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Robert de Niro’s ‘Fuck Trump’ speech at Tony awards


The actor and long-time critic of Donald Trump receives a standing ovation at Sunday night’s Tony awards in New York after attacking the US president on stage at Radio City Music Hall
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  1. Guardian News says
  2. N H says

    Although I don't like Trump, you don't deserve to fk him, you are just an actor and so far he did better than anyone else. Can you talk to North Korea?

  3. eka ville says

    As an outsider, I believe whether you like it or not, Trump is still your President so have some respect! Geez.. 😳

  4. skagit69er says

    He’s just saying how 80% of Americans really feel about this illegitimate president!

  5. Italo DomGiovanni says

    What a little man Robert De Niro is. What a little, uneducated, ignorant old man! It would be better for him if he emptied his head of his bad attitudes instead of his wallet on the equally uneducated, imbecilic men and women who would follow his example. I see a man who is lauded for his acting skills but actually lives in a perpetual state of existence despairing that he may never really be thought a genius, a sage, a philosopher of his art, but as a man always afflicted by a cup of bitterness pressed to his lips. No Shakespeare he, just another dishonest hypocrite who is merely a player. He has his exits and entrances but no coloring to his one-dimensional being. He has a profession but only imitative, a means but no end, living off the violence of his imagination as he plays the comedy of an accidental fool. Affermo bene di nuovo, questo essere verissimo, secondo che per tutte l' istorie si vede, che gli uomini possono secondare la fortuna e non opporsegli.

  6. LEKOBAESC says

    Meme material

  7. Александр Серков says

    Мочите друг дружка, пидарасы! Мочите!!!

  8. Ariel Gallimore says

    I'm so confused as to why people expect more from actors but not their own president. Trump has said far more offencive things than this. Don't hold everyone else to a higher standard than you hold your own president.

  9. Legate Damar says

    Wake up Punchy!

  10. Mr Nobody says

    The Godfather has spoken. Bravo 👏🏻

  11. max seg says

    Not a smart Mr . Deniro , you used to be my icon lost a lot of respect for you..

  12. s_dancer L says

    Even though he has an opinion this is totally inappropriate….I'm not saying he should change his opinion, but that is definitely not something that will give you a good reputation

  13. Corolex says

    Disgraceful hooligans

  14. Rachel Eachus says

    How profound…

  15. Mark Oliver says

    Wouldn't of expected this filth coming from a man worth 200 million. LOSER!

  16. Super Man says


  17. Mantinhas says

    Stormy Daniels already did and she regreted it.

  18. Vladimir Loss says

    What is the most pleasant thing for the Russian hearts in all similar events in US recent years?
    They ARE the mirror of the Gorbachyov madness in USSR at the end of 80th!
    Right way, America! Keep moving! The boomerang principle is working!

  19. Youthful says

    So brave

  20. Mikkel Petersen says

    Moe Green got him at last

  21. Elyse Cortinas says

    can he adopt me cause apparently we both agree about trump

  22. crypto says

    when we win, these useless, overpaid actors go too

  23. Jonathan Rivera says


  24. Disappointed Father says

    I love him as an actor, as well as his movies, but this was just childish. Disappointed a grown man like him resorts to a 12 year old mindset to criticize someone.

  25. Don Morckel says

    God Bless President Trump !!

  26. TheeLightBearer says

    yeah! That'll show him! I bet he's gonna resign now!!! good job!!!

  27. LA14185844 says

    what a moron

  28. Aventanario says

    Throwing vocal stones at someone doesn't make you any better, fighting injustice with "justice" won't help benefit both parties

  29. Daniel Varney says

    Such edge. Much cool.

  30. hapsatou mohamed says

    good job robert de niro

  31. hapsatou mohamed says

    good job robert de niro

  32. hapsatou mohamed says

    good job robert de niro

  33. V12 screaming says

    Cringiest video of 2018?

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