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Oaxacan Mole Negro – THE MOST MYSTERIOUS Mexican Food in Oaxaca Village, Mexico!


Mole negro is one of the most amazing Mexican foods!
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Cooking Oaxacan mole negro from scratch was one of the best food and cultural experiences I’ve ever had. On top of that, we didn’t really know what we were going to do when we set off in the morning… but things worked out for the best. Thank you to Javier and his family for inviting us into their home to cook amazing Oaxacan food!

So in the morning the plan was
Rent a van for the day
Drive to a village
Find a market
Ask a nice Grandmother or Aunty to cook us some authentic Oaxacan mole negro

Now, mole negro is one of the most complex and mysterious of all the Oaxacan Mexican food dishes. There’s such a huge mix of random ingredients in the dish, and no one knows for sure how it was invented or how it came about – there are only legends.

After renting a van for the day, our driver Javier came to pick us up and we started talking with him to see if he knew anyone that would make us Oaxacan mole negro from scratch. He called his Mom, and she agreed!

We picked up Mom in a place called Tlacolula de Matamoros, and we went straight to the market to buy all the ingredients for mole negro. Tlacolula de Matamoros is a predominantly Zapotec town, an Indigenous pre-Columbian civilization from the Valley of Oaxaca

We got back to the house and started preparing all the ingredients. Let me tell you, mole negro has to be one of the most complex and mysterious of all Mexican food. It includes so many random and seemingly odd ingredients. It was a lot of fun to learn how to make it.

The end result of the Oaxacan mole negro, was supreme. The sauce was so rich, chocolatey, and you could taste all the random ingredients in it – the nuts and dried fruit. It’s deliciously complex.

Mole was amazing, and having the chance to hang out in a traditional Oaxacan village to cook was priceless.


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  1. Gatofranco says

    I wouldn't call it "mysterious". It's more like "very complicated and delicious"

  2. deezTX says

    Holy Mole

  3. Berenice Barrera says

    This is my favorite video from your channel, I love mole and wish I could have eaten that mole. ❤️😍❤️

  4. charilyn mascarinas says

    Hi Mark ! did you bring the mole paste back to Thailand ? Have you tried cooking mole too ? 🙂 just curious on what happened to the mole paste they gave u 🙂

  5. Adan Vera says

    Oh yea. I miss my grandma cooking in Mexico. it sad she can't come to the US anymore.

  6. flipper2gv says

    That unknown spice is Allspice.

  7. David Alvarez says

    It's an entire fucket of ingredients

  8. tibnb says

    the something else is raisons

  9. msbeccathewrecker says

    Yum! That looks so delicious! Thanks for sharing 😄

  10. Lai Wyne says

    This one is really special and I love this whole video… it’s amazing .. thanks Mark.. well done.. 👍

  11. Ioana T says

    "im asian,i love rice" im romanian and i love rice,does it make me asian?

  12. Christine Heng says

    Who invented this recipe? My goodness

  13. Abby Romero says

    Good show..
    You have great energy..✌

  14. The Original ONION says

    I’ve never even heard of that before, I can’t wait to try it

  15. Ariadna Reyes says

    03:24 Classic mexican mom scolding their children

    What a Lady, truly amazing process, and it looked delightful

  16. FMGA14 says

    Now you all understand why we only eat mole on special occasions
    I remember when my grandma and aunts would make mole it would take like a dozen people just to make the process faster

  17. Marvin Rose says

    Beautiful place

  18. pilgrimspen says

    Hello mark I enjoyed watching this video of yours very informative. Anyway, Is Spanish and Mexican language the same? Mole…looks muy delicioso. Buenos diaz also to their tour guide Javier and to Javier's mama y papa.

  19. Kachorro Junior says

    jajajaja. solo por este cabron estoy conociendo mas mis tierras……haaaaa con el buen sentido de la palabra ha y saludos a la doñita y ha ti aden(;-)

  20. Cutepuppylover 555 says

    What a guy! ❤️ so simple so kind and he travels for food!!! Omg love it

  21. Jaime Torres says


  22. Theamazinglol games says

    jajaja quien hable ingles y espanol? mi guesta que este senor respecta todo que nosotros tienemos a offerer.

  23. Charles Phillips says

    Thank you for for the excellent Oaxaca videos!!!!!!

  24. MARIO MORALES says

    Do you know trevel james?

  25. Queen Queenly says

    AmaZing sauce

  26. Sebas Flores says

    I'm from Oaxaca, i've seen all ur Oaxaca related videos, and there's a lot of stuff u missed , i hope u have the time to come again, and try so many different stuffs u didnt eat like Garnachas, or salchichas de ejutla, tamales de chapulin, salsa de chicatan, man, and so many things, hope to see you again in my city

  27. TouchyBanana says

    21:50 that white goat was definitely on something

  28. Can0fpepsi says

    some kind of other herb, mmm do you mean cannabis? 🙂

  29. Elaine Ouellette says

    Looks like it taste amazing, love when families invite you into their home and cook for you

  30. eigarza3 says

    Mark, Pecans not Walnuts in mole!!!

  31. Viry Gomez says

    Si no se embarran chido con el mole , es por qué no lo comieron como debe de ser …. Jajajaja 😂

  32. Evelyn Villares says

    Wow!amazing foods

  33. Xo says

    Mole means sauce in nahuatl language spoke by the Aztecs and other ethnic groups! So it's a pre European dish!

  34. Rafael García says

    Oaxaca was my home for 20 years , it's great that you've could visit this beautiful city and it's delicious food! I miss it so much.

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