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Q: what’d i shoot that with
OLD DRONE (cheaper but still great);

“Coming off the recent loss of a good friend I started this leg of the tour by flying solo to San Francisco to link up with Q Money and road manager Cam Holtzclaw at the airport. Turns out both of them missed their flights so I actually took an Uber by myself to the address of the Airbnb that the label had rented for us. Later that day Q finally arrived to the house and we took an Uber to the venue which was called ‘Slim’s’, while Cam’s missed flight costed him the remainder of the night and he was not able to make it in time for the show.
This was one of the most wild shows of the tour, mostly due to the fact that Fat Boy SSE had an unforgettable set and brought out local San Francisco rapper Prezi who performed his hit song ‘Do Better’ twice in a row (it was that hype). After the show we had a little ‘afterparty’ at our Airbnb and I was still in a bit of a funk over the loss of my friend. The next morning we drove to Los Angeles.
The first day in Los Angeles we pulled up to our new Airbnb that the label rented for us. This was by far one of the coolest spots I had ever stayed in and in my opinon it was by far the best spot we stayed in over the course of the tour. The first day we went to Warner Bros. Records looking to strike a deal between Warner and Think Its A Game Records, who was leveraging their artists such as YFN Lucci and Q Money. This was the first time Warner had seen aand heard of Q and he made an amazing first impression, leading to him signing a deal with them a month later. That same night we headed to the venue early so that Q could take part in a music video with Rich The Kid and YFN Lucci on top of a tour bus on Sunset Blvd. The show was at a venue called Roxy Theatre, very epic and another great show. Q performed very well during his set and also during Lucci’s set. we stayed in LA for the night. The next day we drove around and filmed a bunch of scenes for several different reasons. This took us from The Hollywood Walk of Fame to Beverly Hills and everywhere in between. We stayed in LA that night and left for Phoenix the next day. During that trip we went to the mall and did an event later that evening at a nightclub called Crescent.
We had several days off after that so we decided to drive straight to Atlanta from Phoenix which took just over a whole day in the car. Along the way we were stopped multiple times by border patrol but luckily were let go each time.” – Ryan Spicer

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    This one is my favorite!

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    “This is my proudest video creation to date, as I write this” – Ryan

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    100% still my favorite

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