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  1. Bryan Isensee says

    This dude catching a lot of attention??? Who is he, Jesus Christ????

  2. Bryan Isensee says

    He hung himself? Come on man, I’m not sure if I believe this, or not??? He’s an ex-heroin attic, alcoholic, surely he wouldn’t kill himself by hanging?? Wow…

  3. spin doctor says

    Cannot repeat that number enough… Haha you didn't repeat it again lol

  4. Steven Sosebee says

    Bullshit, he was murdered like Chris Cornell !!!

  5. Nona Yobiz says

    These are murders….not suicides! What is wrong with people??? Who hangs themselves…poison or sleeping pills for suicide. Seriously!!!! OMG!!!

  6. DonDadda DaShotta says

    Ugh! TWO CELEBRITY hangings in one week. This goes to show, FAME AND MONEY, DONT MAKE YO ASS HAPPY!!

  7. Brian Jackson says

    He’s in hell

  8. JP Stone says

    I blame Obama. That would bring anyone down.

  9. Joe Smith says

    David Hogg varifies this was a suicide as he witnessed it too

  10. winter rose says

    No note?

  11. Patricia Solorzano says

    I still can’t believe he’s gone ,such a good person 😢😭

  12. ABC ABC says

    Crackpot / Crockpot

  13. Pancho Villa says

    If this was a staged murder… then watch out at his funeral. Who is on the funeral list? Those people better be careful!! Whoever killed Bourdain would know who would definitely attend his services… Word to the wise!! RIP

  14. Mr. Wednesday says

    She was cheating on him with Hugo clement #MGTOW

  15. Moises Gonzalez says

    Suicide??? I think not…..something fishy goin on here…..

  16. aquarius3276 says

    All I have to say is…

  17. Thomas Wade says

    Parts Unknown about Anthony Bourdains death😂hahahahaha hahahahaha hahahahaha

  18. He Ro Sa says


  19. Solo GirL 1925 says

    Mr. Anthony bourdain…thank you so much for loving our country..Philippines 😢😢😢

  20. silly goose says

    Really? Funny who he criticized lately clinton,Israel, Kissinger and now he's dead. The body wasn't even cold and they had everything figured out ,what a joke reminds me of John Paul the first murder how quick the cause if death was determined.

  21. OneyedSon says

    Doesn't make any sense at all – Are we sure he didn't have any HRC connections / entanglements ? Certainly had an Enemy in Weinstein who was close to her.

  22. Jerad Wood says

    "His mother told The New York Times that a friend had described his mood as "dark" these last couple of days"
    "But he was the last person in world I would dream of doing this"

  23. yaris says

    rip, we cant judge u of anything, see u in the next life

  24. Learnzz says

    Atheists can't deal with depression or stress so they take cowards way out.

  25. Movie News says

    die brown cancer laser…ok

  26. Meezcheese Loo-eez says

    My heart also breaks for the man who found him. How do you recover from that? Finding your best friend deceased is something no one should ever go through.

  27. Tonya Rat says


  28. MrJoeyBoombotz says

    The #1 cause of suicide is the loss of the original, authentic, calm, self control, humanity and the degrading defeat and cruelty of compulsive, progressive, sexual addiction, not the mental illness and struggle that always attends it in this world and the next, diagnosed or not. There are more superficial, herd mentality, status quo worshipping ,auto-immune-diseased sexual deviants walking the earth now than ever in history. Parenthood is a Holy Estate that perverts should not trifle with for their own good. Copy-cat suicides demonstrate the gross unbelievable level of weak mindedness in the compulsively, progressively, and degraded sexually addicted. Bourdain's suicide also should be a lesson to traveling, name dropping perverts that think their travels and acquaintences make them better people. Quietly, privately conserving the intuitive, wordless consciouness that you were given when you were made with its gentle constraints and impulses to defend it, with a productive life of service to others is the only thing that can make you a good person.

  29. michaelthemovieman says

    Thoughts and prayers are meaningless, you fucking Liberal morons. #dosomething #neveragain

  30. Ken Desjarlais says

    im not shocked-
    without jesus in our lives to wash our sins away, cleanse us, and making us a new creature— a person is capable of anything
    depression, acting out, lawlessness,
    jesus is the reason for our very existence and future.
    he gives us peace, serenity , life after death with god in heaven, a purpose on earth.
    wealth, prestige, fame, power….robbin williams and bourdain had it all, apparently
    they proved beyond a shadow of a doubt those things matter not

  31. J klim says


  32. Stan Kormy says

    Rip Anthony Bourdain

  33. Alicia torres says

    he had the ability to bring people together, i loved watching his show!! RIP Anthony

  34. come2haiti says

    Anyone who goes to the rough parts of Haiti and stays at the mystical Oloffson is tough. Food brings people together. Anthony Bourdain did a great job at that.

  35. Sewan & Sawen Creations says

    Ruled a suicide by who? The french? The ones that let hitler take their country? The ones who bent over to Nazi's? Sure, suicide…just like all the concentration camps were ramada inns and the people sent there all drowned swimming…I wouldn't ever trust a frenchmans word…lying Nazi sympathizers.

  36. Jeff C says

    The jews got to him. He had just said "they robbed the Palestinians of their humanity". He was going to the middle east countries letting us seem them normal with their food. I say not suicide. when someone kills themselves they start analyzing it and saying "you know I do think he seemed depressed"

  37. Chase Jackson says

    suicide?…Ummm ok…..check paul's passport…

  38. IronicallyVague says

    Correction – Its not "President" Obama

  39. Joyful Noise says

    Once again, another murder cover-up! There's no way Anthony Bourdain killed himself! He was actually on the job filming a new show. Why would he kill himself while actively shooting a film? Makes no sense! He had a life, a job, goals and a future. He loved his daughter too much! Definitely not suicide! By the way, I have clinical major depression and have been suicidal all my life, so don't try telling me I don't understand depression. I just don't believe he killed himself! Sure, he had depression, but he had too much love in his life to feel that hopeless! I realize that depression is not rational, but if he did it, I would be shocked!

  40. eric blair says

    Hipster seems to have been everywhere and known everyone…except himself. On celluloid a pretty cool guy but the reality a clueless fool -an inspiration to all who fall for facade.

  41. Loyalty1269 says

    Asia broke his heart. I hate that cunt

  42. Jason Lee says

    Does not seem like a candidate for suicide.

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