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  1. Reitanna Seishin says

    they're so cute!

  2. Ash Wolter says

    One big hint is that wild rats wouldn't expose themselves that much to humans. If they have to go into open area their movements would be quick and tactical. We had wild rats in the store I worked a few years ago and it gave me a great opportunity to study them.

  3. Reitanna Seishin says

    yea, and when they were running, they looked like they were playing

  4. Ash Wolter says

    True, they didn't bolt from point A to B as any normal non domesticated rat would.

  5. mrjazz747 says

    Nope, it's not really Mexican. It's imitation American style, and that's the truth.

  6. mrjazz747 says

    You barely know English. Buy a book on proper grammar and learn something,

  7. Simple As That says

    Wow those rats truly don't give a fuck lol

  8. theedrstrangelove says

    poor rats. locked in with this disgusting food.

  9. genki2genki says

    You punks still wanna watch Ratatouille again??

  10. sam lebon says

    Kentucky Fried Rats.

  11. Steve Walles says

    I'll have a Rat Taco Supreme with extra rat droppings.  EEEEEWWWWW

  12. qwandiddy says

    0:20. What The hell happened to the KFC Specials???  Now they're ridiculous rip off expensive as Popeyes. 

  13. qwandiddy says

    I'll burn the whole damn place just like Movie "Do The Right Thing"

  14. qwandiddy says

    Those who are shocked, they probably are from New Jersey or Connecticut 

  15. Mc Panik says

    yes because we're so far from NYC ..smh

  16. Vulpes Inculta says

    can't stand how black people speak

  17. nokygomy says


  18. Kenney Garcia says

    Have you all gone dumb there is a cluckin bell in gta 4 easter egg based off of this

  19. Christopher Liguez says

    poor little rats there just looking for food! like us when we go to taco bell

  20. DaReelP3 says

    He wants a 2 pc deal

  21. Carpet Shark says

    Hoodrats watching rats….

  22. Jodie ———— says

    NASTY!! I can't believe THIS! UGH!!

  23. InsideOut and FamilyGuy yes TheLegoMovie and YoGabbaGabba no says

    Oh my God! That's terrible! Who would do such a thing to let these disgusting rats into KFC/Taco Bell?! I'll bet you that restaurant definitely got an 'F'! I also wonder if they had to shut it down permanently or if the restaurant's still there?

  24. Tote eicke says

    i love the comments made by the on lookers at the store. too funny!!.

  25. Amari TheFox says


  26. Amari TheFox says

    I would step on these rats

  27. Geoffrey Freeland says

    Wow!! Ok then can we get a family bucket of original with mashed potato’s with gravy oh by the way you need a couple cats on your payroll

  28. misterodors says
  29. Srgo says

    Fuck nyc lol

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