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NYCHA in Crisis Town Hall with Ja Rule [STREET SOLDIERS]


The New York City Housing Authority provides affordable housing for nearly half a million New Yorkers. But with a no-heat crisis and other ongoing health and safety issues, can NYCHA turn it around before it is too late?

This has been a rough winter for tens of thousands of rent-paying NYCHA residents who found themselves without heat and without help on some of the coldest days in decades. Residents told us it was nothing new, but it was also never this bad.

From Throggs Neck to Far Rockaway, one end of the city to the other, resident council leaders told us they were running high on complaints and low on results—a pattern all too familiar from the lead paint scandal and safety issues like crime, lighting, and security cameras.

Aging buildings, boilers breaking down, lack of staff, and lack of funding—despite NYCHA’s $3 billion annual budget—are the reasons we kept getting. Another frustration was no real timetable for repairs. So we put it to NYCHA Chair Shola Olatoye in a rare interview on a recent Street Soldiers episode.

Some elected officials want her to step down. They accuse NYCHA management of incompetence, covering up problems, and not caring about residents.

Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. and City Comptroller Scott Stringer called the situation an emergency.

Public Advocate Letitia James called for new leadership at NYCHA that recognizes the priorities of the residents, particularly the most vulnerable and marginalized.

Days after announcing a $13 million emergency fund, Mayor Bill de Blasio told Good Day New York that he is sticking by his NYCHA chair, period.

So we took it to the people of NYCHA housing in a ground-breaking town hall in the Bronx. Voices were united as residents demanded permanent fixes to the problems. Residents and resident council leaders from more than a dozen public housing developments came out with local youth and concerned elected officials to talk about ways to solve the persistent problems facing NYCHA residents.

Residents have complained about no heat or hot water, urgent repairs not being made, broken promises, and dangerous health issues like lead and mold exposure.

Street Soldiers invited the mayor and NYCHA to attend or at the very least send representatives but they were all no-shows.

Our panelists who grew up in public housing say it is time to take the issues to NYCHA and City Hall. Joining our panel was hip-hop artist Ja Rule.

We had a lot of support for the town hall from Hot 97, which helped us get the word out and provide refreshments, to the hit web series “Project Heat,” which is based in the Pink Houses, to our event host, the Bronxworks Community Organization, which empowers Bronx residents to live their best life possible.

The mayor has pledged more than $200 million for new boilers and repairs, but many are skeptical about the timeline and the amount, which they say is a drop in the bucket.

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LISA EVERS @lisaevers Street Soldiers host


  1. cleveland anderson says

    I see them project heat show blowing up

  2. TheJking85 says

    THIS is what happens when you vote Democratic!
    Did this problem exist under Giuliani or Bloomberg? NO!!!

  3. David Jordan says

    Life if the jayz aint no joke…they don't give a fuck bout us..2pac..shit aint nvr gna change.fuckd up world

  4. David Jordan says

    Ppl should c tis

  5. Mstellitlikeitis48TheTea says

    I should have been at that town hall…I should have been there.

  6. Mstellitlikeitis48TheTea says

    My apartment was NEVER tested for MOLD, MILDEW OR ASBESTOS. At 5 years old my son Jacob was admitted in the hospital for pneumonia in his lungs (July 2010) following an unannounced Asbestos Abatement. Then in once again (July 2015) NYCHA came again to this building unannounced did another Asbestos abatement causing my son Jacob to develop Asthma. (I NEED TO BE HEARD). Its my videos that are causing residents to stand up.

  7. TA1199 says

    Ja-Rule actually blamed Trump for NYCHA's problems. Wow. There have been decades of abuse in the NYCHA system yet it's Trumps fault. How delusional can you be.

  8. Sal Sp says

    If the private landlords did to these people what the city is doing to them they will all be in jail so why ain't the people that hire up at that work for the housing authority on being arrested if you're not taking care of these buildings it's death of service

  9. Sal Sp says

    Bloomberg was a great mayor compared to this guy bellazio

  10. Sal Sp says

    I am laughing my ass off no one goes to the apartment after an outage and checks temperatures to see if they're in legal parameters the boiler comes back on they leave people call again Boral is broke again 10 hours later same old thing

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