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NYC Subway: New Transfer between E and R/W Trains at Cortlandt St


On December 29, 2017, a free transfer opened between the E train at W. T. C. station and the R/W trains at Cortlandt Street. The two stations had always been close together, but did not have a free connection during the previous 85 years of their coexistence.

The stations within this complex are Chambers Street on the A/C trains, Park Place on the 2/3 trains, World Trade Center on the E train, and Cortlandt Street on the R/W trains. There is no free connection to the Fulton Center, which remains a separate station to the east. The Dey Street passageway, which connects Cortlandt Street to the Fulton Center, is outside of the subway system’s paid area.

You can see what the E train’s mezzanine looked like before this passageway’s construction, in the beginning of this video from almost exactly one year prior:

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  1. 苑安雄 says

    Thank you! Is there a chance you could show the 4WTC (R)(W) entrance and 2WTC (E) entrance?

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    Nice catch.

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    heavy breathing intensifies

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