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Out-Of-Control Garbage Truck In Brooklyn


An out-of-control garbage truck wreaked havoc on a Brooklyn neighborhood, crushing cars, taking down trees and damaging a home. As CBS2’s Lisa Rozner reports, the alleged drunk driver tried to run from the chaotic scene in Bensonhurst but was captured by police.

  1. XxbenJboyxX says


  2. JDS Lawncare & Landscape says

    Wow wth

  3. People Evil says

    The mob boss is not happy

  4. kev theplumber says

    all piece of shit disposable new cars. it's not like a classic car was destroyed

  5. Distorting Owns Texas says

    Forgeddaboutit eh

  6. Edward K says

    Ban Assault Vehicles, Vehicle deaths topped 40000 in 2017, We have a right to live. These rolling death machines are more dangerous then anything on the planet. There are steps we can take today ask you representatives to come up with a bill to close the car show loop hole. And crack down on these so called high school graduation gifts.

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