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Radiator Springs Racers – 4K – Disney’s California Adventure – Cars Land On-Ride


Get in and ride Cars Land Radiator Springs Racers at Disney’s California Adventure Park in 4K.
Come side-by-side with your competition. Your car is pitted against another for a friendly race for first place at the checked flag.
Zip over hills, zoom around high-banked turns, and cruise down camelback straightaways past spectacular red-rock formations.
While there is only one winner, everyone is sure to have a great time. Just like in the Cars movie, the focus is on the journey, not the finish line!

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  1. Lisa Rall says

    I LOVED this ride!!

  2. swarlock says

    Lucky Panda.

  3. Rhino Rinehart says

    East coast please !!

  4. House Vinyl says

    So great! One of my faves at DCA. And the single rider line is always the way to go if the line is crazy. Thanks for posting.

  5. The Dragon of Truth says

    I was there that day at Disneyland

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