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  1. Fox says

    I'm about sick of Pixar! Is Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars all that matters now? Why doesn't Walt Disney Animated Studios also get it's on area? Didn't a WDAS film just win a bunch of awards and make over a billion? Or does Disney just want to keep pretending like Zootopia never existed because it doesn't have a princess or talking cars and therefore can't market stupid plastic toys to children!

  2. MilesBradC 777 says

    Is it me or does it feel like California Adventure is becoming more like Disney Adventure???

  3. D Christopher Gomez says

    I believe that Pixar Pier will only replace the old Boardwalk games and King Triton's carousel. I believe California Screamin will still exist along with Mickey's fun wheel, Goofy's Sky School, Silly Symphony swings and the little mermaid Ariel's undersea Adventure.

    hopefully they'll still cheap the name Paradise. who knows the other half of the area of where Silly Symphony swings, Goofy's Sky School and the little mermaid ride are located will probably be called Paradise Key side. because don't forget, across the way is the Paradise Pier Hotel and they might have to change the name of the hotel as well.

    maybe they'll call it Disney's Paradise Hotel, Disney's Californian Beach Hotel or Disney's Beach of California Hotel. I love that hotel it has California beach culture inside and you get to see Mickey and Minnie Mouse dress like lifeguards, and the only place to go see Stitch. please say your prayers that this happens in the very near future

  4. chutneybay says

    While talking out Pixar Pier, John leans over to Bob at 4:25 and whispers "maybe some new rides too". Based on that , I don't think this is a simple retheming of PP. I would not be surprise if the area gets a Monsters Inc door coaster or a Ratatouille ride. Seeing that Pixar Pier is now the home of Pixar characters, similar to how Fantasyland is home to the classic fairytales, I would love to see 3-4 dark rides for Pixar movies.

  5. Dex ter says

    so many butthurt comments. hopefully these complainers stop going to the park

  6. Jason says

    I am excited for a Pixar themed area, but this was the only announcement I'm not excited for. Keep Paradise Pier Paradise Pier. If you want to have a Pixar themed- area, retheme the horrible backlot area to Pixar Studios. Paradise Pier doesn't need help, the Backlot area needs help.

  7. William Hsu says

    mmmm…. goofy sky school, silly symphony, California screaming, the little mermaid ride, and mickey's fun wheel in Pixar pier?

  8. Lovelyn Kobayashi says

    So, is Disney going to add huge "P-I-X-A-R" letters in place of "C-A-L-I-F-O-R-N-I-A?"

  9. CXR Game says

    The picture of Pixar Pier has a roller coaster in it. I think they're going to keep it.

  10. icedogfan1 says

    So when does CA Adventure cease to exist

  11. Patrick R says

    If we're going to keep changing stuff, can Grizzly River Run be Up-themed? That would work pretty well, I think!

  12. JordanBachmeier says

    This sounds like the most unnecessary change ever, they just re-themed it a few years ago. Why not just plus the existing area by adding some new details like a beach or something. It's not like this area was begging for an overhaul anyways.

  13. Joseph the WALL-E robot says

    I always wanted a pixar themed land!

  14. Nate Richard says

    Just please don't touch California Scream. Or The Little Mermaid ride for that matter.

  15. Aaron Daniel Seigo says

    So when do we change the name of the park? Soon there won't be any references to California left.

  16. NintenCoaster says

    Um…they JUST REDID Paradise Pier in the 2007-2012 makeover! Chapek really is the new Paul Pressler. At least Staggs (aka Frank Wells 2.0) was competent enough to change MK New Fantasyland to be more balanced with SDMT. Guess that's why Disney kicked him out, he just didn't have the franchise synergy mindset. Disney Parks used to make timeless environments and attractions. The Chapek regime just follows hip trends until they quickly become stale, then replace those with newer, hipper trends until those become stale. Not to mention the budget cuts to the operation and maintenance of the US parks since SDL opened are permanent. Yup, Chapek is Pressler's 2nd coming. Disney parks are no longer theme parks. They are BRAND parks. Might as well retheme Buena Vista Street as Marvel Avenue and Grizzly Peak as some other location in the Star Wars galaxy. You may say: But hey, there's already SW:GE! Actually I'm fine with SW:GE, it's a Staggs project though and though, and it looks like it'll take advantage of the berm to not feel "in your face" as Chapek's mandates for DCA. But seriously, all DCA has left is BVS and GP, those can easily be overplayed and voila, there's no turning back from renaming the park there.

  17. monique rivera says

    A new float in paint the night ! ? I'm so happy it's coming back

  18. simplytanya says

    California adventure already feels like it has a lot of Pixar like Cars land, monsters inc, toy story, finding nemo, etc. I don't know why they want more ??

  19. Jaime Brown says

    Florida gets a trillion rides why the original Disneyland gets a retheme. Now that's interesting.

  20. Zack Schulz says

    Wow! Is Gypsy (from A Bug's Life) gonna be there?

  21. Matthaus Lam says

    I was at that event watching this exact scene. I'm so glad that they are bringing back the Paint the Night parade, it's my favorite one of all.

  22. LAB-Lil' Angry B!tch says

    I hope they Update California Screaming with a new queue, new soundtrack, new theme, new special effects, & a new name.

  23. Miranda Gonzalez says

    I met John Lasseter at my high school who was also also went to my high school and he just wonderful and happy man it was a pleasure metting him❤❤❤❤❤

  24. EccentricExploringApe says

    Incredibles coaster. Just brace for it guys it's gonna happen to screamin…

  25. Mario Hiccup Witwicky says

    They could have called it "Pixar's Paradise Pier" or gather all the Pixar themed lands and attractions together (which is highly unlikely.) Even though Pixar is in one of the most famous areas in California aka the Bay Area, they really need to relate their attractions to California itself no matter what theme they have. Toy Story Mania is a good example. It's a carnival styled ride on the pier.

  26. TOXIC VIPER43 says

    this is a bad idea, there putting pixar pier replace with Paradise pier, disney please do not do this i grown up with mickey's fun wheel, california screamin, goofy's sky school, the golden zephyr, silly symphony swing, and world of color and hopefully they don't take out world of color because i really like that show and i watch it everytime i go to disneyland

  27. TOXIC VIPER43 says

    this is a bad idea putting the pixar pier replacing paradise pier

  28. TOXIC VIPER43 says

    and i'm so worried about the paradise pier hotel

  29. LightJockey says

    Lol, they're just so desperate for space that they have to come up with such bullshit

  30. David Rodriguez says

    why not just put pain the night at Disneyland bc like who will like a stupid Pixar parade

  31. MilkTheCouch says


  32. georgia123 says

    No!!!! I’m going to California Adventure for my first time next year and I was so so excited for Paradise Pier!!!!

  33. Alberto Tellez says

    Pixar Pier? Well now that you've mentioned it Disney, how about having all the 5 emotions from Inside Out meeting and greeting. And I mean, not only Joy and Sadness, but Fear, Anger, and Disgust as well. So please, PLEASE, have ALL 5 of Riley Anderson's emotions meet able for Disney Parks. Disneyland and Disney World are no exceptions.

  34. Roblox SpongeBob fan951 And Gta Fan951 says

    do radiator springs racers to change the ride to Cars 3 Ride

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