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ENTER THE GIVEAWAY – | Sub for more: | True Pundit reports, Global warming has not accelerated temperature rise in the bulk atmosphere in more than two decades, according to a new study funded by the Department of Energy.

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  1. jack schitt says

    global warming is making al gore fat.

  2. neweyes777 says

    Even if the climate were lots warmer Their Legislation of trillions in taxes would lower the temps by only 1 % after 50 years. They want to destroy the country and place very harmful taxes upon the people that will immediately give them only a short time to become HUGELY wealthier, and they also want this Legislation to enslave every population on earth, and we MUST prevent them from accomplishing such an evil system of control. Their Legislation seeks to ban rural living and wants to ban the use of wood heaters, use of outdoor barbeques, and ban the use of a fireplace! What I just listed is a large part of the U.N. Agendas 21 and 2030. God bless.

  3. neweyes777 says

    Volcano Eruptions do not heat up our atmosphere, their ash particles floating above us block out the sun, thus they only cause the climate to be much cooler. Don't let them use their lies to enslave you with this scam. God bless.

  4. Clarrissa Zamora says

    Awesome!!!! gore can now go eff himself LMAO

  5. Michael Bottai says

    Guess Gore will have to rethink his carbon certificates scheme. He and Obummer will have to figure a different way to suck money out of the capitalistic base they were planning to milk.

  6. alozo Mott says

    gore must be well paid to spread his bs. look how fat his face is ha.

  7. kilroyvolvo1 says

    algore the only surviving BRAIN donor.

  8. daverjax says

    You think THAT is going to make a difference in the SCAM ARTISTS? They didn't let the TRUTH stand in they're way CREATING THE SCAM, So WHY are they GOING TO LISTEN TO THE PURE SCIENCE NOW?

  9. DemocRAT /CRAB says

    Thought there is sea-level rising, the bible is very clear, the world is not going to be destroyed by flood but by fire. So, climate change may seem to change but that is due to complicating factors not just fossil fuel alone that is why President Trump reopens a lot of US energy because President Trump is always on top of the curve. MAGA – President Trump & Pence 2020

  10. rh001YT says

    Blaming global warming on human burning of fossil fuels has always been an elitist lie to rein in / reduce population growth. That's not such a bad idea, but they couldn't come right out and say it for obvious reasons. As long as the sun shines and there is water on earth, the quantity of plant an animal life is proportional to amount of atmospheric carbon-dioxide. plant and animal life will always take up additional carbon dioxide, increasing their numbers, until an equilibrium is reached at a point just a tad higher than carbon dioxide deprivation.

    Note, however, that sea animals that have shells trap the carbon dioxide in their shells which when they die sink to the ocean floor and decay very slowly, if at all, instead forming, essentially, limestone. So for life on Earth there is a constant drain of carbon out of the ecosystem which, if not replenished, means gradual reduction of carbon for all lifeforms, which means fewer lifeforms. Volcanos had historically, I mean way back, been the main source of carbon dioxide on Earth. Volcanic activity has slowed down since about 2000 to 3000 years ago so unless fossil fuels are burned to release trapped carbon most flora an fauna are doomed.

  11. David Lee says


  12. YoYo Yo says

    Gary's videos are more advertisement with little content WTF

  13. Darren M says

    Bad as shirts now available

  14. oneski io says

    They will surely be defunded!!!!

  15. oneski io says

    Climate change is like a religion. This new data is heresy! Not worry the researchers will get an apology in 300 years time!😂

  16. Gary Sarela says

    Even if you believe John Christie's assessment, not much has changed. We still need to end burning of fossil fuels and use more sustainable agricultural practices.

  17. Johnny yuma says

    Real quick before you go. The real scam is health care. They spray you with poisons, poison your food, medicines are poison. Then the tell you you have to have health insurance run by THEM. The U S guberment is a giant ponzi scheme. When are you people going to wake up.
    Alex jones jr is giving you lies and half truths.

  18. myownspiritlevel says

    A wet bulb globe thermometer is waaaaaaay more accurate than a stupid infrared satellite. The people who read that graduated scale can eyeball an accuracy in the hundredths of a degree even though the scale is graduated in tenths. Let’s see a stupid satellite do that!

  19. Franklin Taylor says

    They are working hard to try and discredit John Christy. Eco terrorist already shot up the building where he works.

