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  1. J lu says

    Now you wonder why people don't blacks. They think they own the city and this country.

  2. Jordan Rivera says

    Killed my mom and dad lol youll be in jail for life bro

  3. Nubian N says

    He got his gay ass straight

  4. The Anonymous Avenger says

    I hate Niggas

  5. squeeze170 says

    I don't use the word nigga anymore,it's always misplaced.

  6. Jim Damulira says

    Wasted crackhead,,,stoned black ass

  7. pocahontas7727 says

    You might jack the FUCK off. But you Ain't fucking nobody

  8. Mark Grant says

    Big Mouth phony racist black ass trying to scare White. This is the type that thinks that early fucking white person is terrified of them . well guess what we New Yorke WHITE born and raised ain't fucking scared of them.

  9. Bernice Johnson-Johnson says

    Why with all the other men pardon me, males on that train did he have to go it alone except for that sweet brave woman. Yeah, someone taped it but, help the man out.

  10. t skips says

    🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 fare play mate . . you ain't fucking no one wile I'm here 🤣😂🤣😂

  11. OgGarcioVega says

    Typical. All talk untill somebody stepped up, then he slowly quiets down. 😂😂😂 Fucking weirdo.

  12. Mon Sheree says

    This man is clearly mentally ill and needs help. It’s not about race. He needs help. Damn, have we gotten so tied up in race that we can’t even notice when someone is ill? There are a lot of people walking around, suffering on the inside and need help and instead of helping them, we watch these videos and scrutinize the person, without understanding that if we were born into their life and we were in their shoes, we may have been the same person. Show me a person who is sick and you find that they have some deep rooted issues. Judge him if you want, but this man needs help. That’s also great that the other man held his own and helped to try to keep the people in that car safe. Commendable. Be safe out there people.

  13. Kishan Sri says

    Don't fuck with Bruce Willis.

  14. Kishan Sri says

    Why that stupid dickbreath is talking on the back.

  15. Truth Seeker says

    This is a good man. A real man, just minding his own business, and this street scum low life is trying to start trouble. This worthless thug, deserved to get his ass kicked. He needs a good ass whooping.

  16. GNK TM says

    As soon as I heard Coney Island I said to myself that's the "R" train and you know who rides the "R" train…. those affiliated with the Russian mafia (Bay Ridge area) and him raising up the way he did proved it Bc those dudes are Ruthless and fear NO ONE 😨
    SB: That guy is so lucky Bc he would've definitely been floating on the beach in pieces yikes 😱

  17. gomilliode says

    i see some gay shit going on . like gay tension. lul

  18. Milton Hart says

    Why do people even argue with a mental patient? I would just walk away, no point in smashing the nut, you might come up with all kinds of viruses after hitting that in the mouth.

  19. TheSaudist says

    This guy is much worse than bloody loco

  20. MGTOW Deplorable says

    So the person posting the video was concerned with someone actually punching this guy over the "gay" comment, and not the fact that subways are not safe because of low life pos like the guy in the first place. Has to be a Lib.

    These type of situations occur when Liberal Democrats control the government of an area.

  21. marie fishback says

    Crazy people

  22. Marcus Carter says

    It's all fun and games until some wannabe thug gets his ass kicked.

  23. Mr Shah says

    hmmmmmmmmmm I wonder why white people leave cities as they darker….

  24. sammy Woods says

    Please someone find him and punch him in the face. He's a shame to my race

  25. Tabs T says

    I feel like knocking this guy out for the white guy he's tryna instigate some shit

  26. alnice2g says

    White man wins….

  27. Obergruppenführer Wolf says

    Exactly to whom do black lives matter?

  28. AJ Javaid says

    "This is a subway, we all touch each other" – wait, what? LoL

  29. Stonecoldcwbys says

    Most disgusting race on this planet!!!!

  30. DACA CacaDreamer says

    Black Americans are racist

  31. candance foster says

    gangsta gay boogie.

  32. Tai Mai Shu says

    Another nigger on the subway.

  33. Stephen Kane says

    Two punch combo would have sorted that out,that weird cunt got enough warnings.

  34. EX Heihachi says


  35. cypher038 jf says

    He showed everyone on that train that that dude was a PUSSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Albert Blair says

    How did I end up on this side of YouTube?

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