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Recent apocalyptic images have the Web “trembling” – completely melted! – “UV explained”


June 5, 2018: In this video we take a closer look at the recent exceptionally high UV readings that were taken yesterday on June 4, 2018. Also, the current heatwave in Mexico is melting things outdoors. Its that HOT!

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  1. MrMBB333 says

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  2. Tony Games says

    Those are made of plastic the one's of metal or aluminum are cool

  3. William Wesley says

    If these are True Readings and if there Really Dangerous Levels, should these Data Numbers be told to the local News Station or another Type of Research Team that dont know of these type of readings? I mean if this is dangerous then i would Figure with out thinking twice about it

  4. stevie williams says

    con . trails block sun from hitting the ground and making it 125 degrees in winter ….after 9/11 planes where grounded for 3 days and temps went up 3 degrees …we need shade for earth to survive …they no that …. wise up ppl…

  5. demass flat earth says

    Is a flat earth. Not a ball earth wake up u been lied too.

  6. Damn Quick says

    Heat wave in Canada! Storms and fires are gonna be huge this year

  7. Serinna Howell says

    Everytime I try to subscribe to your channel because for some reason I'm not now it says error

  8. shapoopi says

    Who's trembling? Let's get this shit started

  9. shapoopi says

    Man I live in Texas and the weather has been 100+ the past few weeks. Plants are doing fine here where it's dry scortching heat. But what do I know

  10. Satana Diable says

    The sun has been killing me this year.

  11. Melissa Ivy says

    Yeah last summer here to the temps were off the charts I'm in Georgetown s.c. on the coast and got no relief from the heat..I can only imagine how bad it's gonna get this summer!!!!

  12. Ernst Le Roux says

    I have such an apocalyptic tremmor that the vibration of my ears make it impossible to hear anything you say. It all sounds like bullshit, but that's just me and my internet tremble.

  13. Fed up With Lies says

    Long time ago someone told you "hey !you have a voice that sounds like a pilot! And ever since that day,you are insufferable.
    Please stop! Is not cute!

  14. Chad Warlock says

    All this year I have got sick in the sun on the hot days so 85 plus the chemtrails have been thick so far this year too.

  15. Chad Warlock says

    Your maps wrong too bud.

  16. Mr Emann says

    I reside in southern California and work outdoors in the sun everyday and frequently I can feel the sun instantly start stinging my skin right when I exit my vehicle. I use 70 spf and still get sunburned. I've also noticed how the sun is fading signs and color out of fabrics in a matter of months when it used to take years. Something is going on and I would find it hard to believe that its part of Earths natural cycles especially when it's such a rapid onset.

  17. adhanda2017 says

    LOL – umbrellas are completely useless for intense UV. UV D goes through CONCRETE WALLS!

  18. martez mitchell says

    @mrmbb333 i was watching a video of someones testimony but i dont remember if they said it was a dream or vision but they said they saw the Lord with the Earth in his hand and he changed the axis and was applying pressure to it.

  19. Steven Maddison says

    It's caused by the sun simulator . Look it up 🙂

  20. L L says

    I live in Puerto Rico up in the mountains . Normally its suppose to be windy and cooler. Lately has been extremely hot and humid. Its been so hot my plants are dying and ground is dry. Air quality is like breathing in a zip lock bag.

  21. Michelle Verschueren says

    caused by man made geo-enginnering

  22. Crazy Horse says

    Y'all aint seen nothing yet!!

  23. Cassie Carmichael says

    The government using the HARRP machine to control weather burned holes in the sun causing solar flares and higher temps. They've been trying to roast our eyes out of our heads for the longest, they're getting close to accomplishing that.

  24. He's Near says

    You sound like the guy from the pacer test in my old middle school gym 😂😂😂

  25. WILL WASH says

    We must Heal Mother Ki (Earth) I see as a Spiritual Healer it is getting Father Time(Father God) angry and he is Tired of what he sees! We must heal against Hate Crimes as I experience even towards me and Truly Care for Her Mother Earth More than Ever! And in return She will take care of Us. Now Everyone Father Knows!

  26. Greg Meadows says

    Could this be any more boring?

  27. Dan Letter says

    Special report: there's a heat wave hitting the world

  28. Lester Awalt says

    The melting signs are from fires, They are not going to melt from the sun , the melting point of plastic is all most 500 degrees and there is no way it is that hot in Mexico or everyone would be dead. Even the hottest temp that you can get in a BLACK CAR IN THE SUN With the windows up is about 200 degrees

  29. Mystery 13 says

    Believe "Nothing" Of What You "Hear" (read), & "Half" Of What You "See"

    I'd Come Closer To Believing Videos Of What Mr B Shows, Than Any Stills..

    Because I Know Thing's Are Manipulated, CGI, And Have Variables As To A Cause Of Something.

    Hard To Believe Those Light's Covers Are Melted, And City Wasn't On Top Of Fixing It, So People Could Actually See The "Light's".

  30. Christopher Crowley says

    The Sun's cycle is in overdrive and it's going to worsen look into commercial airline crews getting radiation problems and flying a little lower

  31. Sage Ryan says

    The locusts are coming. Be ready!

  32. Da Koynul says

    I’m 4 minutes in. WILL YOU GET TO YOUR F’CKING POINT?!??

  33. Western Spy says

    Its Nibiru and the sun getting closer to the flat earth, combined with man made global warming and all the liberal farts in the atmosphere!!! Repent!!! The end is nigh!!! 😂

  34. CJ Brady says

    Do New Zealand

  35. Reno Simpson says

    It's almost as if you are plugin 'General' test equipment… I doubt they undergo any standardized level of calibration.. Wonder what readings of other brands are capturing… Using my skin as a meter i'd say something is causing a solar radiation increase, Chem trails the cause or to mitigate? Was Santa Rosa and other cities toasted from DEW's or a breakdown of the magnetosphere? Brush nor structure fires melt silver in a fire proof safe… put it all together and you get "These Final Hours" or one reason not to notify the general public…

  36. William Cornelius says

    Concerning UV, it was recently announced that someone somewhere is pumping out a remarkable amount of CFC gas. It is so extreme the impact on the ozone layer is immediate. It is considered an emergency, but the source has not yet been found.

  37. Jim Lahey says

    You basically just talked about global warming this whole video lol yea each year, the heat keeps breaking records and volcanoes are erupting. That's nothing new. The world has been getting more and more hot over the last decade or so so I'm disappointed in this video because I learned nothing new and wasted my time

  38. TimDini theWise says

    You won’t free the Hebrews or even acknowledge who they are. The same plagues that hit Egypt are coming x10

  39. William B Doyle says

    earth tilt.

  40. Ray Biggs says

    It was about 112° F today in Phoenix, AZ. Like he said, not uncommon..but extra dry and stingy

  41. Mofker GT says


    Lithuania is doing fine like every year temperatures dont rise every year sometimes get even lower than before but eh

  42. jason genaw says

    It rained with no clouds in montana yesterday

  43. jason samuel says

    Your an idiot your not onto anything you have no clue that we live in an enclosed dome system

  44. stranger 31 says

    I work out doors. Last year I had to start wearing a fedora style hat for the first time in my life.

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