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San Francisco Cheap Food Guide – $10 or Less! (Sushi, Burritos, Noodles and more!)


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  1. Fran Stains says

    Yay Texas Toast ! 😎

  2. The Endless Adventure says

    Did you know that supporters on Patreon get access to never before seen vlogs, hand-written postcards and more?? Browse all our perks here ~~>

  3. CarolJ2013 says

    "All the sugar in the land" – what more could one ask for! ROTFL!!!

  4. Kaz Hancock says

    Damn, 18 pieces of sushi for under $10 plus wine 😳 In Oz u pay around $7.50 for 6…no wine 😩

  5. The Journey says

    I was hoping you guys would head to San Fran. It is one of our favorite cities and one we visit frequently! The food there is to die for. I want all of that burrito

  6. Daniel Reitman says

    My blood sugar went up 20 points just looking at the French toaast

  7. calichef1962 says

    My favorite SF breakfast spot is a tiny little old-fashioned diner called It's Tops (@ 1801 Market St.) and they have fabulous waffles! They also have great burgers, fries and milkshakes if you're there for lunch. They close early in the afternoon but then re-open in the evening for dinner service. It's a tiny little restaurant with about a dozen tables. They still have the jukebox controllers on the tables. The prices are reasonable, the atmosphere is fun and the food is great! What more could one ask? P.S. I hope you guys stay in SF long enough to show us the Chinese New Year Parade. I'm pretty sure it's this weekend, since the year of the dog begins on Friday.

  8. Day Kay says


  9. LeggLife says

    I was in San Francisco last year for some startup meetings and my one regret was not taking the time to experience some great local food. We need to go back when we have more time to really enjoy the city AND the food.

  10. Jemaine Pearson says

    Oh man! I need a SF trip. Will defiantly try the Mexican place😎

  11. CooknvlogPerth says

    When are you guys coming to Australia? Love the videos btw

  12. jayinla310 says

    There is a Mr Holmes bakery almost right across the street from me in LA.  Going to try the creffun.  they also have a savory muffin that is my favorite.

  13. Sten hård says

    You called them "Trolley Cars" and you guys are practically locals?????

  14. Capitan Bastos says

    Your B-roll skill has improved so much since the first video I watched over a year ago. The one where you went to Norway. I would destroy that 🌯 right now. I’m cutting so I’m eating only cottage cheese, canned tuna and 🥦 for the next couple of weeks, just two days in now so this was basically torture 😂

  15. Sancho G says

    You should have mentioned in intro warning that it is also city of gays.

  16. Paul W says

    Another great video guys. Brings back good memories of our honeymoon when we stayed in SF for 4 nights before driving down highway one to LA and finishing in Vegas before flying home to the UK. We loved the Cheesecake Factory at the top of Macys when we were in San Francisco and wherever we have been to one elsewhere in the US the portion size was huge and price very reasonable. We also went to Uncle Vitos pizza on Bush street and got takeaway which was superb! Keep the videos coming, loving them!! 🙂

  17. Northview59 says

    Excellent video. I would love to see you in the Mission district: the murals, vintage stores, hipster cocktails and more cheap eats. Enjoy!

  18. NnatsJHY says

    Why have you not visited Korea/Japan/Hong Kong/China?

  19. Jan Uzzell says

    I really should know better – watching one of your foodie videos when I've not had food! I end up ravenous 🙂

  20. Miguel Bonilla says

    What was the most expensive place (city or country) you have traveled to?

  21. new t says

    good video, I am off now to have my dinner ,double egg and chips, a real old fashioned Lancashire favourite.

  22. supsorrell says

    Going to have to check out some of these places when I'm in town!

    Check out HRD Cafe, Korean Kimchee Burritos 🙂
    Sushirrito for Sushi burritos
    Ryoko’s for Sushi

  23. Louise Cummins says

    Allison, where is your pink backpack from if you don't mind me asking?

  24. Claudia Gordillo says

    You should go to Japan! It's amazing and the food is delicious 😋

  25. Hussnain Shah says

    Los Hermanos is awesome. Kingdom of Dumpling in the sunset district will make you experience mindfulness without even trying!

  26. Delightful Travellers says

    We haven't been to SF in years. Now we pretty much just want to go back and eat. And score on the check-in on Yelp! That's still a thing? Hello 2010! 😄- Trevor

  27. TJ says

    Wish I was there showing yall the local food spots 😭😭😭

  28. Ann Other says

    Only in America will sausages get so close to sugar and syrup… Weird

  29. Eugene Struthers says

    Great vlog, been following your posts for a year now. I wonder if you could advise what editing equipment you use i.e. Shotcut, Filmora, Adobe Premiere? Keep up the great work. 100% original

  30. Shelleyc1972 says

    I love it when you do food videos!! That was fun! Thanks for all you do to entertain us.

  31. Baroquendmz says

    did notice when in the UK, the cities you visited I increased in price. You appear to gentrify places with your old style manners. As you move forward, try and be a little more 'street' so things are affordable for the rest of us…

  32. Jack Smith says

    Heart attack on a plate!

  33. Mark Berens says

    Thumbs up again.

  34. daseteam says

    After the last time, you now have me looking for hate comments! Keep up the good work guys. I hope we one day see you taking a hand each of a 2 year-old junior Adventurer.

  35. Clayton Blythe says

    Thank you for this video! Visiting next weekend to check out some neighborhoods before I move, so I'm definitely going to hit up a couple of these places!

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