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  1. ecr125x says

    you ever see this?

  2. Hobo Mud says

    Thumbs up!!!!!

  3. Mr B says

    I lived there for about 8 years. Love the subway. Hate the subway.

    "That dear old dirty town…"

  4. Mario Ragucci says

    I always remember my time in the city, 1978-1983, Lex Ave, 4-5-6, get off the SI Ferry and walk to Bowling Green and head to forty duce everyday. There was an abandon station back then between Bowling Green and Fulton. Prolific writers tagged that station with some very exceptional pieces (whole platform pieces) that had me mesmerized. The train would slow down and you could view those pieces that told a story in a very artistic and free way.

    Back then on the 4-5-6 downtown platforms, if the train was still at the platform, and the doors were closed, you could still get on the train by slipping in between the cars and make the train. A lot of folks desperate to get on the train would do that and I learned by watching them. Back then folks would: party, drink booze, smoke cigarettes, piss in between the cars. Also folks would get off the train from inbetween the cars, you didn't have tpo push your way to the door, you just undid the chain and stepped off, sometimes even before the train came to a complete stop, so you could get out the station before the mob got off the train.
    Sometimes the train would slow in between stations because of back ups and sometimes a car's lights would go completely out, like, pitch black, if the train happened to slow down and stop at a dead spot, I guess, all in a crowded subway.

    Thank you Stu the Jew for the memory gong.

  5. Truth Prepping says

    That beat makes me wanna freestyle

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