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Our Bus Home – Last Update Before Official Bus House Tour


This is the last update we’ll be showing of our Bus Home until its time for our skoolie grand tour! We’re so close guys, we can smell it. Major projects left to do: Install Grey Water, Install the Deck, Install the Wood Burning Stove, give the bathroom a door, and a few more pieces here and there. Still, we’re in the home stretch!!

In this video we talk about how we made some insect screens and show off a crazy cool magnetic screen door we found, we discuss the Maxx Fan, show off the front dashboard/cockpit area, we talk about about our new to us Subaru Outback, and a ton more!

We’re giving ourselves a deadline of August 15th to have the bus completely finished and ready for the road. We’ve scheduled a camp ground at a nearby lake where we’ll be spending our first nights in the bus.

Super excited to test out our systems and make sure everything is working well. Since we’re setting sail in September we have a good but of time to make corrections. Can’t wait!
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15 DAYS!!!!
Amazon Links:

Magnetic Door Curtain/ Bug Screen:

Maxx Fan

Cubic Mini Grizzly

Zinus Memory Foam Mattress

Walkie Talkies

Other Resource Links:

Tiny Wood Stove RV Chimney Install Kit

Society 6 for cool artist designed home goods:

Fresh Air Vlog


Living Simple Tiny Expo in Northern Colorado:


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  1. Bleh Bleh says

    Love the dinosaurs on the dash, reminds me of firefly lol

  2. #LoveAlwaysAdventureOften says

    The beer cans are so rad!! What an incredible little piece of home to take with you!!

  3. Michael Peel says

    Things are looking great,I like the beer can scales for the hearth. What an awesome present from the parental units, those tires are not cheap. I about had a heart attack when I priced a set of 6 for mine. When you cut the mattress you can build a simple hot wire cutter or use a electric knife. Hahahahah great blooper ,y'all are toooo funny. I wish my bus was going to be finished in Aug but it will more likely be sometime next year before I am done.

  4. Patricia Davidson says

    The countdown! Yay! Looking forward to the full tour video. πŸ‘πŸ˜‰

  5. The Bus Home says

    The walkie talkies reminded me of the Family Guy scene with Brian & Stewie…. over. πŸ˜‚

  6. The Bus Home says

    This is totally going to be you two.

  7. A Blanco says

    As a couple you guys are each others best asset. The sights and adventures in your future are going to bring you a life time of memories. Thank You for let us go along for ride.

  8. TripleXclown says

    Find an upholstery or Foam store to cut your Mattress.. there are specific saws for this most shops wont charge you more then a fiver.. if anything..
    I was the framer at a shop cutting foam is not easy.. Also foam compression is only 2" try it before you cut , it might just keep it snug..
    Love what your doing!

  9. Deborah Henderson says

    Love what you've done with the front of the bus. War Eagle! Somehow I'm not surprised by the dinosaurs…

  10. Jarrett Russo says

    If you guys wanna travel to north Carolina. I'll have my bus I'm working on there and Carolina tiny homes will also be attending. That would be a cool road trip for you guys shortly after your build is done. That would be an awesome thing to see on my wedding day. Your beautiful bus.

  11. Chris Greer says

    Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal.

  12. brian mcclure says

    great bus

  13. Norris Coleman says

    great tour of the bus build and finish Aug 16 2018

  14. Graycee Calloway says

    Awesome!!!πŸ‘ πŸšŒπŸ‘ 

  15. TassifiedVlogs says

    You guys are beyond adorable, and every time I watch one of your videos, I get really excited about converting a skoolie of my own! Thanks for existing πŸ™‚

  16. Daryl Hawkins says

    Looks great!

    Hope the Goal Zero Yeti's are still working out for you. I just received mine, so far, so good. Only concern i have is the wood burning stove. Is it possible to drive with embers alight inside it, or does the fire have to completely out?

  17. Bad Santa says

    Solid YouTube video.

  18. Tish Vincent says

    Great video. Helpful info as always! Tiffany, the tapestry that you put up in the front window, is that a "shower curtain"? The link that you all posted for Society 6 takes you to shower curtains. Just want to make sure I order the right size thing for my front window. Thank you all!! And your bus is REALLY looking nice!!

  19. Jessie Aucoin says

    Y'all the bus looks amazing !! 😍😍😍🐾

  20. Saneman says

    Thats a lot of panelling , I like it πŸ™‚

  21. Pau Li says

    I'm grateful for your channel! Your videos are always really helpful and down to earth plus you're cute😊

  22. The Hippie Geeks says

    After using what looks like that exact screen last summer, I have a pretty easy and effective recommendation. Those magnet casings are only held together with friction, and after a summer of heavy use they ended up falling apart which led to magnets getting lost and the screen not closing any more.

    If you just take a screwdriver or knife now and pull them apart, you can add in some Amazing Goop or Super Glue to the connecting posts and put them back together which will make a considerably more permanent bond. We have eight people, three dogs and six cats going thru ours so the traffic is fairly considerable, and you may not run into that issue =)

    This year we went with a different one, that has the magnets build into the fabric sleeve on the edge and avoids that problem completely.

  23. Suzanne Noel says

    If your bathroom was side by side with your bedroom instead of a quarter way up and thus shared a whole wall, what size studs would you use. And what are you using now, are they the same size that you would use in the former question?

  24. Transcend Existence says

    Your bus is coming along so nicely….you guys are rock'n it!!

  25. Brian Davis says

    Well done guys very cute video the bus looks great can't wait for the tour you've earned a little vacation time so enjoy it I've never been to a tiny house event but would love to see one someday I've got a MC9 coach the wife and I are in the process of starting a long way to go but I'm encouraged when I see videos like your keep up the good work BTW great parents you have there love and support makes the world go round.
    Happy trails.

  26. Trucking Divas Rock says

    Beautiful guys❀️❀️❀️

  27. Meredith McCain says

    you two are so freaking cute!! I love watching y'all interact. The bus looks amazing and I love all the little details. The tapestry is beautiful!! Cant wait to see the finished tour, keep up the great work!

  28. Billie Joe Pellegrino says

    If you have a iPhone there is a walki-talki app

  29. Jewelry RV Me says

    amazing build, nice job you two. great that its 32ft. nice size to actually use and still get into national parks.

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