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By Jermaine Ellis
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  1. Teacher Nia says

    rainboots, water-resistant socks (Jaspreet Singh's invention), rain coat or rain suit, umbrella…uh, why get wet? 😉 Cap wit a bill on backwards…protect the back of the neck, not the face. Whatever…how can you gripe about getting wet walking around, un protected, in rainy weather. Too funny! Anyway, it's all good. That's entertainment. Have fun. 🙂

  2. NYC Uber Vlog says

    i'm in forrect hills at the moment, took 3 junos straight, no uber no lyft

  3. NYC Uber Vlog says

    LOL me and my dad were just watching the caddy doug demouro vid

  4. Pinks Camera says

    Hell yeah! You watch Doug too!!! Have a kick ass weekend everyone!

  5. milton mv says

    oh you are here!! great jermaine enjoy..i.hope with kelsey

  6. NYC Uber Vlog says

    dude, jermaine! you titled it need ride in NYC. nyc is a huge town, id be happy to take u, but you didnt even say where youre at and where ur going, id do it free and everything. just got my sbux coffee, gonna start junoing, ubering again right now. well, i hope u get that ride

  7. Me Cee says

    I had so much fun live chatting with you guys.

  8. Bradley Abramson says

    he has the most awkward handshakes. everytime!

  9. Lin Kim says

    Food vlog

  10. William V says

    that this is your boy crap is over used scum

  11. inquisitive871 says

    Jermaine has already caught the NY accent. 😂

  12. Em0SceneStabr says

    something that I notices is that I've seen a LOT of your videos and noticed that you kinda don't really share any information. I know that's your right to not do that but it would make the vlogs more interesting. you could even do a Q and A video to warm up

  13. kenny koester says

    hey jman looks like you are having a blast there in the big Apple when are you coming back to cali?

  14. Kelsey Leigh says

    Jermaine text me!! My phone got ran over haha so I don't have your number on the temporary one I'm using. Let's meet up tomorrow or Sunday!

  15. Your Personal Driver says

    lol @ 3:59 YOU ARE FAMOUS!

  16. Da Hustleman says

    dude had a doordash bag lmao🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  17. Christy707 says

    What's up with all the trash bags on the street in NYC?!?!?! Gross

  18. Howard Luken says

    So uber has a subway now?

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