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Palestine On Edge & Surviving Police Shootings: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)


This is December 14, 2017 FULL EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO.

3:44 In the aftermath of President Trump’s announcement recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, VICE News travels to Gaza to report on whether the policy will unite Palestinian factions.

9:20 In the largest examination of police shootings to date, VICE News spent nine months gathering data from the fifty largest police departments in the country — 4,000 officer-involved shootings in total, one-third of which were fatal.

12:46 Should immigrants facing deportation have guaranteed, publicly-funded access to a lawyer? Earlier this month, an NYC-based non-profit announced a new grant program, the SAFE Cities Network, which supplements public money for deportation defense — with the condition that access is universal.

18:56 YouTube star Jake Paul wants to be social media’s first billionaire. And with 12 million subscribers and more than a hundred million video views a month, he’s probably well on his way. But selling a few thousand more sweatshirts won’t hurt.

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  1. lost Looking for a way says

    force israel!

  2. SpiritualFox says

    Trump-Israel-Saudi alliance looks strong as ever *shrug*

  3. SpiritualFox says

    The cops are shooting whites more than asians by 30%?! White power!

  4. Ronald Brenes says

    Death to Israel 🇮🇱

  5. Ali Moor says

    And God is often on His command, but most people do not know patience, I will sanctify you despite the Kid of the oppressors

  6. hatter00 says

    1) Ajit Pai is a disingenuous POS. Nobody claimed you won't be able to shop for Christmas gifts..what an asshole.
    2) Zionism & Islamism have no place in the modern world, both ideologies are radical & need to be taken out of public discourse.

  7. Eric Yao says

    so left I left.

  8. TheD†uned says

    Up until WW1 Palestine changed hands many times between many different groups. But one thing remained constant. Jewish people. Dating back thousands of years as archaeology has shown

    The most recent Empire to have won control of Palestine was the British by taking it from the Ottoman Turks who sided with Nazi Germany and lost.

    The British gave it to the Jewish people and since then it is very rare for countries to be conquered by another, but if the Muslims want Israel they will have to fight for it like they have done throughout history on that plot of land. Just like how they tried in 1948 and 1967 and lost.

    Modern day Israel will never give up its territory, Just as previous owners would never have given up its territories. Telling Israel to give up its country is like telling America to give up its country or to Australia to give up its country. It will never happen. Each time the Arabs try to wage war against the state of Israel they end up losing more land.

  9. Jarl Balgruuf says

    i respect these people

  10. vente pa ca says

    Jihadi jokers

  11. Boba Bros says


  12. jayatlasbane says

    thanks for the heads up.

  13. Mohamed A says

    I can’t believe some people are so blind blaming Palestinians even though they are the ones getting killed and kicked off their lands. The world we live in today….

  14. Mayur Panghaal says

    You cant occupy a country based on what was 'promised' to you 3000 yrs ago…and then go and build settlements too.Thats illegal and nobody will accept it.Israel is putting out lot of propaganda,but the truth is eternal.

  15. Jay steven says

    Jerusalem has and will always belong to Palestine 👍👍

  16. Munrais says

    Who ruined Vice????

  17. zerotolerance76 harrybalzonya says

    How about reporting on your own company and the multiple reports of sexual misconduct against your company?

  18. Angus McOg says

    I somehow feel like the Jake Paul part of the video would be some excellent recruiting material for the previously featured guys from Hamas…

  19. jellyironZ says
  20. AK 464 says

    How come Jewish Maccabeans had their temple destroyed by the romans in approximately 67 after christ? Where where the palliindians back then ?? Oh they were stayimg where they actually belong on the Arabian desert !
    Stop the Arabian occupation .

  21. Nathaniel Belotindos says

    They always talked about the shooting but did not bother to ask what leads to the shooting and what are they doing that leads to that situation.

  22. jordan turin says

    thanks vice for exposing the tunnel, we now know exactly its location 😉

  23. mitukats says

    Jordan is Palestine

  24. St1ng says

    I wonder if vice considers also DAESH and Al-Qaeda as "political and militant groups"…

  25. Arab Keffiyeh says

    Long live Palestin

  26. Kai Proctor says

    This is so stupid

  27. Giovanni Hacket says

    I love how VICE has to say that blacks were shot three times more than whites. Then again you can also say that about my ethnicity, the Latino statistic is nearly 3 times lower than blacks, but VICE can't say it, because Latinos are somehow an oppressed minority, for some strange reason.

  28. DrFunky4 says

    VICE News when are you gonna come to Niagara falls NY and film? 49,000 people 19 to 31 shootings a year. But no it doesn't fit a national agenda to only focus on a handful of bad cities across the country

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