work straight. Provide me with up to date accurate Intel on immigration affairs. Ever since Trump became President. The illegal immigrant community has backed off significantly in illegal activities. People have been arrested right down the street from my home. If fear is required to obtain obedience/compliance??? I am glad they are scared…..they know that they (illegals) have been getting away with shitt many many years. I am glad they know the party is over……
    JD/82nd 🇺🇸

  25. elmartillogrande says


  26. Cecilia says

    Misdemeanors: Misdemeanors are more serious than infractions. They are usually defined as a crime which is punishable by up to a year in jail time. Sometimes that jail time is served in a local county jail instead of a high security prison. Other states define a misdemeanor as a crime that is not a felony or an infraction. Prosecutors generally have a great degree of flexibility in deciding what crimes to charge, how to punish them, and what kinds of plea bargains to negotiate.

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