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  1. SVM says

    When and where was this? — to be honest I never heard of it buy it is definitely necessary!!

  2. slmlrd2000 says

    The rent control laws in New York make the landlords act like this. The law motivates the landlords to make people move so they can improve the property and raise rent. In other states it is in the landlord's best interest to maintain the property, raise rent as expenses increase, and retain the old tenants. Liberal laws always come back to bit you in the ass.

  3. grodenbarg says

    Greed at it's worse.

  4. cymonebreathe says

    I wonder if the building/landlord that won is now completely gentrified?

  5. FreeBlago1 says

    Colored people are the worst tenants.

  6. Mindraker1 says

    Gentrification is a bitch, niggas. It's the opposite of white flight.

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