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Qantas’ first Airbus A330 with fast, free Wi-Fi


The Qantas system offers speeds up to 10 times faster than conventional on-board Wi-Fi and gives customers the ability to stream movies, TV shows, music and news programs. Customers can also stay connected through email as well as social media, watch the latest YouTube clips or shop online.

  1. Chatta290 says

    How much data is actually provided. Simply stating it’s free is mainly a marketing tactic…in actual fact you may end up with enough data to search something and then it runs out…

  2. Trey Pohe says

    Wat was the rego for the A330? I've been on QANTAS A330's heaps of times! It'd be nice to fly one with fast free WiFi!!! So excited for it QANTAS!!!

  3. Mr Banaenae says

    About time

  4. Moose Cannon says

    Should’ve gotten more Boeings :/

  5. flooo says

    Would be the only place in Australia with fast Internet

  6. Flyboys Aviation says

    Aah now I know what the hump on newer aircraft is for!

  7. General Kenobi says

    Been loving the wifi on the B737-8 I’ve been getting awesome speeds! On my flight from Melbourne to Perth I had speeds of 20mbps!

  8. Bea Delfox says

    go Qantas! That's the spirit. Finally, some wifi internationally!

  9. Nathan Barton says

    tried it yesterday, really good connection, just wish it was gate to gate!

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