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NYU Student Goes Undercover At Apple Factory In China | CNBC


Dejian Zeng is an NYU grad student who spent his summer undercover at an Apple factory in China. Listen to his experience here.
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NYU Student Goes Undercover At Apple Factory In China | CNBC

  1. wildreams says

    Foxconn* factory.

  2. Jeffery Hall says

    So bringing manufacturing back to the US won't create jobs because machines will replace the workers…?

    Yeah machines will replace Chinese workers (who are treated like dirt) with well paid US workers who build the factories, build and and maintain the robots that would do the work more accurately. And then US jobs to ship the parts to the factory and finished products out of the factory and the US jobs of people in the local area that would support the facility like restaurants etc.

    So I call BS!


    I stopped buying Apple after that sodomite Tim Cook took over.

  4. 12345a says

    Chinese Communist Rulers have made people forget of its earlier atrocities on its own people
    They have also blinded people (with their money) into ignoring the fact that China makes nuclear weapons for a Terrorist-rogue nation of pakistan and also supports the crazy dictatorship of north korea

  5. Ciao chef Lev says

    still same rubbish, anecdote and then make some conclusion based on it: chinese wage is rising, so factory will leave..

  6. RexSpec555 says

    As long as people want cheaper prices, there is nothing wrong with globalisation. It's just how the world operates. To be upset at that is to be ignorant.

  7. Manuel Rodriguez says

    People want jobs in America and stop giving them to China, yet Americans complain about prices going higher and they want to get paid more!

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