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Packing series part 5 of 5 Checked Bag


Part 5 is here!!!! In this episode ( ) we pack our BIG 28″ checked bag. Come along as we employee all the packing secrets and hacks we have up our sleeve!!

Don’t forget to email us a picture of you on your latest cruise along with the ship name to be featured in an upcoming video!!!

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  1. hudsonsailor54 says

    Great packing skills. I'd love to see the suitcase coming home. I hope you don't spend precious vacation time ironiing and folding dirty clothes to come home.

  2. Pamela Thomas says

    Hi guys have fun! You're packing series was fantastic. I am going on a cruise in October to Bermuda. I only have one criticism and that is I would have put Franks box of coffee creamers in a ziplock bag so it won't get damaged and spill all over your things because you never know when you check a bag what's going to survive

  3. steve bartley says

    Can’t wait to see you guys with your cowboy hats 😀😀

  4. Kellie McNamara says

    Thanks for your final video in the series Guys. Hope you both have a wonderful trip.

  5. Dana Ballard says

    Have a great cruise guys! Thanks for the packing tips!

  6. bonnie bergstein says

    Great video!! Amazing that you don’t have extra undies and pj’s in the big suitcase (I know you have what you need in your carry on bags)!! Wondering why you don’t check your big suitcase at the curb so Frank doesn’t have to rioll BIG luggage thru the airport??
    Well – you should be boarding the Bliss soon – so excited for you!!

  7. Sandy Grogg says

    Hi Guys.. so excited for you… Can’t wait to see you on the Bliss.

    I certainly did learn a thing or two about packing today.. Kevin..You did an amazing job getting everything comfortably in the bag..

    What in the world eas that very colorful thing hanging in the upper left hand part of the picture? I love bright colors..and use thrm liberally in my quilting, knitting and crocheting.. Whatever it was, it caught my eye right away.

    Wishing you a safe and happy journey. I hope this cruise is everything you hoped it would be.,?

    AND.. I want to see Kevin driving those cute little racers! AND..How about that awesome slide that goes over the side of the ship? Hmmmm ?

    Sandy from Cincinnati💜💜😎

  8. jamika green says

    Hi my loves. I clicked so fast

  9. Renegade Cowboy says

    How cool. Alaska sounds good getaway from my Texas heat. Actually New York ok too . i will house sit for yall. Since spare bedroom is cleaned out lol

  10. Helen Baker says

    Hope by now you are on the ship and loving your stateroom ! Happy eating and enjoying your view this evening !

  11. Lori Nishino says

    Do you folks use the laundry service on the cruise?

  12. Maggie Murphy says

    I would love to see the suitcases after trip are they as neat and organized ??🚢✈💺🚗⚓LOLHave a BlasT❤

  13. acappella says

    Frank is wise because it's easy to see how excited you two are just before the trip! Day 2 now and I hope you're enjoying the Bliss! Have fun — Alaska is awesome !!

  14. Jean Reta says

    Love your Videos 💖 on bliss are there Single cabins ?

  15. Disco Dodo says

    Where or how do you pack a Cowboy hat for a Cowboy party?

  16. Michael Austin says

    Kevin, I’d like to mention, in an earlier vid you went pre-shopping and I noticed the ‘Disabled’ placard hanging from your mirror. But what caught my eyes is ‘You’ didn’t park in a handicap slot. To many times you see a non-disabled people utilize those slots just because they have the placards. Even though I’m considered disabled, I still use the regular spaces due to there are folks that actually need or require those places. Good for you and your morals.
    You guys have some great vids. I am actually getting ready for a cruise and you guys and ‘CruiseTipsTV’ have provided some really great tips that I’ve not thought of and plan on using as I plan this trip.

  17. J Dura says

    Thanks. for this. I like the packing ideas. I am so impressed. Do you only take TSA approved toiletries?

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