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ENTER THE GIVEAWAY – | Sub for more: | Jim Hoft for the Gateway Pundit reports, President Donald Trump congratulated Doug Jones Tuesday night after he was elected senator from Alabama.

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  1. hillberg100 says

    It's not over till the fat lady sings, or the fat bitch Hillary squeals like a pig, Apology to pigs

  2. VeganVintageGeek says

    Really liked the Steven Crowder AD explaining democratic socialism and the very bad domino effect it has on everything especially the examples on how it has effected the UK and Venezuela.

  3. jooedan says

    Trump and Moore pulling a stunt …both new all along ….there is something more to it ….

  4. claire roberts says

    I think Q is right about this being allowed to happen so that they can be caught in the act. Trumps tweet basically saying that it won't be long before another vote could be saying that if it is proved voter fraud took place then there will be another election and Trump does not seem to be that bothered given that it was the most important vote to take place. Trump and his people knew this was going to happen and it will happen again and again if a stop is not put in place. i really do think Q is right. They are being allowed to destroy i think it is the digital voting records very quickly and why would they even do that. Nobody in Trumps camp seems that bothered. It maybe because it has already been documented and they have the proof and also that would be the end of Soros voting machines.

  5. dannette peters says

    How are we to trust ANY election that Democrats and George Soros' money are involved with. We know they cheat every chance they get. We know they set up a phoney sex scandal against Moore. We know that there is voter fraud involved. We want an investigation into Alabama's election. This affects the entire country, not just Alabama, where apparently the devil is.

  6. CC Bean says

    There was massive voter fraud going on and the AL court approved destruction of all digital records within hours of polls opening! Not only was it rigged, but the court allowed them to destroy the evidence. Very suspicious. Judge Moore should call for a recount and I believe he has.

  7. Bobby Podubynskyj says

    It was rigged. Trump was wrong Strange is NWO establishment Roy would have won but it was rigged

  8. Bobby Podubynskyj says

    They still have to count Military votes and there will be a recount

  9. Mr. Nick b says

    Boris of Bottom line with Borris says that had the issues been talked about and not false allegatiins against
    Roy Moore that Roy Moore would have probably won the election!

  10. Mr. Nick b says


  11. Daniel Johnston says

    This president backed this perv for his vote in the senate that's all. One vote! That's why he backed this perv! Just for the one vote? Man! This political game they play is fucked up!

  12. ghallison69 says

    Luther Strange lost in the primary because he was Mitch McConnell's boy.

  13. Blue Gray says

    The write in's and the TURTLE…. MITCH MAC , TICK TOCK, TICK TOCK!

  14. daverjax says

    So, IF the "Allegations" were TRUE, WE should SEE some Legal Action on THEM OR civil Litigation, IF THE "VICTIMS" ARE TRUE. Similarly, We SHOULD see Liable and Slander Suits being Filed IF the Allegations are TRUELY FALSE. Because THOSE allegations Cost the Judge The Senate Race.  Watch, the WHOLE thing will be Dropped FASTER then a Fact Check on a MSM Anti Trump Story.

  15. john osborn says

    NUTS News Network. Goosestepping Gary and President Pussy Grabber rationalizing defeat  of his simpatico in sexual harassment Roy MOORElester. "Deck was definitely  stacked against" him? Republicans have been in complete control of state for over 20 years, passed one of the toughest voter suppression laws against African Americans after "deck was stacked" by the Republicans on the Supreme Court gutting the voting Rights Act in notorious Shelby decision of 2011. Alabama officials refusing to certify election just to keep Jones from voting against Republican tax giveaway for billionaires

  16. Lloyd Ankney says

    He won by FRAUDULENT votes…

  17. Sheyandaar says

    The deck wasn't exactly stacked against him, it was more like sleight of hand that was involved.

  18. Tina Macky says

    They cheated Judge Moore! It's time for Jude Moore to sue the living u know what out of the Dems! Gary, u need to stop thinking this electronic was done without cheating! They were going door to door offering to pay people to vote dem! I'll bet there r tons of dead people's votes!!!!

  19. Skate One8 says

    The Russians Hack the election again!!!!

  20. Steelmage99 says

    President Trump backed the wrong player TWICE in the same election.
    Double loser.

  21. Shane VanOrder says

    It seems like the repeblicans don't not want to have the majority in the Senate I wonder why

  22. LizDav 34 says

    Jones needs to step down! If I understand correctly dont quote me was jones even from Alabama? He doest even talk the state ancient! Mummmm i smell a dead rat! Redo this shit!

  23. Ashley Montgomery says

    mainstream media sucks Donald Trump is the best for America voting for him for in 2020 to make America great again in 2020 f*** libtards they're sick in the head America's great been great since 1776 Obama was one big ass mistake America sick f****

  24. Mr Sir says

    What Trump knew was that there would be massive election fraud. Give it time and it will be revealed now that the dem's methods have been discovered. #qanon

  25. Jim Knight says

    How many dead people did the Democrats get to vote this time?

  26. NOBEL DJ says

    Nice mohawk

  27. J PB says

    Massive turnout = Illegals and dead people.

  28. Brumbold says

    They allowed felons IN PRISON vote. Those were the write in votes.

  29. Bub_ Lite_63 says

    Jones would not have won if it wasn't for all the voters FROM OTHER STATES COMING TO ALABAMA AND VOTING. Talk about VOTER FRAUD!! Beyond a shadow of a doubt, there needs to be a recount excluding everyone not from Alabama.

  30. cmclean1954 says

    Trump had better get them on the cheating,out of state voters,the paying for votes,the registering of felons etc and even against a weak candidate,Moore, were obligated to cheat to win. This has to stop! It is a game to these assholes. Also, why is Soros still here?

  31. peanut butter says

    Can we say "set the fuck up too bad so sad idiots will never learn…TRUMP#45

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