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San Francisco, NYC Hit By Major Power Outages | NBC Nightly News


Tens of thousands of people were plunged into darkness — and terrible commutes — Friday during power outages in two of the country’s biggest cities: New York City and San Francisco.
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San Francisco, NYC Hit By Major Power Outages | NBC Nightly News

  1. Nathan Marsh says

    I'm the second one

  2. Jon Jon Livingstone says

    bs your under attack

  3. creates100 says

    could be the north Koreans. anything is possible

  4. MegaTriumph1 says

    Civil engineers are involved?. Then we all now know where the problem came from.

  5. jan3019 says

    i did not see the comments yet but i'm 100{e82c004c77b781166d3222daff6267efbd140a9086da24a1865bd3c57bbaceeb} sure i will see this countries included in their comments.

    a. Russia
    b. China
    c. North Korea

    someone is currently testing their EMP capability.

  6. Dana Calhoun says

    NYC, LA, SF, BOSTON, DALLAS… it's a drill for war.

  7. Michaell L. says

    they must be testing for something;)

  8. DV 8 says

    NYC's trains were incapacitated and LA had issues in their AIRport. the number 7 is prevalent. Sleeper Cells if u ask me.

  9. Mike Choi Droma says

    That what happens when they dont focus on making cities better than stealing all the money for themselves. Peace old fashion USA

  10. Dick Tracy says

    I call BS on "it was the Russians." The most likely explanation is aging infrastructure due to extreme environmentalism and the inefficient allocation and misallocation of funds. If you vote for liberal politicians then blame yourself!!!!

  11. Kurt Wagner says

    Gotham Shield

  12. RockChar Rocker says

    I moved away from California

  13. gasdorfic muncher says

    typical you know we will be paying the bill to fix their crap

  14. Adam Miller says

    obama stimulus bill is really working great. Lol

  15. Jolyon Welsh says

    Was that circuit breaker made by Federal Pacific?

  16. Sam Shay says

    Testing doomsday effect

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