  20. J. Muller says

    Con job

  21. WarlockCore says

    Uh there was nothing to admit they all know this is a scam they created, this was revealed many years ago via so called cc suedo scientist emails, how is it that there is mass amnesia when it comes to certain subjects, weird 🤔

  22. Nanuck54 says

    Everything catches up with you in the END, Right Al !

  23. Ernest Jones says

    Is it me or is Al Gore's face getting fatter the richer he gets off of this carbon tax scam?

  24. Brent Mcfadden says

    Jailem Now! They've genocided millions in Africa /Middle/Far East/South America/ men women kids! Time to charge them all with crimes against humanity! Also remove tax free status for ALL greenie initiatives, government funding! NOW!

  25. Ethercruiser1 says

    Earth's climate has always been changing throughout it's history & we know some factors, but not all factors, and the factors we THINK are the most important now might not be the most important factors (like slowly rising CO2 levels). We should be good stewards of the planet, not waste resources or pollute, and we should keep studying global climate for now. That seems the best use of resources to me.

  26. solice8844 says

    Climate change is a vicious liberal democrat lie to create a non-existent problem. The con men create lies so they become needed when they are otherwise useless people who prey on society.

  27. mason yahn says

    Well big AL what lie now?this is just what top real scientists have been saying all along that man made global warming is not here at all !!!

  28. Dawn Thompson says

    Gore is a fat money grubbing pig. Made rich by peddling fear. He's probably the only reason they're still allowed to spray our skies

  29. Eric Taylor says

    so, you hacks will take one paper (likely misinterpreted by whatever hack read it for you) to discount the thousands upon thousands upon thousands of papers that come to the apparently opposite conclusion?
    don't be so disingenuous — we ALL know that if this paper said the opposite of what you're claiming it says, you'd just throw it out with all the other research that doesn't fit your ignorant, small-minded world view.

  30. Bryan Nelson says

    Al Gore was only lying on behalf of the globalist wanting to loot America!

  31. TheEpmedia says

    That's good news. Bean chili on the menu tonight! Hey cows, go ahead and fart away!

  32. I love The USA says

    Lol lol oh here is another huge anti American communist freaks, Gore.

  33. pdnarus1 says

    whats up with Gore? He looks terrible?

  34. Roland Lytle says

    Well I guess there really is a whole channel of Idiots! The same data was determined by the US government to not be a true indicator of climate modeling determination as it has less than 1% influence. Satellites are not that useful in measuring the air temperature at deferent altitudes, just as it can not measure the temperature at varying depths in the oceans. They teach this material in high school. I guess that is why no one at this retard center knows this basic science.

  35. David Hoy says

    STUPID Al, the Average Temps on the PLANET dropped at Least 4 DEGREES the day Hillary was BORN!!!

  36. David Hoy says


  37. deplorable Dan says

    I think Al needs to just put a McDonald's in all of his houses, and jet. Looks like he is getting a little thin.

  38. Al, Orange Park, FL says

    gezz gore sure has gotten fat at least in the head what a looser

  39. sherry johnson says

    One word, FUKASHIMA. When that, the true global disaster that must be addressed is taken seriously, only then will anything else matter. We are a water planet that is being contaminated with radiation……continuasly. Where are the global alarmist on that matter. Immediate danger or imminent threat, Very big differences.

  40. Barry Harkins says

    Al Gore even wanted to tax cow farts

  41. louann williams says

    Al Gore looks like he'll ! When you lie to stuff your pockets it shows physically. It also shows in there eyes for it shows your soul and who you are.

  42. Choyce Wellington says

    Maybe it's his diet…if Al went Paleo…his thinking would straighten out.

  43. Margaret B. McGrady says

    I figured global warming was b.s.

  44. Rae West says

    Meanwhile, snow is falling in Texas and Georgia while the west coast is burning. LOL Why would Gore waste his time talking "climate" to idiots that voted for Trump? They aren't smart enough to understand what he says anyway.

  45. Locochris1956 says

    more carbon means bigger stronger faster growing plants and more food, so the plants mop up the extra CO2 produced

  46. Taylor Armour says

    Al Gore convince the libertards they're the one that's been supplied him with all of his money to fly his private jet and it's 9 million dollar home in Nashville

  47. Taylor Armour says

    He's been a huckster for years

  48. Toth Sulleak says

    Illuminati 101

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